DIR Technologies | Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News - I²VS Lite at Pharma Expo Las Vegas - Sept 2015


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Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News included the I²VS Lite in its Pharma Expo preview coverage inviting visitors to stop by the DIR Technologies booth and see the latest innovative solutions for sealing integrity inspection of induction sealed packages - now for pharmaceutical packagers and non-pharma packagers (food, beverage, cosmetics etc).

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DIR Technologies | Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News - I²VS Lite at Pharma Expo Las Vegas - Sept 2015

  1. 1. Serialization software A scrializalion and Lrack-ancl- trac.c software provider will inlrn- ducc its Pharma Suite serialization software. Known in Europe, the company n~c.cntly op1:11cd a U.S. oflicc in Princeton, 1j, as it contin- ues to make inroads into the :'orth American pharmar.c11tical sector. The suite is eo111poscd of the three segments. According to the com- pany, one area serves as a "gateway to transit serialization data" at the enterprise level, another area m an- ages arnl disI ril111lcs st:rializt:d cod1:s at the site level, and at the line level, the third segment drives the priming ofunit cones and controls its confor- mity. The company slates the suite can generate unique bar codes and import of serial numbers; p erform fl ffil iaIio11:> ma11agemt:11L for origi11 identification (bundle, pallet, e tc.) and distribute various types of seri- alized codt>; fac:ililalc and 1h-ivc lhc printing of unit bar codes and con- trol hs conformity; ancl perform data centralization and reports process- 411 ing. Adents, lfassy, France; +33 I 69 32 11 11; www.adents.com. Booth S-7652 Blister Blends A pharma pac kaging innovator a nd research er, as wdl as produc- e r of rigid films, w ill he exhibit- ing its new FastPack service and its ECOmply for ec:o-frie ndly blistc1· IJkud. The FastPack service is a process Lhal determines the opti- mum blister film harrier proper- ties for packaging pharmaceutical products. It a ims to help packag- ing engineers and formulators of global phanuaccutical companies overcome the time and resource crunch they face when attempting to achie'C succcssfo1stability stud- ies. The company's ECOmply, an eco-fricndly blislcr bk11di11g PVC film that contains a special additive tha t allows it to be bioclcgrndablc, will be on display. The product's eco-l'riendlincss rl'sults in PVC- lt:vcl fu11clio11 ality wilhoul PVC- kvcl environmental footprint, the company stales. ECOmply breaks clown only under anaerobic condi· lions typically found in land£ills. Bilcal'e Research Inc,, I>claware C it)', DE; ~02/1- IG-09 H; W WW. bilcaresolutions.com. Booth N-815 Pick &Pack Station An i11scrl/011L~c1·1 leanct folding t'q11ip- mcnt producer for the phannaccutical market will introduce its new Pick & Park Station. The machirn:will n~placc manual collcc1i11g aml pm:ki11g ofsmall products, according to the company. From folding m achinl's, the station will a1110111atically coll!".t:t a certain 1111111hcr of insert or outsert leaflets, compress them while compressing the leaflets already packed in the tray, and lhcn - I ---- place them compar.tly in the tray. When fi.tll, the company claims the tray mows lo Ilic delivery area, while a m·w tray moves into place witl1oul imcr- rupting production. lvlachinc options include fold-quality inspection and glue vc1ificalio11, au<l the t:ompany uotcs that a model for lmndling multiple-up sm all-leallct production is available. G&K-Vijuk, El111hurs1, II .; 630/530- 2203; www.guk-vijuk.com. Booth N-856 Thermal Image- Driven Induction Seal Inspection A thermal imaging comp any for rhe µharmaceutirnl industry will debut a simplified ve rsion of its Induction pmpnr.w~.rom • Pharmac:r.11tkal~ Mr.cliral Par.kai;ingN!'w•5"pl<'mlx-r/Octohrr~0 1 .>
  2. 2. Integrity Verification System (12'S) for bottles. It uses an application of thennal imaging for induction integrity " . "o.. .. ,J .. ' .> ~ ·i. ,::::::::. ) l~ •.~ I• ''• " ...., 'l ~l l:S- ! ~ .~ ass1mmr.1~. The vcrifiC'ation system uses the same dymunic thermal imaging technology :L~ its original modd, an<l, in terms of both machines' primary pmposr of ind11c:tio11 seal inspection and anal~'Sis, is identirnl to its prede- cessor. The company claims the sys- tems provide induction scaling intcgiity analysis for 100percent of'bottlcs with- out packaging line slowdown, in due part I»' performing inspection through the dosed cap without physical contact in an entirely passive, non- destruc- tive fashion. DIR Technologies, Haifa, Israel; +972 (4} 8j0-l I90; www. clir-tcclu1ologics.com. Booth N-806 Digital Printing A 111an11faclurcr ofdigital ink-jct print- i11~ syslcms a11d i11li11c finishin~ com- por11:11ls will fi:alun: its :HiOO Scri1:s r.tL'it:r Pro a11d tire Con1111en:ial ChL'iS ~.WOO l)crics Mi11i Pres.~. Tis booth will also serve as a workshop and dem- onsu-ation center for attendees. The :moo Sr.rir.s Lasn Pro will showcase: its highest speed and resolution digital print engine, and it is capable ofprint- ing speeds up co 275 tCct per minute (U4 m/min) at print resolution 1600 x 1375 dpi. :cw to the %00 Series this year is the company's instant order c:hang1: softwan:, providing users with Liu: ability to dia11g1: die shap1: on-lhc- fly without sloppiug µrmluctiou. )lew to Pack Exµo is lhe company's Com- mercial Class 2GOO Series Mini Press. L.'1unched in lfay, it is targeted for label eom·erct'rs, private label manufactur- ers, and brand owners who arc looking for roll-to-roll digital printing solution to handle the ever-growing consmncr demand for short nm cligit<tl labds and packaging. Colo1·dyne Technolo- gies, Flrookllcld, WI; 21)2/7U+-1932; http://ml1mlyr1c1cd1.corn. Booth S-6469 High-Speed In-line Capper An equipment manufacturer and pack- aging ~)'Stems intq,•ralor will unveil its redesigned high-speed capper. It is e<juipped with the new se1vo-driven, patent-pending cap elcvator-fCedcr, which frawrcs adjustable cleats and indexes on demand. The company state-~ it h:is incre.<L~e<l the speed ofthis co11d1111ous-motion capp1:r hy 50 per- cent ancl Lltc in-lim: capper can cap uµ to :mobollles per minute. This two- station cappcr-torqucr uses Lwo pairs of' belts to gently rotate and tighten raps. One d1ive sy11dmmizcs lite lin- ear displacement speed ofthe container ,~;th the rotating speed of the closure, even when the cap slops turning. l'(JM Paclrnging, Lebanon, NH; 603/443- 0300; www.1u111pac:kaging.rnrn. Booths C-2614 end N-538 Wheeled Bin Mixer, Capsule Filler, and Cartridge Filler A supplier of processing a11d cap- sule-filling equipment, as well as and packaging machiner}', will exhibit an i1111ovalivc wlu:r.lcd l1in mixer, a multi-purpose cartridge filler for :isepric conditio ns, and its con- tir111ous 11101inn capsule filler wilh overcncapsulation capabilities. The company also will be touting its new slrnlq~ic partnership with au ltalian- bascd cartoning machine manufac- turer. The wheeled bi11 mixer is used for mixing pharmacr.utical powders and granules inside the bin, which r.liminatr.s lhr. nr.r.cl for loading, unloading, and cleaning the mi.xer. The cartridge tiller model is a filling solution designed lO achieve ncx- ibiJity for multi-pmposc filling under <tseptic co11di1io11s. The capsule filler features a modular design allowing for dittcrenc closing units to be tilled al the: same: time. MG America, foairficld, ~; 973/808-8185; WWW. M<;America.com. Booth N-611 41