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Facebook Basics & Beyond
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Facebook Basics & Beyond


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On July 22nd, 2013, the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, University of Notre Dame, and Wells Fargo teamed up again for the 3rd in a row to bring the Chamber Training Institute program to …

On July 22nd, 2013, the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, University of Notre Dame, and Wells Fargo teamed up again for the 3rd in a row to bring the Chamber Training Institute program to the members of the USHCC. Rob Rohena, CEO of DIR Incorporated was this years presented providing training on Facebook. The program also consisted of a LIVE tour of Facebook in San Jose, California.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. • You don’t need every social media platform • Know where your potential donors spend time • Know where your potential volunteers are active • Concentrate your efforts in just a few networks • *Segment your list databases / contact list* 5 Key-Take Aways
  • 2. Facebook
  • 3. Facebook
  • 4. Facebook
  • 5. Facebook
  • 6. Spend some time exploring other Pages on Facebook. Do some searching to find complementary businesses and competitors that you can learn from. Look at the Facebook pages of the big brands you admire, and the brands your customers have told you they admire. Facebook
  • 7. • Go to • Select the 'Pages' option to filter your results by pages. • Enter direct competitors and industry keywords to find pages in your niche. Facebook
  • 8. Channel Alignment with Plan • Link Emotions and Values with Cause Your goal as a nonprofit is always to build a community of supporters. • Identify Personas Social Media gives you the ability to deliver real time program updates to fans / ideal audience.
  • 9. Section 1
  • 10. Section 2
  • 11. 5 Non-Profit Facebook Goals
  • 12. 5 Non-Profit Facebook Goals
  • 13. 5 Non-Profit Facebook Goals
  • 14. 5 Non-Profit Facebook Goals
  • 15. 5 Non-Profit Facebook Goals
  • 16. Facebook Friends vs. Fans
  • 17. Facebook Groups
  • 18. What is a Facebook Like?
  • 19. Optimizing Your Nonprofit Page
  • 20. Optimizing Your Nonprofit Page
  • 21. Optimizing Your Nonprofit Page Facebook
  • 22. Optimizing Your Nonprofit Page
  • 23. Optimizing Your Nonprofit Page
  • 24. Optimizing Your Nonprofit Page
  • 25. Optimizing Your Nonprofit Page
  • 26. Do NonProfits Need Groups Too?
  • 27. 6 Non-Profit Best Practices
  • 28. 6 Non-Profit Best Practices
  • 29. 6 Non-Profit Best Practices
  • 30. 6 Non-Profit Best Practices
  • 31. 6 Non-Profit Best Practices
  • 32. 6 Non-Profit Best Practices
  • 33. Integrate Social and Mobile The ultimate goal of Facebook marketing is to generate leads and customers from social media. To do this, you need to send people to your places on your site where there's an opportunity to convert -- and an experience that makes them want to convert.
  • 34. Integrate Social and Mobile
  • 35. Integrate Social and Mobile Successful mobile marketing will need to include visual content, so consider merging your Pinterest efforts with Facebook to maximize mobile newsfeeds.
  • 36. Match Board To Categories
  • 37. 3 Things To Ask Before Posting • Is content in alignment with strategy • Where will content source fix best • How can volunteers help?
  • 38. Use Facebook Insights To Improve Target Phrases
  • 39. Automating Social Media
  • 40. Automating Social Media
  • 41. Automating Social Media
  • 42. Automating Social Media
  • 43. Automating Social Media
  • 44. Facebook Graph Search Realize that the Facebook Search bar is not very robust and sometimes does not find the Facebook page you're looking for, even when you enter the exact name of the page. If you cannot find the Facebook page of your competitors, head over to their websites to see if they have a link to their Facebook page on their site. You can also use the alternative third-party search tool to do some investigation. Take a look at some successful Facebook pages in these articles: AllFacebook: The 100 Most Engaging Brands on Facebook HubSpot: 20 Examples of Great Facebook Pages HubSpot: 7 Awesome B2B Facebook Fan Pages Jeff Bullas: Top 10 Small Business Facebook Designs to Inspire You Social Media Examiner: Top 10 Small Business Facebook Pages: 2011 Winners
  • 45. Facebook Graph Search
  • 46.
  • 47. What are you looking for on these pages? You're gathering information about what's working and taking note of these key points: •How often, and at what times is the page posting? •What are they posting? What's getting the most interaction – pictures, links, videos, questions? What copy resonates? Gathering Facebook Intel
  • 48. Gathering Facebook Intel How many people post directly on the page? How many respond to a post? Take note of the “talking about this” number that tracks these metrics over a 7-day period: • Liking your page • Posting on your Timeline • Liking, commenting, or sharing your posts • Answering a question • RSVP-ing to an event • Tagging your page • Checking in • Liking or sharing a check-in deal
  • 49. Gathering Facebook Intel • Does the page have a custom tabs? What isn't working?
  • 50. Gathering Facebook Intel
  • 51. CallToAction