BANG! - 8 Tips For Re-Designing A Website With Impact
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BANG! - 8 Tips For Re-Designing A Website With Impact



A robust and effective website drives traffic, forges new connections and delivers sales leads. In fact, the quality of your leads can be enhanced with the right information and tools on your website. ...

A robust and effective website drives traffic, forges new connections and delivers sales leads. In fact, the quality of your leads can be enhanced with the right information and tools on your website.

On August 7, 2012 join Rob Rohena, founder and CEO of DIR Incorporated and Brian Rideout of BANG! Website Design to learn about current website re-design elements and see what you can do to increase your organization’s web marketing effectiveness.



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    BANG! - 8 Tips For Re-Designing A Website With Impact BANG! - 8 Tips For Re-Designing A Website With Impact Presentation Transcript

    • Brian Rideout, Chief Pixel Pusher BANG! Web Design (800) 801-9576 ext.111BANG! Web Site Design is a Web site design, development and hosting company thatserves clients across the nation from four locations (Phoenix & Prescott Arizona, SouthBend Indiana & Tampa Florida). Rob Rohena, CEO DIR Incorporated @DIRIncorporated (574) 400-8400 ext 700DIR Incorporated is a B2B digital marketing and integration company company thatserves clients across the nation from five locations (San Francisco, California, St.Petersburg, Florida, Goshen, Indiana, Staten Island, New York, and Avon, Ohio). Twitter Hashtag: #ImpactfulRedesign
    • Salesmen vs. EducatorIn case you’ve been living under a rock here’s a news flash; mobile and the internet have changed thedynamics of the business world.For decades, marketers have used the “salesmen approach” to bait prospect using annoying, loud andflashy tactical marketing tools at trade shows, expositions, fairs, and on television, radio, via print,telephone, and more recently text and email. These marketers push out a message far and wide hopingthat it resonates with a few individuals. These are known as “outbound marketing methods” and arelosing their effective for two reasons:1) People are getting better at blocking out interruption-based marketing messages. Did you know, the average person is inundated with thousands of outbound marketing interruptions per day? That is why there is an entire industry dedicated to “un-marketing” with tools like caller ID, spam filtering, and on-demand TV and radio.2) The internet presents quick and easy ways for consumers to learn and shop. Instead of running to the store 30 minutes away, for example, a consumer can go to the Internet to research and purchase products or services.So, if consumers are going to the Internet to start their purchasing process. You need to take a differentapproach. Why not consider the “educator approach”. You need to provide relevant information peoplelook for, while being competitive at understanding the learning style of each prospect. This approach uses“inbound” marketing techniques to “get found” by the customers searching for your products and servicesonline.
    •  Learn more about them Entertaining Content Audience Interaction Development Over Design
    •  We want a new corporate look and feel We are tired of the old website Our marketing department thinks our colors are a turn off We think the CEO will be happy with a change
    •  Advance The Sales Process Convert Prospects To Leads Target More Qualified Prospects Segment Prospects w/Landing Pages
    • Part III: Things To Keep In Mind During A Website Redesign1. Goal: Increase visitors and capture leads. By Rob, DIR IncorporatedYou want to create a website with impact for your business, not because the design is oldor because your boss thinks red might outperform blue. Therefore, focus on the resultsyou want. More visitors that you can capture and sooner or later turn into customers.Every decision you make should be focused on improving those goals.2. Protect the valuable parts. By Brian, BANG! Website DesignYou put a lot of time and capital resources into your existing website. And, overtime a lotof that stuff has helped you build-up online equity… (visibility content, ranked keywords,inbound links to pages, conversion tools, etc. ), therefore you need to ensure those thingsare protected and incorporated into the new website
    • 3. Upgrade your content. By Brian, BANG! WebsiteSure a great web design is nice, but it is content that drives traffic. And, while internetmarketing best practices or SEO techniques may change, you can still optimize yourcontent with a toos called InboundWriter which is designed to keep track of all the beststandards for online content effectiveness and provide you with immediaterecommendations to ensure youre achieving your online goals. If you want to learnmore check it out here. It is just $20.00 per month. That’s $65 less DIR Incorporated’shourly rate.4. Create an ongoing content building strategy. By Rob, DIR IncorporatedSimply put. The more content you have on your site, the greater the odds you willoutrank the competition. Now, you might be wondering … “where do I get ideas aboutwhat to write about?” We recommend you ask your Marketing Director what keywordsare getting the most attention on the web and focus on that, you can also research whatyour target prospects are talking about on Facebook and Twitter. If you do not have anin-house marketing person consider doing SEO yourself with a tools like this. For lessthan $40.00 per month.
    • 5. Consider A/B testing on landing pages. By Rob, DIROne of the key elements to capturing more leads and improve lead quality score is toconstantly improve the effectiveness of your conversion tools - this typically refers to yourlanding pages. Test difference messages. Keep the ones with the highest conversion ranks,until you find one that performs better. This should be a continual process.6. Build a site the team can manage. By Brian, BANG! WebsiteIf you build a completely static website and have to go to a developer or IT person eachand every time you want to set up a new landing page or to change an existing page, youmight be limiting your ability to quickly experiment and improve. We recommend you askfor a custom BANG! Website with a content management system that allows “html”embed, or a DIR Incorporated WordPress website that allows you to edit content andbuild landing pages without having to know coding.7. YES! You must have a blog, RSS, landing pages, and SEO. By Rob, DIR IncorporatedMost website developers will offer these items as options. As a marketer these are neveran option. A blog is a great way to create content on an consistent basis, RSS allows somecontent from your website to be automatically pushed out to other websites and people,landing pages are critical to actually get value out of your traffic. And SEO is not hard, andit really works. Need help see #4.
    • 7. Metrics: # of visitors, # captures, #leads conversions. By Brian, BANG! WebsiteKeep your focus on the numbers. Your business website is a business tool and shoulddeliver business results. Leave the works of art to the graphic designers and webdesigners, focus on metrics. A pretty site is nice, if the metrics are prettier. Also, considervirality scores on Facebook insights on posts containing your website links. Consider agreat tools like Hubspot, Spectate, or Marketo to automation your marketing and trackreports.8. Word of Mouth helps speed-up sales and increase business. By Rob, DIRMake it easy for your customers to share testimonials and reviews. And, remember toincentivize referrals. A simple form requesting the name of three people who wouldbenefit from your product/service is just a start. Pay them for converted referrals andjackpot … instant salesforce.
    • Part IV: Marketing ResourcesMy Site Grader – A free and useful tool for measuring the marketing effectiveness of your website, get a free customreport in seconds with advice for your, a DIR Incorporated Company - Beginning with your target audience in mind and ending with creativeprofitable processes for applying actionable and measureable intregated marketing strategy.American Marketing Association - A great resource for case studies, insights, and best practices from peers andexperts in marketing.Bang Website Design – ( – A website design and development company to understands andfollows the principals of building a website with impact.Decision Baits, a DIR Incorporated Company - Looking for the tools to implement the marketing strategy leaded out by StrategyHooks, you’ve come to the right place.Biz Inbound - A digital marketing agency focused on strategic implementation of decision baits.Inbound Shark, a DIR Incorporated Company – A lead capture, scoring , and nurturing agency focused on increasing the speedof the sales process and converting more prospects.Spectate – Inbound shark done in-house. Spectate is an automation marketing software that helpsyou get found by more prospects and generate more qualified leads and sales.Reward Pilot, a DIR Incorporated Company – www.RewardPilot – a marketing agency focused on affiliate and customer loyaltyprograms.