DIG Day - Booyah/MyTown


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Oct. 7, 2010

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DIG Day - Booyah/MyTown

  1. 1. The Leader in Real-World Entertainment Michael Thieling, AE Media Sales michaelt@corp.booyah.com | 201.400.2733
  2. 2. The Blizzard Pedigree • Many of Booyah’s designers, creators and developers are former Blizzard talent, including the three co-founders • Worked on World of Warcraft, Diablo and Starcraft Series • What does this mean for our games? – Gamer-Focused – Addicting – Rewarded Repeat Gaming – Engaging – High Time Spent
  3. 3. The Fastest growing location-based mobile social game! MyTown provides a fun & interactive social gaming experience that brings together elements of the digital world with real-world benefits! • 3.2 million unique users • 65 min average time spent per day • 62 million check-ins/month Audience Demo • 24% - 17 & under • 31% - 18-24 • 24% - 25-34 • 20% - 35+ • 65% Male / 35% Female
  4. 4. What is MyTown “MyTown turns the real world into Monopoly!” – New York Times MyTown GPS Virtual Item Buy Real Launch Screen Check-in Reward Locations
  5. 5. MyTown: The Most Popular US Social Location Game! 56% of LBS users have used MyTown, beating out all competitors!!! • MyTown Ranked #1 LBS App. Surveyed 1,500 users of location- based apps/games Results Breakdown: • 56% MyTown • 12% Loopt • 8% Foursquare • 8% Gowalla • 6% Yelp • 5% Buzzed • 4% BrightKite • 1% Scavenger Source: Myxer – LBS Mobile Study
  6. 6. State of the Art Targeting Time of Day Categories Primetime Hours Drop items in Relevant Weekend Nights Categories (Restaurants, Bars, Shopping, Movie Theaters, etc.) Proximity Validation Higher value items are Drop items after specific dropped closer to proximity validated behavior of specified locations 6 Confidential: Do Not Distribute
  7. 7. H&M Case Study Campaign Objectives: Drive awareness and in-store visits for The Blues product line launch. Campaign Summary: By focusing on branding through proximity & category targeting, MyTown was able to create a fun experience for the users to engage with the H&M brand, but most important we were able to drive over 800,000 real life in- store check-ins. Results: • Drove over 800,000 in-store check-ins • H&M elevated to #1 search term in MyTown • H&M items have become elite collectibles traded & gifted between players
  8. 8. H&M – #1 Searched Term in MyTown! Start of Campaign End of Campaign
  9. 9. Pantene Case Study Campaign Objectives: Drive engagement with the consumer, drive deep WAP site engagement, and drive users to seek out the Pantene products through the product check-in item. Campaign Summary: Through targeted integrations on MyTown, Pantene achieved engagement and brand awareness for their products. By focusing on branding within targeted locations and an integrated WAP Site, we pushed Pantene’s messaging and items to the forefront of the user experience. Through the six dynamic virtual items, users were successfully educated on the newest Pantene products, and the new Product Check-in item allowed users to scan real Pantene product barcodes to unlock new items. Results: • 1,342,155 Pantene branded items used! • Over 45,000 Total Clicks to the Pantene WAP Site • 532,671 Pantene Product Check-in Items Dropped • 252,308 Pantene barcodes scanned, a 47% engagement rate. • Campaign presently live!
  10. 10. Virtual Item - Advertising Opportunities Virtual items can be dropped to our users based on selected targeting and can unlock the following benefits • Power-ups within MyTown • In-Store Discounts/Offers • Video Trailers/Surveys/Sweepstakes • Scratchers & Product Check-ins Get the Blues at your H&M Show this and get 20% In-Store Discounts Scratchers Video Trailers Surveys Sweepstakes
  11. 11. Integration Opportunities
  12. 12. Virtual Item to Video Trailer Targeted User Receives a The virtual item will drives Branded Virtual Item users to watch a trailer
  13. 13. Virtual Items -> Sweepstakes Branded Virtual Items leads the users to the In-App Sweepstakes. Targeted User Receives a Drives users to the in-app Users will be entered in the Branded Virtual Item Sweepstakes Sweepstakes to win a prize *Powermat campaign
  14. 14. Scavenger Hunt & Recipes Collect items at different locations to create an exclusive stamp/item! User will receive different Once users collect enough This will unlock a Limited HP Items at targeted HP items they will be able to Edition HP Balloon stamp locations create a new item item *Powermat campaign
  15. 15. Product Check-In User Experience Users Check-In to a store Scan UPC barcode Users will unlock a the lock and driven to scan any (In-game barcode app) box after scanning the UPC product
  16. 16. Social Gifting Users can gift their friends, rewarding both parties with power-up! Inventory page to send Users will receive additional friends an item power-up/enter into sweeps
  17. 17. “The Best Facebook Game of 2010!” -Inside Social Games A Cutting-Edge Music Social Experience! Having launched in just April 2010, NightClub City has quickly become the fastest growing social game on Facebook and is paving the way for the next generation of social games! Users can prove their business savvy in the entertainment world by starting off with a beginner’s lounge and turning it into one of the hottest nightclub’s in town! • Hire the right staff (Facebook Friends) • DJ sets to keep the night poppin! • Snazzy décor to keep the patrons happy • Stocking the place with drinks & goodies • Booking A-List celebrity appearances!
  18. 18. Fastest Growing Games on Facebook! Projected to hit over 12 million monthly active users by end of 2011! • 8.6 million monthly active users • 2.5 million daily active users • Gaining 100K new users per day! • 30 minutes of engagement per session User Profile: • 51% female, 49% male • 79% between 13-24 *sweet spot* • 37% between 13-17 • 42% between 18-24 • 17% between 25-34
  19. 19. Nightclub City Sponsorship Integrations Promote and Advertise real world venues and brands in Nightclub City!! • #1 Marketing tool for new DJs and Artists!! • Branded In-Game Theme Packs – Avatar Item branding – In-Game branded items • In-Game Consumable items and Power- ups • Video Integration Opportunities **NCC has increased Artist Fans by 10x** Viral Promotion through social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, Buzz, Digg, etc. Promote New Artists & DJs music!!!
  20. 20. Step Up 3D Campaign Branded Splash Screen Over 14 Million Impressions in 2-weeks! Reached 1 Million Daily Active Users!
  21. 21. Step Up 3D Music Integration Over 270 million minutes time spent of engagement in 2 weeks! • Featured Music on Nightclub City Playlist • Over 9.3 million “Plays” on the Step Up Playlist • Over 270 million minutes of engagement in first week of campaign • Over 36% of music played by users was the Step Up 3D playlist
  22. 22. Step Up 3D Facebook Integration • Drove over 204,900 Fans to the Step Up 3D Fan Page! • Drove over 1000 Fans per Hour during day-1 of campaign!
  23. 23. Integration Opportunities
  24. 24. Splash Page Takeover Splash Page Takeover Maximize brand awareness with a high- impact, disruptive Splash Page Takeover that is seen by all users entering NightClub City! • Branded Party Splash Page • Drive users to other campaign elements • Video Trailers • Launch Parties • Custom Theme Packs • Cross-promote other events tied to the product/campaign
  25. 25. Virtual Party NCC Players LOVE to Party! Kick off the launch of your special event with red-carpet Launch Party on NightClub City! Users will be able to host the launch party at their clubs to increase their A-List status and to ultimately become the hottest club in town! • Branded Party Splash Page • Special PartyEffects & Décor • Special Avatar Costumes or Apparel • Celebrity Visitors during the Party Parties in the first 2-weeks of August • Over 1 Million parties queued • Over 700,000 parties started
  26. 26. Custom Theme Packs Underwater Theme Pack Disco Theme Pack Art Deco Theme Pack Pop Art Theme Pack
  27. 27. Exclusive City or Location Exclusive City/Location on NCC! Introduce a brand new city or location into the game that’s tied to the storyline of the movie or brand! Users will be able to move their clubs to the city, creating for huge brand awareness. • Fully Custom City Background • City Exclusive Theme-Packs
  28. 28. Video Opportunities High-Impact Video Opportunities: Users will be able to unlock special items within the game by engaging with a sponsor video - Showcase Video & Product Info - Ability to include links to external sites - Viral Promotion through Facebook Likes, Twitter feeds, Buzz, etc. Users will be rewarded with a branded virtual item after viewing the trailer
  29. 29. Sponsored Celebrity Appearances Feature guest celebrity appearances in NightClub City that will allow users to double or triple their earnings during their visits! Celebrity Appearances • Celebrity NPC will be featured at the club • Users can win a special virtual item if they find & talk to one of the celebrity! • Celebrities will boost the total revenue you can earn at your club!
  30. 30. Viral Promotion on Facebook Newsfeeds • Users will be able to share Vitamin Water celebrity appearances with their friends through the Facebook Newsfeeds!