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Digital Innovation Asia - Blogger Match-Up

  1. 1. Digital Innovation Asia (DIA) is a newinitiative promoting excellence and knowledgesharing when it comes to leveraging digital,social, and ICT in the travel and tourismindustry to promote the complete Asian VisitorEconomy. Aligned with the Pacific Asia TravelAssociation (PATA), it includes a new, the DigitalInnovation Asia Council, the Digital InnovationAsia Awards, the annual Speak-Out Asia, theBlogger-Match Up, Digital Aid Asia, the DigitalInnovation Asia Challenge, China Boot Camp,and a year-round program of workshops andseminars.DIGITAL INNOVATION ASIA (DIA) LIST OF DIAEVENTS 2013in Bangkok, ThailandFOR MORE INFORMATION, PLEAE VISITWWW.DIGITALINNOVATIONASIA.COMFACEBOOK.COM/DIASIATOURISM@DIASIATOURISMDIASIATOURISM 23rd China Boot Camp Pullman Hotel G 10:30 am – 4:30pmDIA Pop-Up Party Pullman Hotel G 6 pm – 8 pmApril 24thDigital Aid Asia zuma Restaurant 10:30 am – 4:30 pmApril 25thPATA Youth Forum Thammasat University 9 am – 3 pmPATA Opening Party Siam Discovery Plaza 6 pm – 7:30 pmApril 26thPATA Annual Summit Centara Grand Hotel 9 am - 8 pmDIA Council (by invitation) PATA HQ 2 pm – 3:30 pmJune 10thBlogger Match-up lebua Hotel @ State Tower 10:30 am – 4:30 pmDIA Council Meeting (by invitation) PATA HQDIA Awards Bed Supperclub 8 pm – 10 pmDIA Awards VIP Reception Bed Supperclub 7pm – 8 pmJune 11thSpeak-Out Asia lebua Hotel @ State Tower 10 pm – 5 pmThe Last Byte (by TBDJune 12thChina Boot Camp TBDBangkok Blogger Tour (by Bangkok 101) for accredited bloggersJune 13th-16thIsaan Influencer Trip (by Smiling Albino / TAT) for accreditedbloggers
  2. 2. For the first time in Asia, DigitalInnovation Asia (DIA) is introducing animpactful yet innovative event for tourismindustry, Blogger Match-Up, that is offeringthe best opportunity to collaborate betweeninfluencial travel and lifestyle bloggers,writers, new media creators, and travelsuppliers.TheBloggerMatch-upisuniquetoAsiaasit brings bloggers from all over Asia Pacific andthe world to connect with travel and tourismorganizations, from hotels, restaurants,attractions, tourist boards, airlines, as wellas shops and other organizations connectedto the visitor economy.Story-telling is the essence in motivatingand stimulating travel. Brand advertisingdoes not earn the trust of travelers any more,and many travel magazines are not able tofully capture the grass-roots experience ofthe traveler. That’s where travel and lifestylebloggers, or citizen journalists, gain hugeinfluence. Their stories are real, tell the goodand bad, and are entertaining as they gobeyond the pretty pictures.However there is an issue fortravel and lifestyle bloggers to connectwith travel companies. Since bloggersoperate differently than traditional media,  misunderstandings and a disconnect makesit difficult. Expectations are many times notmet, which results in disappointment on bothsides.BLOGGERMATCH-UP FIRST BLOGGER MATCH-UP WILL BE AT lebua HOTEL AT STATE TOWER, BANGKOK ON JUNE 10THTO REGISTER, PLEASE LOG ON TO:
  3. 3. The facilitation of this exchange isvaluable for travel organizations and bloggersalike. Even today, travel suppliers have troublein leveraging the power of travel bloggers, andhow to deal with them. With lots of bloggersthat have tainted the reputation due to askingfor freebies and sometimes threateningtravel suppliers for discounts in exchangefor writing good reviews, there is a need for afacilitation and accreditation process to helptravel suppliers to connect with the perfectblogger to promote the product and service.This is a huge benefit for credible travelbloggers as pitching their blog to travelcompanies that have no experience in judgingthe credibility can be painful.The first Blogger Match-Up will be hostedat Lebua Hotel at State Tower on June 10th,2013. Being the first and only Aloft Hotel byStarwood Hotels in Southeast Asia, this hipvenue is the perfect spot to connect, and get“matched-up”. After the Blogger Match-Up,the Digital Innovation Awards are just acrossthe street at Bed Supperclub.Since bloggers operatedifferently than traditionalmedia,  misunderstandingsand a disconnect makes itdifficult. Expectations aremany times not met, whichresults in disappointmenton both sides.
  4. 4. BENEFITSTO BLOGGERTheBloggerMatch-Up,acorecomponentof the Digital Innovation Asia (DIA) conceptplatform allows for a facilitation of top traveland lifestyle bloggers to be matched up withtop travel and tourism organizations from allover Asia. The Blogger Match-up is new toAsia, and embraced by the national tourismorganizations. The Blogger Match-up duringDIA 2013 is supported by the TourismAuthority of Thailand (TAT).Bloggers can gain incredible benefitsin participating at the Blogger Match-up.In addition to being connected to travelsuppliers in Asia, bloggers can access to allDIA events, including the LateByte at hipnightlife surprise venue on June 11th(value$175), as well as the DIA flagship event atlebua Hotel at State Tower, Speak-Out Asiaon June 11th(value $750).In addition, on June 12th, Bangkok 101Magazine is hosting a unique BangkokBlogger Tour to go off the beaten track toareas that tourists many times miss ordon’t get to see. On June 13th, the TourismAuthority of Thailand (TAT) is organizing anexclusive Blogger Trip to Isaan in NorthernThailand, an once in a lifetime experiencethat’s not available to the normal tourist.This results in incredible stories and content,valuable to the respective blog readers.    Bloggers will also get the opportunityto enter separate accreditation process forthe Annual Summit of PATA (Pacific AsiaTravel Association) on April 26th. FOR MORE INFORMATION ON PATA ANNUAL SUM-MIT, PLEASE VISIT: FIRST BLOGGER MATCH-UP WILL BE AT lebua HOTEL @ STATE TOWER, BANGKOK ON JUNE 10THTO REGISTER, PLEASE LOG ON TO: http://DIAsiaTourism.EVENTBRITE.comTO REGISTER:http://DIAsiaTourism.EVENTBRITE.COM
  5. 5. BENEFITS CHECK LIST All access to Digital InnovationAsia 2013 Event (value of $1,000). Bangkok Blogger Tour organizedby Tourism Authority of Thailand(TAT) and a well-known localmagazine Bangkok 101. Post-event exclusive Blogger tripto Isaan (Northern Thailand). Enter a seperate accreditationprocess for the Annual Summit ofPATA (Pacific Asia Travel Association)on April 26th. For accredited bloggers, hotelrooms will be sponsored. Discounts and other specialbenefits from famous shops inThailand.DANIEL FRASER AS DIGITAL INNOVATION ASIA2013 EVENTS EMCEEDaniel first came to Thailand in 1995 to workon consulting and teaching projects under the ThaiRoyal Family. The quintessential host, it was a naturalstep for Dan to get into the travel business. A well-recognized figure in Thailand, he has appeared in aheap of print, billboard and television commercialsacross Asia and co-starred in Thailand’s first digitalfeature film The Garuda in 2004. He’s worked as a TVpresenter in Japan, business advisor in Singapore,team-building facilitator for such companies asNokia, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, IBM and a TourismAmbassador for the Tourism Authority of Thailand.Daniel is currently the host of a popularnational TV show in Thailand called Long Krung,a Thai-language series investigating unique sidesof Thailand and its culture through the eyes of aresident Canadian. He is also the co-founder ofsuccessful adventure tour company Smiling Albino.( REGISTER:http://DIAsiaTourism.EVENTBRITE.COM
  6. 6. Non-accredited bloggers will pay afee of $500, which is a chance for notestablished bloggers to get connected totravel companies, while accredited bloggersget the $500 fee waived, plus hostedaccommodation at select hotels all overBangkok. Accredited bloggers also get theopportunity to join the Bangkok BloggerTour and the Isan Blogger Trip, as well asentrance to the Blogger Match-up, the DIAAwards, and Speak-out Asia.In return, we ask bloggers to show theirpassion and excitement and spread the wordon their blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and othersocial media channels.We also offer a very excitingopportunities for professionals and studentsto participate in the DIA Challenge for achance to win great prizes, including a stayat ultra trendy Nikki Beach Resort on KohSamui. Participants are asked to promoteDIA using digital channels, from social media,video, apps, mobile, etc). The winners arejudged based on viral spread (followers, fans,traffic, clicks to DIA, etc) and innovation.ACCOM-MODA-TIONAND COST TO ATTENDAC-CREDI-TATIONPROCESSAccreditation of bloggers looks atthe following criteria, including: quality ofcontent, blog design,  years of blogging, alexaranking, frequency of posts, engagement- comments, reach - traffic, page views,visitors, influence - twitter/fb/linkedin/google+ fans, type of blog - articles, photos,videos, podcasts, as well as focus - food,fashion, travel, geographic focus, etc) FIRST BLOGGER MATCH-UP WILL BE AT lebua HOTEL AT STATE TOWER, BANGKOK ON JUNE 10THTO REGISTER, PLEASE LOG ON TO: http://DIAsiaTourism.EVENTBRITE.comTO BE CONSIDERED,PLEASE SEND AN EMAIL TO:BLOGGERS@DIGITALINNOVATIONASIA.COM
  7. 7. PROGRAMDESCRIPTIONThe Blogger Match-up will start of withsession to help understand the expectationsof travel suppliers with bloggers and viceversa. Many bloggers get easily annoyedby travel companies by being bombardedby frequent press releases. Travel suppliersget easily annoyed by bloggers asking forfreebies.The Blogger Match-up in the morningis designed to break the ice and close thegap. Once expectations are set and met, arelationship between bloggers and travelcompanies can be extremely powerful.Other sessions include a workshopby the one of the top Twitter accounts inThailand (@MrScottEddy with over 140,000followers), on how small and medium sizedcompanies, as well as bloggers can increasea loyal and engaged following on Twitter tobenefit their business or blog. The Speed Dating Session in theafternoon with bloggers and travel suppliers8 minutes to connect, with a chance todeepen the relationship later over drinks anddiscussion.lebua Hotel will be the venue for theBlogger Match-Up event at the mostprestigue State Tower in the heart of Bangkok. FIRST BLOGGER MATCH-UP WILL BE AT lebua HOTEL AT STATE TOWER, BANGKOK ON JUNE 10THTO REGISTER, PLEASE LOG ON TO: