DIGITAL INNOVATION ASIADigital Innovation Asia (DIA) is a new initiativepromoting excellence and knowledge sharing when it...
DIGITAL INNOVATION COUNCILJune 10th, 2013@ The Engagement Hub at PATA HQThe Digital Innovation Asia Council is a group of ...
Email: info@digitalinnovationasia.comWebsite: www.DigitalInnovationAsia.comFacebook: @D...
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Digital Innovation Asia 2013 in brief


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Digital Innovation Asia 2013 in brief

  1. 1. DIGITAL INNOVATION ASIADigital Innovation Asia (DIA) is a new initiativepromoting excellence and knowledge sharing when itcomes to leveraging digital, social, and mobile in thetravel and tourism industry to promote the completeAsian Visitor Economy. Aligned with the Pacific AsiaTravel Association (PATA), it includes a new platform, the Digital Innovation AsiaCouncil, the Digital Innovation Asia Awards, Speak-OutAsia, Blogger-Match Up, Digital Aid Asia, China Boot Camp,the Digital Innovation Asia Challenge, and year-roundprogram of workshops and seminars. Get inspired andengaged at: www.DigitalInnovationAsia.comFacebook: DIAsiaTourismTwitter: @DIAsiaTourismLinkedIn: at http://diasiatourism.eventbrite.comwww.DigitalInnovationAsia.comINDUSTRY PARTNERS& HOSTSDIA 2013 EVENTS& SCHEDULEJune 10thBlogger Match-up lebua Hotel @ State Tower 10:30 am – 4:30 pmDIA Council Meeting (by invitation) PATA HQDIA VIP Reception Bed Supperclub 7:00 pm – 8:00 pmDIA Awards Bed Supperclub 8:00 pm – 10:00 pmJune 11thSpeak-Out Asia lebua Hotel @ State Tower 10 pm – 5 pmThe Last Byte (by TBDJune 12thChina Boot Camp TBDBangkok Blogger Tour (by Bangkok 101) for accredited bloggersJune 13th-16thIsaan Influencer Trip (by Smiling Albino / TAT) for accreditedbloggersJune 2013: post TTM+ (Bangkok),Malaysia International Tourism Exchange (MITE),the World Islamic Tourism Mart (WITM) in Malaysia,& World Economic Forum East Asia (Myanmar)Produced & Conceptualized byChameleon StrategiesOrganized in Partnership withthe Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA)DIA Industry Chair 2013/2014: lebua Hotels & ResortsJune 10th-12th, 2013Bangkok, ThailandHosts:Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT)lebua Hotels & Resorts, BangkokBed Supperclub, BangkokPullman Hotel G, Bangkokzuma Restaurant, BangkokDIA Industry Chair 2013/2014 Strategic PartnerIndustry PartersVenue PartersDIA Awards PartnerDIA Marketing Partner
  2. 2. DIGITAL INNOVATION COUNCILJune 10th, 2013@ The Engagement Hub at PATA HQThe Digital Innovation Asia Council is a group of the mostaccomplished digital innovators and strategists in the Pacific AsiaTravel and Tourism Industry.The council is an invite-only forum of the most seniore-commerce executives and digital marketing thought-leadersfrom hotels, airlines, tourist boards, cruise lines, tour operators,and travel media from all corners of the Asia Pacific region.Individuals are hand-selected and appointed by a nominationcommittee, based on their innovations and commitments tothe industry. The council serves as an advisory board to variousinitiatives, including Speak-Out Asia, as well as the DigitalInnovation Asia Awards.DIGITAL INNOVATION AWARDSJune 10th, 2013@ BED SupperclubThe Digital Innovation Asia Awards are to recognize the mostforward-thinking yet performance-oriented digital innovations in thePacific Asia travel and tourism industry. Unlike traditional industryawards program with long speeches and formal dinners, the DigitalInnovation Asia Awards will celebrate the industry we love and areconnected to.Categories will include “Most Engaging Website”, “Most ViralCampaign”, “Most Creative Use of Technology”, “Most InspiringContent”, and “Most Innovative Digital Organization”.SPEAK-OUT ASIAJune 11th, 2013@ lebua Hotels & Resorts, BangkokA new concept event, which is set to be provocative yetinspirational. The vision of the event is to wow, inspire, engage, andstimulate the audience, feature respected and well-known digitalrevolutionaries, showcase technology solutions, and sourceinnovations from across the region. Other than normal onlinetravel conferences, Speak-Out Asia “m-embraces” the completeVisitor Economy - meaning it is not just about marketing, sales, anddistribution, but a unique forum to look at all aspects of tourism,including but not limited to e-visa, mobile crisis management, andsocial crowd-funding powered micro-financing.DIGITAL AID ASIAApril 24th, 2013@ zuma Restaurant, BangkokDigital Aid has a mission to help developing tourism regionsacross Asia to learn how to leverage emerging technology and digitalmedia for capacity building to develop tourism in a responsible way.The Digital Aid Asia Forum will drive awareness on howtechnology can be an enabler for capacity building and responsibletourism development. However on the other hand, Digital Aid goesgrass roots by holding boot camps in developing tourism regions.These workshops are designed around a proprietary 12-point planthat is delivered to these tourism communities. Past boot campswere held in Cambodia, Laos, Bhutan, Myanmar, and Thailand. Thisis an initiative that is supported by PATA and MTCO, as well as therespective governmental tourism administrations.BLOGGER MATCH-UPJune 10th, 2013@ lebua Hotel State TowerIn the age of citizen journalism, it becomes more and morechallenging for companies to find and connect with digitalinfluencers, from bloggers, micro-bloggers, and social networkconnectors. Not only do many of these influencers under cover, butcan have a huge following, but also the rules of engagement arevastly different from dealing with traditional media.The Blogger Match-Up is a unique exchange to meet influentialcitizen journalists, connect with them, and leverage their followingby engaging them with exhibiting travel products and services,including hotels, destinations, airlines, restaurants, tours, shopping,and more. The Blogger Match-Up also educates on how to engagewith these influential bloggers, in order to avoid unexpectedsurprises.CHINA BOOT CAMPApril 23rdand June 12th, 2013@ Pullman Hotel G (Apr 23rd), @ lebua Hotel State Tower (Jun 12th)The Chinese Middle Class is already larger than the entirepopulation of the United States. Chinese demand for internationaltravel is still young. But it is expected to grow by 17% annuallyover the next decade, driven by rising incomes and aspirations.International travel from China would become a major source ofgrowth for providers in the destination countries.In an action-packed a day session, the China Travel SocialMedia Boot Camp will help companies understand how to reach andconnect with “the new Chinese tourist” and affluent consumers, byleveraging the complex social media landscape in China.THE LAST BYTEJune 11th, 2013 (Sponsored by Travel Daily News Asia Pacific)The DIA Awards, Blogger Match-Up, China Boot Camp, andSpeak-Out Asia are over…. but we are not done yet. We haveone last “Byte” and invite everybody to the DIA Closing Party at asurprise venue.After days of inspiration, innovation, and engagement, getamazed by stunning views over Thailand’s capital while mingling withold and new friends.DIGITAL INNOVATION CHALLENGEMarch 5th- June 6th, 2013The Digital Innovation Challenge, which is open in twocategories, Students and Professionals, is a unique opportunity toshowcase your applied digital innovation.For a chance to gain free access to Speak-Out Asia andthe Digital Innovation Awards, participants are evaluated on themost innovative ways to promote Speak-Out Asia and the DigitalInnovation Asia Awards by leveraging social media, content, andtechnologies. A panel made up of members of the Digital InnovationAsia Council will evaluate the most creative and the most viralcampaigns, and the respective winners are invited to “Speak-Out“topresent their work to this powerful audience.
  3. 3. Email: info@digitalinnovationasia.comWebsite: www.DigitalInnovationAsia.comFacebook: @DIAsiaTourismInstagram: DIAsiaTourismLinkedIn: your ticket at EventBrite:http://diasiatourism.eventbrite.comDownload more infomation on Slideshare: USZUMA RESTAURANTis the venue for the Digital Aid AsiaPULLMAN HOTEL Gis the venue for China Boot Camp & DIA Pop-up partyLEBUA AT STATE TOWERis the venue for Speak-Out Asia and Blogger Match-UpBED SUPPERCLUBis the venue for the DIA Awards and VIP Reception