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2013 11 21-walterdale_csce
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2013 11 21-walterdale_csce


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  • There are some culturally significant things that are close by as well:There are a number of City of Edmonton historically designated buildings including the John Walter houses on the South side and parts of the EPCOR Rossdale Generating Station on the northThe original Fort Edmonton was in the vicinity before it became the museum further west. This meant that there are a number ofassociated archeologically significant artifacts.There is a cemetery site to the north of the existing bridge and there will need to be a cemetery boundary adjustment for this project to go ahead. This is presently in the hands of Service may have seen in the last few months our archeologist Gareth and his team doing their archeological digs in the area on both the north side and the south side of the river. From a number of previous studies that have been done in the area where the bridge will go we’re confident that there won’t be any remains found in the area. However we’ve had an archeologist digging in the vicinity of the bridge to confirm that that is the case and so far that has proved to be true. The archeologist will be on-site throughout the excavation phase of the bridge construction, along with a number of aboriginal monitors and the work will stop if they do find something.The City have developed a protocol for dealing with any remains they may find in a respectful manner ... However we feel that the chances of that are pretty slim as the approach to the bridge is largely on disturbed ground
  • Stakeholders:A number of stakeholders including:Rossdale Community League Central Area CouncilAdvisory Board for Persons with DisabilitiesEdmonton Heritage CouncilAppointed by/ selected by Aboriginal Relations Office – City of EdmontonKinsmen Sport CentreRiver Valley AllianceEtc. These became our sounding board for project decisionsWe’ve also had regularly scheduled meetings with the various utility companies, with City Departments and with other stakeholders
  • Public:At the outset we put together a public involvement plan that was approved by the City that outlined key points for contacting the publicWe’ve had a number of public information sessions and open housesThere is a City website that you can go to
  • Aboriginal:As I mentioned we’ve contacted 21 aboriginal communities about the projectOur archeologist and members from the City team have had many conversations; very interesting discussions with many of the elders from these communities
  • It was determined that the bridge should be put in a location that would allow the existing bridge to be left in place during construction to continue to be used as a major link into downtown, rather than closing it down altogether.So the new bridge will be to the east of the existing bridge and at a slight skew to itConsequently the approaches on the south side are being realigned to line up with the new bridgeOn the north side there is less realignment required
  • Part of this project was to enhance these trails wherever possibleThe new trails include a separated multi-use trail across the river
  • On the south bank a number of loop ramps and steps to allow multi-use trail users to get one side of the bridgeto the other.Be able to get from the Kinsmen to the bridge by going under the bridge and looping aroundAlso a spot for some art on this side of the river
  • This alsoincludes a wildlife corridor and plantings to enhance
  • On the north side, a northside “promenade” is being constructed as part of the work which links under the bridge on the northside as well as tieing in to the existing trails.On the northside presently there is no way to get under the bridgeThere is again a spot for Ken Lum’s artwork
  • On the north bank you can see the wide promenade
  • Artistic rendering of what it will look like
  • A number of plantings to help enhance the experience
  • Transcript

    • 1. Walterdale Bridge Replacement CSCE Edmonton Section, Dinner Meeting November, 21 2013
    • 2. The Design Team • Owner/Client • Project Lead/Civil/Roadways • Roadways/Civil/Utilities • Bridge Design/Architecture/ Landscaped Architecture • Historical Resources • Environmental
    • 3. The Construction Team • General Contractor • Structural Steel Fabricator • Acciona Pacer Joint Venture • Daewoo International Corporation
    • 4. Road Map • • • • • The Project Concept Study Bridge Design Detailed Design Construction
    • 5. The Project
    • 6. The Project • Existing bridge near end of useful life • Important link and setting
    • 7. Project Scope and Context
    • 8. Historical Resources
    • 9. Interpretive Belvedere
    • 10. Stakeholder • Stakeholder Profiling interviews • Stakeholder involvement panel meetings
    • 11. Public Consultation • Public Consultation Plan • Open Houses • Final Information Session
    • 12. Aboriginal Consultation • Alberta Culture requirements • 21 First Nations
    • 13. Roadway Connections
    • 14. Proposed Shared Use Paths
    • 15. South Bank
    • 16. South Bank
    • 17. North Bank
    • 18. North Bank
    • 19. View from River to North Bank
    • 20. Planting
    • 21. Concept Study
    • 22. Girder Extradosed Cable Stayed
    • 23. Arch
    • 24. Arch Bridge Typology • Strong visual impact • Announces downtown • Contemporary and iconic quality • Classic form that respects existing bridge and relates to High Level and Low Level bridges • Beautiful artistic form • Balances function with beauty • Connects south and north banks • Can separate vehicular traffic from pedestrians and cyclists • Place to touch the water
    • 25. Bridge Design
    • 26. Design Charrette “All you need in this life is ignorance and confidence, and then success is sure.” - Mark Twain
    • 27. Alt 1 - $77 M Alt 2 - $90 M Preliminary Design Key Feature – Multi-Use Trail Alt 3 - $150 M
    • 28. Shared Use Path
    • 29. Replacement Bridge
    • 30. Replacement Bridge
    • 31. Replacement Bridge
    • 32. Pedestrians and Cyclists
    • 33. Pedestrians and Cyclists 8 m clear at abutments 4.2 m clear at mid-span 131 m long bench 3.2 m clear at hangers 4.6 m clear between SHARED USE PATH SIDEWALK
    • 34. Bridge Finishes • Structural steel • Concrete • Bench on shared use path, abutment delta pier • Railings • Deck wearing surface • Shared use path wearing surface • Sidewalk • Durable, white paint • Natural color • Anti-graffiti coatings • Stainless steel • Asphalt • Asphalt with timber accents • Broom finished concrete
    • 35. Bridge Lighting
    • 36. Detailed Design
    • 37. Analysis • Nonlinear geometric response to loads – SAP and CSiBridge – CAMIL • Sequentially tune bridge to achieve desired geometry – Hanger cable forces – Axial forces in arch ribs
    • 39. Buckling BUCKLING MODE 6 Mode 6 Mode 1 Mode 4
    • 40. Shared Use Path Model for Preliminary Sidewalk Model for Member Sizing Preliminary Member Sizing Stresses from Stresses from Flexure in Box Girder Flexure in Box Girder Deflections – DL + LL Deflections DL+ LL
    • 41. Tuned DL on Shared Use Path Truck/Lane Load on Shared Use Path
    • 42. Tuned DL Axial Force Tuned DL Moment Truck/Lane Moment
    • 43. Arch Bridge Erection
    • 44. Float-In Concept
    • 45. Stay Tower and Berm Access
    • 46. Double Berm with Center Lift
    • 47. Double Berm with Center Lift
    • 48. Double Berm with Center Lift
    • 49. Double Berm with Center Lift
    • 50. Abutments
    • 51. Thrust Blocks
    • 52. Thrust Blocks
    • 53. Arch Ribs • Member design Cf U 1x M fs U 1 y M fy Cr M rx M ry • Connection a base and splices 1.0 Cf 1 x ,total 2 buckling 3 4 X (1 Fy Fcr UM fx A Cf Cr 2n ) UM fy Sx Sy (1 X ) s Fy 1/ n buckling
    • 54. Arch Ribs • Stresses – “Buckling” moments – Moments from initial imperfections – Residual stresses • Stresses from externally applied design actions
    • 55. Arch Ribs • Base – 2.5 m by 2.5 m – 100 mm plate • Crown – 1.4 m by 1.4 m – 75 mm plate
    • 56. Roadway Deck
    • 57. Edge Girder
    • 58. Cross Beam Between Arch Ribs Elevation Section
    • 59. Cross Beam
    • 60. Shared Use Path
    • 61. Shared Use Path
    • 62. Cables • • • • Z-steel Spherical bearings Dry cable galloping Snow and ice accumulations
    • 63. Architectural Details
    • 64. Construction
    • 65. The Tenders • Tender 1: Phase I Berms – Awarded to Sprague-Rosser • Tender 2: Bridge and Roadway Construction – – – – Pre-qualified steel suppliers Pre-qualified six construction teams Competitive tender Awarded to Acciona Pacer Joint Venture
    • 66. Construction So Far • Site Preparation (Phase I berms) • Utilities • Queen Elizabeth Park Road and Park Access Road • Removal of Belvedere • Thrust Blocks • Steel Fabrication
    • 67. 2013 Construction
    • 68. 2013 Construction
    • 69. 2013 Construction
    • 70. 2013 Construction
    • 71. 2013 Construction
    • 72. 2013 Construction
    • 73. 2013 Construction
    • 74. Daewoo Fabrication Shop
    • 75. Future Construction • • • • • Walterdale Hill Road Delivery of steel Erection of steel Roadway tie-ins Removal of old bridge
    • 76. Replacement Bridge
    • 77. Conclusion and Discussion