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This is the kick off for the Digital Harbor Foundation's Digital Fab SLAM cycle 2. This presentation gives an overview of digital design and 3D printing and then talks about the Fab SLAM challenge.

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  • Digital Fabrication and 3D printing is one direction the future of manufacturing could go in. What does that mean for your future? Potential jobs designing objects or building/repairing 3D printers. What does that mean for you now? Design and make your own stuff! If you have an idea, you can build it. A 3D printer can be your present-making machine -- never buy another gift, create personalized, customized creations for your friends and relatives. A 3D printer can be your fixing machine -- Broke your phone case? Print a new one. Broke a knob on your dishwasher? Print a new one. A 3D printer gives your physical creations an “ undo ” button -- Printed an iPhone case that was too small? No bother, scale the design up and print a new one.
  • Show a 3D design (Mr. Jaws) Start the 3D printer printing Mr. Jaws
  • Shoes, accessories and even clothing is now being 3D printed.
  • Build a model of your dream home, or build a model of the home you grew up in.
  • Even chocolate can now be 3D printed
  • Medical devices customized fitted to an individual
  • Tools for the home
  • Customizable objects - Example: Phone case. Everyone has one, you want yours to be unique. Replacement Parts - Example: The new iPhone comes out and you can buy new accessories, or you can print your own. Art - Example: Design sculptures digitally (with an ‘ undo ’ button) and then print them in real life. Design your own products - Example: Game pieces for your own game like Monopoly for your school or family. Or a headband for your earbuds...
  • Digital Fab SLAM

    1. 1. Digital Fab SLAMDigital Fabrication / 3D Printing
    2. 2. Digital Fab SLAM Sponsors
    3. 3. What is DigitalFabrication / 3D Printing?
    4. 4. See a 3D printer in action
    5. 5. Where is 3D Printing Used?• Fashion
    6. 6. Where is 3D Printing Used?• Architecture
    7. 7. Where is 3D Printing Used?• Food
    8. 8. Where is 3D Printing Used?• Medical Devices
    9. 9. Where is 3D Printing Used?• In the home
    10. 10. Cool, but what can you do with a 3D printer?
    11. 11. More 3D Printing• Customizable objects• Replacement parts• Art• Design your own products
    12. 12. What is a Digital Fab SLAM?• Student teams + Sponsors + Mentors• April 5 - Digital Fab SLAM Topic revealed• Weekly meetings / work time• May 30 - Exhibition
    13. 13. Teams• 3 - 6 students• Team Sponsor• Paired with a Mentor • University or Professional with a 3D printer and resources
    14. 14. Expectations• Meet at least 1x / week to work on project• Goals for each week outlined• Document your progress via our blog
    15. 15. May 30 Exhibition• Remember science fairs?• Held at DHF Tech Center• Pizza, prizes, good times
    16. 16. What do you need to get started?• Computer• Web Browser - 3D Tin• Do I need a 3D printer? Nope.
    17. 17. 1st Fab Challenge
    18. 18. Fab SLAM #2 - Topic PLAY!
    19. 19. Examples
    20. 20.
    21. 21. 1st Place Prize
    22. 22. Questions?
    23. 23. Thank you for coming!
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