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Webinar yahoo webinar Webinar yahoo webinar Presentation Transcript

  • © 2013 Bigcommerce Pty. Ltd.
  • Store DesignMake sure your site is product-focusedand easy to navigate
  • Use a clean, uncluttered layout- Showcase your brand in a modernway- “Busy” websites don’tconvert well View slide
  • Images should put thefocus on your products• 67% of consumers rated imagequality as “very important”• Highest quality default image youcan get• Multiple images, multiple angles• Show product in use whenpossible View slide
  • Customer Case StudyBicyclesOnlineBig, beautiful images showcasetheir products.
  • Use detailed product names- Always use the brand in the name- Include descriptive keywords forbetter SEO results- Use the product name in theURL, heading and breadcrumb — anSEO must
  • Write killer product descriptions• Don’t copy/paste standard descriptions• Unique, detailed descriptions = better SEO• List key features in bullets for easy scanning• Provide both a summary and full description
  • Add videos to improve SEO and conversion- 53 times more likely to get a front-page Google result, 41% higherclick-through- Visitors stay on site 9% longer, are65% more likely to buy- Show products in use, close-ups tohighlight features
  • Include trustmarks to increasebuyer confidence• Add trusted logos from credit cardcompanies, VeriSign, TRUSTe, BetterBusiness Bureau, etc Unique, detaileddescriptions = better SEO• Familiar trustmarks increase sales by upto 36%• Highlight fair trade and cause marketingif applicable
  • Feature product reviews- 4.6% increase in conversion, 18%increase in sales- Show both sides of the story:shoppers who read bad reviewsconvert 67% more
  • Allow social sharing• 50% of consumers use social media to shareproduct reviews• 68% read product reviews on social networks• Adding social sharing also helps increaseawareness
  • Highlight products andpromotions with banners- Show your customers what’s popularand relevant- Link to product pages or applydiscounts on click
  • Purchase and Checkout FlowsRemove the common barriersto buying.© 2013 Bigcommerce Pty. Ltd.
  • © 2013 Bigcommerce Pty. Ltd.Perform a purchase audit- How many steps does it take to make a purchase?- Who does the work: you or your customers?
  • Important metrics to review• Bounces• Click mapping• Average items per cart• Frequency of purchase• Abandonment rates© 2013 Bigcommerce Pty. Ltd.
  • Follow these best practices- Limit checkout to 6 steps or less- Offer 1-step checkout if possible- Don’t ask for information twice
  • Continue to close thesale through checkout- Just because they made it tocheckout doesn’t mean they’ll buy- Add a brief product description tocheckout or make one easilyaccessible
  • Reasons customers don’t complete a purchase• Set up14%: No guest checkout option- Offer guest checkout, ask to sign up after first purchase• 12%: Worried about providing too much information- Highlight privacy policy• 11%: Checkout process takes too long- Shorten checkout, compare process to competitors• 7%: Not enough payment options- Add more options to increase sales
  • Customer Case Study:Bump My LockIncreased sales by addingmultiple ways to pay
  • Don’t let shipping scare off customers• Simplify and clarify your shipping options• Never hide shipping costs — make the final price final• Offer in-store pickup: 31% of shoppers picked up locallygiven the option, 27% of those made additionalpurchases
  • Abandoned Cart SaverBring back visitors who left yourStore before buying© 2013 Bigcommerce Pty. Ltd.
  • More than 70% ofall shopping cartsare abandonedBut 75% of abandonersstill intend to buy
  • Use an automated abandoned cart saver- Recover an average of 15% of lost sales- Emails are automatically sent to shopperswho add to cart then don’t buy
  • Customer Case Study:Night-Gear“In the last monthalone, we recovered over$8,000 in sales we wouldotherwise have lost.”
  • Customize your message towin shoppers back• Offer limited-time discount• Offer free shipping to counteract biggest abandonmentfactor — shipping costs• Include images of the abandoned products© 2013 Bigcommerce Pty. Ltd.
  • Limit abuse of discounts- Don’t always offer discounts: sometimes areminder is enough- Foil discount seekers by setting rules to varydiscount triggers
  • Conversion Checklist Make sure your design is clean and modern Use big, high quality product images Write detailed product names and descriptions Include videos and trustmarks Feature product reviews and social sharing Perform a purchase audit Make it easy as possible to buy from your site Be clear on shipping costs Use an abandoned cart saver
  • Start improving your conversion today!Bigcommerce has all the tools you needto improve conversion built right in.Try it free at bigcommerce.com/XXXXXFor more e-commerce advice, sign upforour email list: XXXXXXX