Symbol / Recent Stock Price        DGHG.OB / $0.60 Bid                                                       52-week Range...
Monetization of Largest ($120 million) Asset    The Company’s largest, non-performing, asset is 8.56 sq. miles of undevel...
Looking Ahead      The Company was recently awarded a $1.5 million construction contract under a $3.5 million LOI to buil...
Management TeamManagement and Board of DirectorsRichard Lloyd, CEO, President and Director, was appointed President, Direc...
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DGHG - Fact Sheet - Q1 -2012


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Current summary of business operations and goals.

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DGHG - Fact Sheet - Q1 -2012

  1. 1. Symbol / Recent Stock Price DGHG.OB / $0.60 Bid 52-week Range $0.35 - $7.28 Market Capitalization $53 million Shares Outstanding (dil.) 75 million Float 4.2 million Fiscal Year-End December 31 Investment OverviewThrough more than a half-dozen subsidiaries, Diversified Global Holdings Group, Inc. is a growing and profitableinternational holding company operating in three principal business segments – construction, real estate developmentand business consulting. DGHG has a strong asset base, and extensive relationships to capitalize on the vastopportunities created by the robust commercial growth in Russia (ranked in the top five countries most attractive toforeign investment).In 2012, management expects to begin the process to monetize its largest asset - 8.56 sq. miles of undevelopedproperty in Kazan, Russia, valued at approximately $120 million. One of the early steps of that process is to sell aportion of the non-strategic, undeveloped land assets (est. $15+ million).Headquartered in Orlando, Florida, through a series of strategic acquisitions DGHG has built itself into a meaningfulenterprise. The Company now has multiple marquee construction/real estate development projects in Kazan, one of themost rapidly developing commercial centers in Russia.DGHG’s present 2012 backlog of business – approx. $35 million - sets the stage for continued growth in 2012. Over thenext five years, as Kazan continues to expand its world-class sports facilities, DGHG expects to continue to grow itsconstruction revenues. During that period, it will actively develop its major asset, the 8.5 sq. mile property in Kazan.The Company recently completed the two-year $40 million construction of a major six-story spa project in downtownKazan for the family of the President of the Republic of Tatarstan. Located in Tatarstan, Kazan (Russia’s third capital) isdeploying $17 billion government expansion budget and is well on its way to achieving its goal to become a leadingworld sports center. Kazan will host many major sporting events every year including:  World Summer Universiade 2013 Games o (DGHG is completing a $30m contract this year for the 45,000 seat $200 million Lily Stadium)  2014 Winter Olympics  2015 FINA World Aquatics Championships  2016 World Chess Olympiad  2017 FINA World Aquatics Championships  2018 FIFA World Cup Games Notable Growth Drivers in Russia  U.S. investments in Russia are becoming increasingly attractive – including recent activity by leading businesses:  Morgan Stanley, Marriott, Schlumberger, Ford, Hilton, Cisco, IKEA and Pepsi.  Recent election of Vladimir Putin as President foreshadows continued strong economic growth  (4% in 2011).  Russia’s national debt is approx. 8% of GDP  (Compared with 105% for the U.S.).  According to The Kazan Times (12/30/11), investments in Kazan grew 40% in 2011, with 80% of the funds invested in the construction of business and residential real estate.  Deep, generations-old relationships are the cornerstone for DGHG’s ability to have first access to the best opportunities for new business (in construction and other non-related industries) and secure government contracts and business opportunities.  Management expects the growth in its business consulting (non-construction) segment to ultimately eclipse its construction revenues. This diversification will support future revenue growth and thereby remove any question about a long-term dependence to build the next major construction project/sports venue.
  2. 2. Monetization of Largest ($120 million) Asset The Company’s largest, non-performing, asset is 8.56 sq. miles of undeveloped property in Kazan, Russia o Valued at approximately $120 million. When project financing is secured, DGHG will utilize the professional services of international firms such as CBRE and Price Waterhouse Cooper to complete a master plan for feasibility & development, including: o Plan to best monetize the property over a period of 1, 3, 5 and 7 year thresholds. o Plan for the near-term sale of non-strategic, undeveloped land assets (est. $15+ million). Because the Company has vertical construction capabilities, management expects to make the most of a number of development opportunities on this property -- including businesses, hotels and residential communities. DGHG Opportunity Management has proven M&A expertise, having built the Company via strategic acquisitions. The Company has recently divested material non-core assets (adding $1.2 million to the bottom line) to focus on the numerous more significant business opportunities in Russia.  Construction segment -- serves a diverse range of residential and commercial clients and builders; manages large construction projects and major construction companies primarily in Russia, and also, to a small extent, in the U.S. and Germany. A dozen projects are currently in process.  Real Estate Development segment -- the monetization of its $120 million undeveloped property is a multi- faceted asset for DGHG. In addition to raising an estimated $15+ million from the initial sale of undeveloped, yet-to-be-identified non-strategic portions, the Company expects to capitalize on its vertical construction capabilities on this property (business, hotel and residential communities).  Business Consulting segment -- Because of its solid, long-standing relationships in Russia, management is regularly exposed to a myriad of new business opportunities in a wide range of industries (ex: retailing, transportation and utilities). As new business consulting expands, revenues are expected to grow dramatically. Management has already identified several multi-million dollar opportunities to pursue when the time is right. Why Kazan  Favorable geographic location with well- developed transportation infrastructure.  Legislation supporting investment activities.  Qualified labor resources and advanced manufacturing capabilities.  The city plans to grow from 25 sports venues to 65 by the end of 2018. Kazan, Russia Most Favorable Region to Do Business  Almost half the population of the city is under 30-years-old.  Kazan is home to over 30 of the largest universities in Russia.  Republic of Tatarstan had highest percentage growth for mortgages in all of Russia in 2010.  The Republic was voted the Most Favorable Region to Do Business by Forbes Russia Completed $40 million KNHI spa complex in Kazan (June, 2011). 2
  3. 3. Looking Ahead  The Company was recently awarded a $1.5 million construction contract under a $3.5 million LOI to build aircraft hangars and offices for TZK Aerofuels in its Novosibirsk (Siberia) location in eastern Russia. This marks DGHG’s construction expansion outside Kazan.  The Company continues to draw on the core strength of its Board and advisory panel. Management’s global experience and top-level business knowledge provide strategic guidance to its subsidiaries and bring added value to the Company.  The volatility of the world economy bodes well for DGHG, as distressed assets become prime targets for acquisition. ---------------------------- 2012 Goals: o Management expects a dramatic increase in real estate development revenues beginning in 2012 through 2018. o Begin the process of monetizing its largest real estate asset:  Initiate preparation of a master plan for feasibility & development.  Prepare for near-term sale of non-strategic, undeveloped land assets (est. $15+ million). o Uplist the Company’s shares to a national stock exchange. Longer-Term Goals: o Continue monetization of real estate asset. o Management has already identified several hundred million in consulting opportunities in several industries. As due diligence warrants, pursue financing options; pursue complimentary acquisitions. Construction of $200 million Lily Stadium to be completed by the end of 2012 More InformationThe following links will take you to additional information: 1. Kazan Lily Stadium 2. Universiade 2013 (venues) 3. American Chamber of Commerce in Russia (approx. 1,000 member companies) 4. Protection of Foreign Investment in Russia 5. Aerofuels 3
  4. 4. Management TeamManagement and Board of DirectorsRichard Lloyd, CEO, President and Director, was appointed President, Director and Chief Executive Officer of theCompany in December 2009. As Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Lloyd has established a successful track record developingand directing complex corporate operations. From 2006 – 2010 Mr. Lloyd was CEO of Alfa Investment Fund.Vadim Enikeev, Chairman of the Board and Director, was appointed Chairman of the Board and Director of theCompany in June 2010. He served as the president of Alfa Investment Fund, an international business consultingcompany located in Orlando, Florida, from 2005 until 2010. During Operation Iraqi Freedom, he served in the UnitedStates Army and was a decorated combat veteran.Nikolay Lobachev, Chief Financial Officer, is also a director of Royal Style Design Developments. He became one ofthe three original founding shareholders of the Company in July 2006.Rustem Likhachev, Director, is also the General Director of Kazanneftehiminvest, a design and construction companyestablished in 2008 and located in Kazan, Russia.Jim Cohen, Director, was appointed as an independent Director of the Company in June 2010. He is presently apartner of Stratus Asset Management (Business Management), and was a principal of Boca Developers (Real EstateDevelopment), both located in Florida.Forward-Looking Statement: This document may include forward-looking statements within the meaning of Section 27A ofthe Securities Act of 1933 and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. These statements are based on theCompanys current expectations as to future events. However, the forward-looking events and circumstances discussed in thisdocument might not occur, and actual results could differ materially from those anticipated or implied in the forward-lookingstatements.The information provided in this report has been provided by Diversified Global Holdings Group, Inc. and other sources and isbelieved to be reliable. Bibicoff + MacInnis (B+M) and Harvey Bibicoff are stockholders of DGHG and B+M receives a monthlyfee for its Corporate Marketing and Strategic Planning Services. B+M is not responsible for the accuracy or completeness ofthe content of this report and is under no obligation to update or advise when changes occur. B+M neither endorses thestatements made herein nor represents that any conclusions or financial data are accurate or complete, or that any estimatedresults, if any, will be achieved. You should independently investigate and fully understand all risks before investing. 03/21/12 4