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Enneagram Explorations Overview
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Enneagram Explorations Overview


Enneagram Explorations lead by Katherine

Enneagram Explorations lead by Katherine

Published in Education , Technology
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  • 1. Enneagram Explorations
    Katherine Chernick Fauvre & David W. Fauvre, MA
    Pioneering Leaders in Enneagram Research, Testing, Training and Coaching
    All information enclosed is strictly confidential.
    1146 Chestnut Lane, Menlo Park, CA 94025 • Enneagram.net • (650) 327-4404
  • 2. David W. Fauvre, MA
    Co-founder of Fauvre Research, Enneagram Explorationsand Enneagram.net
    Internationally recognized Enneagram expert, trainer and researcher
    Masters with honors in Transpersonal Psychology
    Co-lead professional trainings in Belgium, Denmark, Australia, Israel and in the US.
    Leading researcher in Enneagram testing, Tritype, Instincts and language use
    Taught at the California Institute of Integral Studies and Southwestern College
    Invited presenter at the International Enneagram Association Annual Conferences
    Founding member N. California International Enneagram Association
    Over 20 years of experience in the field
    Certified Enneagram teacher with Riso-Hudson
    Designer and developer of online tests at Enneagram.net
    Presenter at over 100 workshops and Enneagram events
    Attended the Barbara Brennan School of Healing
    Bryon Katie certified teacher
    Studied with every major Enneagram teacher in the world.
  • 3. Katherine Chernick Fauvre
    Co-founder of Fauvre Research, Enneagram Explorations and Enneagram.net
    25 years of experience in training, research, consulting and coaching
    Internationally recognized Enneagram expert, author, trainer and researcher
    Leading researcher in Enneagram testing, Tritype, Instincts and language use
    Extensive original research on multiple aspects of the Enneagram including: Tritype, Instinctual Subtypes, Self Image, Language Use and the Internal Experience of Type
    Unprecedented triple certification with Palmer-Daniels, Riso-Hudson and Hurley Donson
    Studied with more top Enneagram experts than any other teacher in the field
    Founding member Northern California chapter-International Enneagram Association
    Invited presenter at the IEA Annual Conference since 1998
    Past board member of the International Enneagram Association
    Interviewed by Match.com for article on Enneagram and dating
    Presenter at over 100 workshops and Enneagram events
    Author of Enneastyle: The 9 Languages of Enneagram Type,
    The Enneagram Instinctual Subtypes, The 27 Tritypes Revealed
  • 4. Marketability as Self-Help Leaders
    Internationally recognized as cutting edge authors, presenters and researchers.
    People seeking self-help for relationships, self awareness and career issues respond very positively to David and Katherine as a couple and as trainers and coaches.
    Fauvre Research, Enneagram.net, Enneagram Explorations and Katherine and David are internationally recognized brands in the Enneagram field since 1995 and 1997 respecitvely.
    "Katherine is a gifted teacher with superb presentation skills. She has a great sensitivity to her audiences, a sparkling presence, and a command of different approaches to the Enneagram that gives her a unique perspective on the subject. We highly recommend her work and look forward to her continued contributions to the field."
    Don Riso and Russ Hudson, The Wisdom of the Enneagram
    "In our opinion, David possesses a great deal of insight into our work and is an extraordinary teacher of the Enneagram. His presentation skills and teaching style show unusual intelligence and insight, as well as a natural talent for teaching."
    Don Riso and Russ Hudson, The Wisdom of the Enneagram
  • 5. Enneagram Exploration Social Media
    Over 1300 fans on Facebook Fan Page
    Over 700 plus followers on Twitter @Enneagram. Grows on average by 4 a day.
    Opt-in email list of over 15,000 from subscribers in over 20 countries
    Over 36,000 views on our YouTube channel EnneagramVideo
    Over 36 professional reviews and over 300 connections on LinkedIn
  • 6. Enneagram Explorations Clients
    Federal Reserve Bank
    University of California at Santa Cruz
    Stanford University MBA Program
    Stanford University Resident Hall Assistants Program
    Arizona Trial Lawyers Association
    Oakland A’s Baseball Team
    California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists
    International Association of Image Consultants
    Color Designers International
    California Penal System
    Enneagram Coaching to over 500 CEOs, Managers, and employees
  • 7. Types: Your Personality Revealed
    Enneagram TV show
    Hosted and created by David and Katherine and Produced by Karen Adams
    In 2011, David and Katherine based on their extensive research and standing in the field, were asked to do 12 one hour TV shows.
    Watch on YouTube.com at EnneagramVideo
    First show released in May 2011 and has been viewed over 7,000 times by viewers in over 20 countries.
    Three shows have been filmed as of September 2011.
  • 8. Leader in offering online digitally delivered Enneagram products.
    Digital products include 4 online tests, mp3 downloads, and eBooks.
    Physical products include 2 booklets, multiple CD sets and the Enneacards.
    Enneagram Products
  • 9. Tritype revolutionizes the Enneagram field
    Katherine discovered we have three Enneagram types, not just one. This is called ‘Tritype’.
    The Tritype concept greatly enhances the accuracy, precision and effectiveness of the Enneagram as a tool for personal growth.
    Tritype is a revolutionary field changing, holistic concept that has already been internationally adopted and is supported by empirical research and decades of coaching sessions.
    The Tritype booklet and DVD set has sold out four times in the first year of printing.
    Enneagram.net offers the only test in the field that reveals Tritype
  • 10. Enneagram Test User Experience
    Personality tests at Enneagram.net are taken by over a 1000 people every month.
    The Enneacards Enneagram Test was designed to look like a game to promote interest.
    Use of color and archetypal imagery invites user interaction and is unique in the field.
    Test results encourage purchase of Enneagram products, coaching and reports.
    The test is now being translated into Flemish, Spanish and Russian due to strong international demand.
  • 11. The Science Behind the Enneacards Test
    Most accurate results of any Enneagram Testing instrument available today.
    Testing methodology based on extensive validated research into the self-image and language use of each Enneagram Type.
    Ongoing testing and language research with MIT PhD programmer to continue to improve testing accuracy and capture outliers.
    Proprietary research and type testing methodology is unique to Enneagram Explorations and unparalleled in the field
    Test reveals more personality traits than any other Enneagram Test.
    "I have used the Enneacards Test with lots of patients. The Enneacards quickly and easily sort out my patient’s Enneagram Type and help the therapy to go much faster. It allows me to gain valuable insights into what the client’s issues are.”
    Janet Spragins, M.D.,Psychiatrist, Palo Alto, CA
  • 12. Enneagram Personality Profile
    Most sophisticated and revealing Enneagram personality profile report available today.
    Test taker receives an in-depth 15 page Enneagram Personality Profile
    Results Include test takers: dominant Enneagram Type, Tritype, Enneaspread, Wing and Triad combinations.
  • 13. Enneagram Career Finder on Facebook.com
    Professional Enneagram Career Finder offered on Facebook.com
    All content created by Enneagram Explorations.
    Results include recommended careers, professional strengths, and best work environment
  • 14. Enneagram Explorations Research
    Internationally recognized research leaders on the Enneagram
    Ongoing partnership with MIT PhD programmer to develop software to analyze thousands of test takers results.
    Statistically validated findings on the Enneagram, Instinctual Subtypes and Intimacy.
    Original research on the Enneagram Type’s self image and internal experience.
    Revolutionary research on the Tritype-one’s dominant Enneagram Type in each of the three Enneagram centers: head, heart and gut.
  • 15. Katherine pioneered unique and powerful coaching practices including the ‘In-depth Inquiry Process’ and the Enneastyle Questionnaire.
    Over 1,000 coaching clients from individuals, to families, to top management at Fortune 500 companies over the last decade.
    Katherine was invited to train the top management at the Federal Reserve Bank on using the Enneagram.
    Coaching sessions to enhance understanding the Enneagram Personality Report is a popular product.
    Enneatherapy Coaching
    "Dear Katherine,
    Not a day goes by that I don’t reflect on the time I spent with you. I sincerely hope you know what a profoundly positive impact Enneatherapy Coaching had on my life.
    I can now understand my motivations and predict my response to various situations. I still have a lot to discover, and I look forward to each new day. Thank you once again.”
    Derrek Alexander
    Flight Nurse
  • 16. Enneagram.net
    Over 1000 visitors per day.
    Top 5 search return results on Google for keyword Enneagram.
    Considered the most informative, visually interactive and leading Enneagram site by International Enneagram teachers in 2008.
    Pioneering use of talking avatars to lead visitors through the tests and the site.
  • 17. Fauvre Research
    Fauvre Research was founded to bring together over 20 years of research into personality type and motivation, online marketing and consumer behavior in a B2B offering.
    We have partnerships with leading online marketing, analytics and ad serving companies, ReTargeter.com, KISSMetrics.com and AdBrite to optimize ad serving and creative based on our language research into personality type.
    We are currently in talks with Facebook Data Sciences and Google+ to discuss strategic partnerships to use our research to optimize ad serving based on personality types derived from user 2.0 posts.
    We have designed an algorithm with an MIT PhD based on over 20 years of research that can determine personality type from web 2.0 user posts as found on Facebook and Match.com.