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Member welcome2010

  1. 1. Member Welcomefrom the DFW AMA<br />
  2. 2. Marketing Excellence<br />The American Marketing Association is the only organization that attracts participants from all areas of expertise. <br />Our events, publications, and networking give marketers support to maximize their professional and personal success.<br />
  3. 3. The Mission<br />MISSION OF THE DFW AMA: <br /><ul><li>To educate, support, and enhance the image of marketing professionals across the DFW Metroplex. </li></ul>MISSION OF THE MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE:<br /><ul><li>Develop and implement strategies for
  4. 4. Building membership
  5. 5. Retaining current members
  6. 6. Providing membership value</li></ul>STRATEGIES:<br /><ul><li>Make members feel valued and receive full member benefits
  7. 7. Communicate member benefits to prospective members
  8. 8. Increase member benefits </li></li></ul><li>Chapter Facts<br />The DFW Chapter of the American Marketing Association is recognized as one of the most effective marketing groups in the United States.<br />Established in 1956 with 650 members today.<br />The DFW Chapter was First Runner-Up for Chapter of the <br /> Year in the American Marketing Association for 2008 and received merit awards for Programming and Membership in 2009.<br /> More than 50 events each year are tailored to meet the needs of <br /> marketers from all specialties.<br /> Annually more than 200 people contribute as volunteers to <br /> enhance the return from their participation.<br /> The chapter has forged productive partnerships with more than <br /> 20 community organizations and non-profits including <br /> 6 local colleges/universities.<br />
  9. 9. DFW AMA Organization<br />Communications<br />Fort Worth<br />Members<br />Programs<br />Finances<br />Strategic Planning<br />Membership<br />Collegiate Relations<br />Sponsorship<br />Board of Directors<br />Executive Coordinator<br />Volunteers<br />
  10. 10. Your Board of Directors<br />Tom Dennis President<br />Michelle Lemire<br />Past-president<br />Janet Overton Treasurer<br />Kristy Hoover<br />Secretary<br />Kristan Bourestom<br />Executive COORDINATOR<br />
  11. 11. Your Board of Directors<br />Ben Smithee<br />Collegiate<br />RELATIONS<br />Steve Higdon<br />Fort worth<br />Kay Byfield<br />Membership<br />Nancy Bourne<br />Communications<br />Jim David<br />sigs<br />Andrea Lamarsaude<br />Membership<br />Brice Campbell<br />strategy<br />Cori Lawrence<br />volunteers<br />Landon Ledford<br />Sponsorship<br />
  12. 12. Member Value<br />Non-members are welcome to attend events, but membership has its privileges. <br />Members exclusively receive:<br /> An average of 40% discount on registration for events<br /> Invitations to 2 Member-Only receptions and programs/ year<br /> Full participation in chapter and national decision-making<br /> Opportunities to develop leadership skills in key positions Restricted virtual groups and discussion forums<br /> Exclusive publications, webinars, and white papers<br /> Free listing and notifications from reserved job board<br /> The national AMA Directory of 40,000 members<br /> Recognition as a committed marketing professional<br />Federal Income Tax Deduction of professional expenses.<br />
  13. 13. Your Membership<br />To maximize the benefits of your membership, you will want to: <br /> Sign up to receive the DFW AMA monthly newsletter at Newsletter<br /> Regularly attend programs to enjoy the average of 40% discount<br /> Don’t miss member-only events<br /> Vote and assume leadership opportunities<br /> Sign up for monthly newsletters and other publications<br /> Check local website calendar for upcoming events and news<br /> Participate in available virtual groups and discussion forums<br /> Go to national website for white papers and other materials<br /> Join national webcasts, podcasts and publications<br /> Register and post resume on DFW AMA Career Center <br /> Contribute as author to local and national publications<br />
  14. 14. Volunteering<br />Non-members who volunteer their time to the chapter are appreciated, but leadership roles are restricted to members. You will find volunteering very rewarding because: <br /> You develop relationships with experts and influencers in the <br /> community.<br /> You enhance your personal and professional visibility as a <br /> marketer.<br /> You receive mentoring that fosters your professional skills <br /> and confidence. <br /> You are helping to educate, support, and enhance the image of <br /> marketing professionals in the DFW Metroplex.<br /> You will learn, have fun, and make friends.<br />FIND OUT MORE ABOUT VOLUNTEERING<br />
  15. 15. Sponsorships<br />Increase your exposure and develop important contacts among marketing decision-makers and influencers by becoming a DFW AMA Sponsor. Packages will be tailored to meet your specific objectives and maximize the return of your precious promotional dollars. <br />Your tax deductible contribution of financial support or in-kind services to the DFW AMA will:<br /> Build VISIBILITY for your company <br /> Enhance the CREDIBILITY of your company<br />FIND OUT MORE ABOUT SPONSORSHIPS<br />
  16. 16. Resources<br />As a member of the DFW chapter you also belong to the national chapter of the American Marketing Association. Some of your member benefits are available on the national website and other are only available locally. You will want to access both.<br />In the event that you have questions or problems accessing resources, please contact:<br />Registration Problems<br />Request Information and Receive Newsletter<br />Website Issues<br />DFW AMA Membership<br />Membership Renewal<br />
  17. 17. To Follow Up<br />Welcome Again to the DFW AMA!<br />We are glad you have joined us.<br />For More Information:<br />DFW Chapter Website<br />National AMA Website<br />Chapter Executive Coordinator Email<br />EVP - Membership<br />VP - Volunteers<br />