Traffic rules awareness and encouraging people to use public transport


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Traffic rules awareness and encouraging people to use public transport

  1. 1. TRAFFIC RULES AWARENESS ANDENCOURAGING PEOPLE TO USEPUBLIC TRANSPORTBy :Ashiana AryansLevel: Starters 2 ( S2 )Center : Ashiana sector 16 PanchkulaVolunteers : Abhishek, Ashima, Yogesh and ShrikantMentor : ShrikantCHILDREN PART OF DFC IMPLEMENTATION KIDS AGE ( years ) SCHOOLSonu 12 St.soldiers schoolRohit 14 Blue bird high schoolJitinder 13 St.soldiers schoolDeepmala 13 Hansraj public schoolShivani 14 Blue bird high schoolKamaljeet 15 Government girls senior secondary high school
  2. 2. Mamta 15 New india senior secondary smart schoolRitu 13 New india senior secondary smart schoolVishma 15 Government girls senior secondary schoolRoshini 13 Government girls senior secondary schoolDivya 14 GGSSSAsha 14 Blue bird high schoolWhen we first took up the idea of DFC implementationour kids were more interested in our teaching butgradually they showed intrest in the challenge . The bestpart was to convience the kids and draw a concenciousone particular idea out of 32 ideas we got from our groupAshiana Aryans
  3. 3. A glimpse of our DFC implementation implementation idea was TRAFFIC RULESAWARENESS AND ENCOURAGING PEOPLE TOUSE PUBLIC TRANSPORTThe implementation was divided in 4 stagesSTAGE 1It was all about presentation . The kids wanted that wevolunteers should give them a presentation that whytraffic rules and public transport is important in thepresent scenario . So on the first day of ourimplementation we give a presentation to the kids andexplained them the importance of the issueVideo link :
  4. 4. STAGE 2 : It was an outdoor implementation in which kids hadto go in their neighbourhood to drop in the pamphlets andbrochures which they made on the first day of theimplementation. The pamphlets and brochures wereexclusively hand made by kids in which they illustratedtheir ideas and thoughts why traffic rules and publictransport sytem should be followed and used and the hardwork actually pid offVideo link : 3:The kids wanted to write a letter to the editors of leadingnewspapers of Chandigarh telling them about the concernand requesting them to publish an article related to theissue and spread awareness amaong masses .We helpedthe kids in writing the letters and forwarded the scannedcopies of their letters to various editors
  5. 5. Video link : 4:The best part was the stage 4 in which kids had to go andtalk to people , their teachers and friends and had toexplain them about our topic/ concern and thepresentation. After this they had to take their feedbacks.The kids successfully did it and got lots and lots offeedbacksVideo link : OF OUR DFC IMPLEMENTATIONLINK : ican say that me and my kids are infected by “I can”bug. They are dreaming up and are ready to lead theworld with their brilliant ideas“ if a child can’t learn the way you teach, may we shouldteach the way they learn ”
  6. 6. After the implementation the sense of achievement andsatisfaction we got there are no words to describe them.I would like to thank all the kids part of theimplementation, all the volunteers who made it possibleand last but not the least thankyou president Chandigarhfor giving this oppertunity