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Submission form group 4 anando

  1. 1. SUBMISSION FORM<br />Name of School: Anando<br />Registered Office 301, Priyadarshini<br /> 36/3 Southend Park<br /> Kolkata 700029<br />Field Office 63/8 PGHS Road, Ground floor<br /> Jadavpur, Kolkata 700032<br />NGO Director Gitanjali Ghosh <br />Tel.: 9830006747<br /> <br />E-mail:<br />GROUP 4 : THE PAINT JOB<br />Student Information:-<br />Sr. No.NameAgeGrade1.Subhash Prasad14 yrs92.Nitesh Kumar Das 15 yrs103. Sonu Prasad11 yrs54. Deepak Prasad 10 yrs55. Ranjit Prasad 11 yrs5<br />Mentor : Alpana Dewan<br />THE PROJECT <br />THE PAINT JOB<br />Implemented over 10 days between September 15th and October 1st, 2011<br /><ul><li>FEEL</li></ul> <br />What is the problem you were attempting to change? <br />Last year as part of their DFC project, a group from Anando had initiated an intervention in Shiksha Sadan, a government aided primary school. The project had involved cleaning up the entrance to the school and installing plants there to create a green corner. The project was much appreciated by the school, who took it a step further by cleaning the rest of the courtyard and maintaining the plants beautifully. The past one year has also seen the start of craft classes in the school by Anando with the group members helping out from time to time.<br />The appreciation and kudos that have come the group’s way since this project has heightened their confidence and made them excited about making a difference. So they were eager to take their project a step further this time as there is still much to be done and given the opportunity the group would like to work with Siksha Sadan again. <br />IMAGINE<br />Tell us some of the ideas generated<br />A wall mural promoting education was the original idea that the group had. However an extended monsoon and leaking walls put paid to these plans. It would take too long for the courtyard walls to dry out for the project to be finished in time.<br />The group, in consultation with the principal of Siksha Sadan, thus decided on an alternative plan, which would also involve painting but for which the boys would not have to wait for the rains to stop. <br /><ul><li>DO</li></ul>What was your final solution and how did it change the situation and yourself? (Do include number of students participating <br /> and the number of people impacted)<br />The Final Solution<br />The group decided to refresh the school sign and repaint the notice board. A coat of whitewash on the wall surrounding the boards would brighten up the area and add a finishing touch.<br />The green patch opposite would also receive a fresh coat of paint and new pots would replace the ones which were damaged.<br />Working Together<br />Some of the earlier group members were unable to participate fully this time due to education commitments. So they initiated some of their younger friends into the group, promising to guide them through the project. Thus two of the older group members remained while three new members were inducted.<br />The core group now consisted of 5 boys from Anando’s weekend recreation club, aged between 10 and 15 years of age. Three of the team members are quite young and have never worked independently on a project before. However they displayed remarkable commitment, maintaining time schedules, adjusting routines and working hard right up to the last moment. <br />The older boys too performed well as guides to the younger team members. They were patient and encouraging and ensured that they were not overwhelmed by the task at hand.<br />The group members coordinated with the school authorities and worked on the project before and after their own school as well as on two public holidays. They were responsible for executing the project, from scraping and sandpapering the walls and boards to painting them with coats of primer and paint.<br />The group also involved the students of Class 4 of Siksha Sadan in the project. They divided the tasks at hand so that everyone could have a go with the brush as well as with the tiring job of sandpapering. In fact, one of the Siksha Sadan teachers also joined in, unable to withstand the lure of the paints!<br />In all 20 children from Anando and Shiksha Sadan were involved in the project. The whole school of 65 students was impacted by it.<br />Change in the Situation<br />The entrance to the school is now looking brighter than ever. It wears a cheery, clean, whitewashed look and brings a smile to the faces of all who enter the gates. The students too are proud of their handiwork and careful to ensure that it is protected from damage and soiling. There is a sense of pride in their voices when they speak o the project.<br /> <br />Change in Self<br />The group has achieved a tremendous feeling of satisfaction upon executing this project. The appreciation from the school, the enthusiastic participation of the students and the comments from the community around have contributed significantly to heightening their self esteem and sense of achievement.<br />For the younger team members, this was an opportunity to take responsibility and carry out a task according to a plan and time line. The experience has left them more confident, grown –up and enriched.<br />