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Kagaz ki bachat
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Kagaz ki bachat


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  • 1. Proud to be a part of change “ Design for Change” Delhi Public School Agra
  • 2. Our Story of Change
    • Kagaz ki bachat
  • 3. The Problem
    • Wastage of paper
    • Excessive use of paper
    • Reuse of paper
    • Minimizing use of paper
    The Solution
  • 4.  
  • 5.  
  • 6. Feel
    • Since we felt strongly that we could do something regarding the reduction of use of paper we had put our heads together and had some ideas
  • 7. The Ideas Generated Were
    • To cover the Registers that teachers use with newspaper only which were earlier covered with chart papers or fluorescent sheets.
    • Group sms can sent instead of sending circulars
    • Worksheets and revision sheets can be given through e-mail to students
    • The students are given sweets/candies on their birthdays .These candies can be given in envelopes made of newspaper
    • Making envelopes from old newspaper .
    • Promoting Paper Mache activity.
    • To print the attendance sheet on both
    • the sides of paper for 2 different months .
  • 8. Share
    • We discussed our ideas with the Principal and our Quality controller
    • We involved students and teachers.
    • Our Art department gave us ways to implement our ideas.
    • Collection of used paper every day
    • Collection of used charts, sheets etc.. from students and various other departments of the school.
  • 9. No matter one tree makes thousands of papers but if you waste one paper you waste thousands of trees. Here paper there paper Every where paper paper Trees gives us paper Don’t waste a single paper Else gen next will miss paper And we’ll regret later for paper Recycle & reuse paper Let’s come together to SAVE PAPER! Let’s take you to the process of change
  • 10. Collection of newspapers
    • Our students get newspapers to read on daily basis
    • By inspiring them they were ready to give the papers back for reuse.
  • 11.  
  • 12. The change
    • On a weekly basis 90 envelopes were being used, which are now replaced by the hand - made envelopes cutting on paper.
  • 13. Before After The change is brought by replacing newspaper envelopes
  • 14. Celebrating the change on birthdays
    • Our students used to get sweets /candies
    • Now they are proud to receive them in reused paper packets.
  • 15. Attendance Sheets Save paper
    • Our attendance sheets were printed on one side , wasting the other side.
    • Now attendance sheets are made for two months using both sides of the paper.1000 sheets of paper have been conserved with this small effort.
    • small Change but a BIG DIFFERENCE
  • 16. CREATIVE EXPRESSION Paper mache has been taught by our respected art teachers, so that we make artifacts with them and use in various ways for gift purposes, return gifts, etc.
  • 17. Covering of record registers and attendance sheets Our attendance sheets are now being printed on both sides reducing the use of paper by 1000 sheets in a year Records and files used by teachers are going to be covered with newspapers.
  • 18. The efforts in progress
  • 19. Activity Barefoot Walking Explaining the need to Conserve paper ChangingStudents attitude towards resources Bringing about change to Love natural resources And nourish them Bringing Change Reduction of use in paper A mass awareness in Minimising use of paper Our achievement DESIGN FOR CHANGE We are proud to have affected more than 1000 lives and have enlightened them
  • 20. Our special thanks to :
    • First of all the DFC team who gave us a small thought to make a big difference
    • Our management to provide the necessary support
    • Last ,and not the least ,our very helpful teachers.
  • 21. A Big Thanks to our School Management
    • Now worksheets are sent on Group ids of all classes on the internet reducing the use of paper
    For acting on our requests
  • 22. We will do our bit to bring the change Children – Our Living Messages we send to the future
  • 23. And the change will continue….