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IND-2012-87 Tagore High School -Junk Food
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IND-2012-87 Tagore High School -Junk Food


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Junk Food …

Junk Food

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  • 1. Tagore’s High School Gandhi Nagar IX Class Girls – A SectionCorrespondent: B. Sai Kumar
  • 2. WHAT IS A PROBLEM IN OUR SCHOOL? IX Class meeting for DFC In small groups we discussed problems that we see in our school everyday.
  • 3. PREPARING TO TAKE ACTION The IX Class A Section girls decided to work on the issue of junk food. We researched healthy food in our textbooks. We found articles about healthy and unhealthy foods on the internet. We started to think about ways to teach others about how harmful junk food can be to the body.
  • 4. Junk Food is a Problem at Tagore’s• Young children in the junior classes eat chips and snacks that are wrapped in plastic• Junk food is not good for young bodies and many of our students are very small.• Junk food lacks vitamins and nutrients that students need to learn.• Junk food is expensive, and you do not always know if it was prepared safely.
  • 5. THE PROBLEMS OF JUNK FOODPROGRAM We invited the parents of the junior class students. We created charts and planned demonstrations to explain the dangers of consuming junk food and sugary cold drinks. We had three demonstrations:  The Problems with Coke  Washing Fruits and Vegetables  Plastics and Junk Food Packaging
  • 6. Setting upPracticing our demonstrations the props for our speeches Creating charts for our parents to read in English and Telugu.
  • 7. The parents liked our program andbrought their younger children too! One mother was excited to know about how vinegar can make leafy greens safer for her children.
  • 8. REFLECTING ON OUR PROGRAM We need to invite more parents in the future. For the next program we will bring healthy foods to share. We want to make a school rule that will ban junk food. The IX Class agreed to avoid junk food, and bring homemade food for afterschool snacks. We enjoyed Design for Change and want to continue our projects!
  • 9. THANK YOU! IX Class Girls – Section A The Tagorians“Say no to junk food. Say yes to happiness and health!” - Mina, IX Class Leader