IND-2012-187 SBS Rauni -Bikhar naa Jaye yeh Taare Zameen Par


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Bikhar naa Jaye yeh Taare Zameen Par

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IND-2012-187 SBS Rauni -Bikhar naa Jaye yeh Taare Zameen Par

  1. 1. TITLE OUR STORY OF CHANGE GOVT.SATYA BHARTI ADARSH SEN. SEC. SCHOOL, RAUNI (LUDHIANA, PUNJAB) Bharti Foundation Ky i bh ga? ka a mu ka on ha jhe kn ain ao ah parh i a m l ja p neKy oo h sc Problem being attempted to change: TO WORK FOR UPLIFTMENT OF IGNORED CHILDREN OF THE SOCIETY AND WORK FOR THEIR BETTERMENT Bikhar na jayen ye taare zameen par
  2. 2. INTRODUCTIONBharti Foundation • Bharti Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Bharti Group Companies. • The prime objective is to bridge the existing education divide and make quality education accessible to underprivileged children in rural India. • The Foundation aims to help underprivileged children and young people of our country realize their potential.Satya Bharti School Program The Satya Bharti School Program is the flagship program of Bharti Foundation. It aims to deliver free quality education to underprivileged children, with special focus on the girl child across rural India. Present Operational Status: • Number of Schools Operational: 254 • States of Operation: Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh & W. Bengal, Tamil Nadu • Number of Students Enrolled: Over 38,000
  3. 3. ABOUT THE VILLAGE• Geographical Location: Situated on Malerkotla road (link road) Amritsar – Ambala Highway. Rauni is a village backward in many respects. Rauni is itself a Gram Panchayat, Block Payal, District Ludhiana. The majority of population is of Farmers and sc. Role of Satya Bharti Adarsh School in the Village: Govt. Satya Bharti Adarsh Sen. Sec. School Rauni took the challenge to reform the rotten culture of the society. There were many challenges but we faced it. Through our community development campaigns, we lighted the candle of awareness and tried to change the believes of the people.• Participation in ‘Design for Change’ School Contest: When the students came to know about they are going to conduct such a campaign with a vision of spreading the awareness . They put all their efforts to make the program successful. They enlisted the existing problems of the area and then decided that they will work for the upliftment of such children who are not anyhow able to come to school due to their family problems.
  4. 4. INSPIRATIONCASE STUDY 1:We found during our survey of village that a girl Kiranjit kaur D/o S. Gurdev singh . Was a girl who had withdrawal her name from school due to corporal punishment given in the school she was studying. She was having problem in her ear due to the same and now she was at home. We took the challenge to teach such child. We made her comfortable in all aspects but failed to detain her because in her break period she was doing labor in some zamindar,s house and she did not want to leave the job. We tried by all means but could not succeed because her parents dont let her understand the importance of education.CASE STUDY 2:We found a child Vicky S/o Raju Kumar who had never gone to school earlier. We found that he was working in a sweet shop. We put all our efforts to bring him up. We give him admission in class 4th. He was not able to read and write . We taught him from basic. He was doing wonderful job as his learning level was increasing day by day. But suddenly he stopped coming to school. We contacted and enquired that he was to work for his family as their income was almost negligible.This is the only situations we faced. We always see children doing job in dhabas, tea stalls. We feel guilty but are unable to do anything for them as one person cannot make the change. But on the other hand united we can make the impossible possible.
  5. 5. PHILOSOPHY BEHIND ITThe idea how such delicate part of the society is being crushed under the cruel and sharp wheels of time made us worried for the future of country.It is the society and moreover a school program who must work for the UNCARED FLOWER improvement of wrong practice which is being implemented in the society.We equate them as a flower who is not getting light and water.And the plant who is getting salt in spite of water and polythene cover in spite of air. UNCARED PLANT
  6. 6. REALLITY Adding to our case study, there are approximately thousands of children who do work for the family in one way or another in our village and adjoining area. Boys work in shops, whereas girls work in kothies as maid. Some children work as rag pickers, whereas some do acrobatics. A person from the community admitted that CHILD PERFORMING these children do not get enough salary also. ACROBATICS They dont get the full salary also as they are illiterate. Children who live at their work place are the most sufferers as their working time is not fixed.It has been printed in the newspapers time to time, but we found few in records. People are clever enough to hide the actual age of the child. They play actually with the law and legislation CHILD LABOR IN NEWS PAPERS
  7. 7. ABOUT THE LAW• Child labor has been declared as a crime under legislation no. 29 in year 1986 and declared that The child who is doing labor and is under 14 years is illegal.• National child project was made in year 1988 which was reformed in year 2001 in which Rs 250 are given to such children as stipend which seems to be practically insufficient for a child to do labor.
  9. 9. TAYARI JEET KISTEP1. We organize a planning committee which made the action plan.STEP 2. Members of Group fox did their survey in the society to know about the children who are engaged in such type of work. They move in the market , contacted aanganwari workers to collect the data. STUDENTS PLANNING FOR PROGRAM
  10. 10. PLAN IN ACTIONSTEP 3. Group bees organize a rally –cum-chetna march to aware the society about the negligence of such children. Children projected their idea through speech and poem. They sang slogans and pasted the same on the walls of main places during the campaign.
  11. 11. PLAN IN ACTIONSTEP 4. GROUP monkeys managed to contact the people of the society to switch up with the project. They were told the mission of the project. People take it positively. They united and took oath to help such children with their body, soul and money.
  12. 12. PLAN IN ACTION STEP 5. GROUP pigeons plan to write letter to President of INDIA, labor minister, labor inspector of the area and the village sarpanch to think about miserable condition of childhood in India. • We plan to join NGOs of local community in our mission. So that more and more attention must be paid to such children.
  13. 13. HINDERANCESWe face non-cooperation from the society.As they were aware of the law they opposedand spoke harsh words to the students whowere making effort to know about the childlaborers. They didn’t gave right informationabout the age and status of their children.They were wrongly admitting that theirward is going to school.
  14. 14. IMPACT ON COMMUNITYThe people of general community promised us to support and put our thought/plan in front of the elders of the villagers. NEWS IN DAINIK JAGRANSome people made a ‘BAGHBAN’ committee who promised to work for such children.A prestigious news paper took our efforts in its notice and published it. COMPLIMENTS FROM COMMUNITYSimultaneously we got MEMBERS complimentary letter from wise group of the society.
  15. 15. EXPERIENCE SHARED BY MEMBERS OF COMMUNITY AND OUR TEAM• Mr. Arun chharia (A Social Reformer and secretary of Bharat Vikas Parishad)– It is good attempt made by the students . It will help in eradication of social evils as well as will inculcate feeling of right and wrong in the children.• S. Jagdev Singh (community member and President of Project Baghban) – The efforts done by little angels had made our heart full of gladness and proud. We are happy that future of our children is in safe hands.• Mr. Parvesh Kumar (Vice-Principal ): “EVEN A JOURNEY OF 10,000 MILES STARTS WITH A STEP” India is sadly the home to the largest number of child labourers in the world. So our efforts are in the right direction to eradicate this social evil.Out of School children comprise the workers & non workers.In one view they together signify a measure of deprivation among children and can be consider as a labourpool always being at the risk of entering the labourforce.• Staff: It is a matter of concern that the hideous crime like child labor is still in the society and its roots are spreading day and night. The most amazing fact is that the so called sophisticated society is performing its main role in hiring the children as laborers. So such kind of efforts should be made in the society.
  16. 16. THE SHOW MUST GO ON……• We will take the regular feedback of society by its representative i.e. ‘sarpanch’ and other community members and will ensure that such children must get the right platform for their growth.• Efforts will put to solve migrated child because they don’t have their home also and they are forced to live at their work place.• We will maintain regular patch up with the local NGOs. So that the ignited candle could not get extinguished.• We will boost our BAGHBANs by honoring them in our school celebration. So that they could take it globally and more number of children should be benefited from this committee.
  17. 17. OUR ARMY• Vice-Principal and staff• Students of class VI and VII• Mentor teacher:- Ms. Rajni Verma