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Dfc bolyawala,

  1. 1. Title Our story of Change from Satya Bharti School , Bolyawala,Jaipur ,Rajasthan Bharti Foundation Problem being attempted to change : Bad effects of Intoxication
  2. 2. <ul><li>Bharti Foundation </li></ul><ul><ul><li>Bharti Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Bharti Group Companies. </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>The prime objective is to bridge the existing education divide and make quality education accessible to underprivileged children in rural India. </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>The Foundation aims to help underprivileged children and young people of our country realize their potential. </li></ul></ul><ul><li>Satya Bharti School Program </li></ul><ul><ul><li>The Satya Bharti School Program is the flagship program of Bharti Foundation. </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>It aims to deliver free quality education to underprivileged children, with special focus on the girl child across rural India. </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Present Operational Status: </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><ul><li>Number of Schools Operational: 250 </li></ul></ul></ul><ul><ul><ul><li>States of Operation: Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh & Tamil Nadu </li></ul></ul></ul><ul><ul><ul><li>Number of Students Enrolled: Over 35,000(Approximate) </li></ul></ul></ul>Introduction
  3. 3. <ul><li>Geographical Location : Bolyawala are neighboring villages hardly 1 kms. from each other. The villages of Achrol Gram Panchayat located 3 kms. interior to the Jaipur – Delhi national highway. </li></ul><ul><li>Cultural Background: Bolyawala is a village of Meena community (ST), mainly dependent on Agriculture and Dairy Business. The male and female members equally engaging in the field work and maximum time spending in the work of farming or animal husbandry. </li></ul><ul><li>Role of Satya Bharti School in the Village : Earlier the children used to went in the agricultural field with their parents or taking care of cattle. Only for formality there was very less enrollment in the school but today there was 96 students in Bolyawala from the 110 household with 100 percent attendance. </li></ul><ul><li>Participation in ‘Design for Change’ School Contest : Our team worked with a moto of social service and done a good job with this contest </li></ul>About the Community
  4. 4. We Felt <ul><li>We felt when we met the community, (belonged Rural) ,members during community visit , in PTM & general meeting then we find that most of people use bidi, tobacco,gutkha,huckka etc then we thought that these type of bad habit & social evil will tie our new generation mostly our youth power .what we can do? </li></ul>
  5. 5. We ‘Imagined’: Photograph (If any) 1.We imagined if we can remove this type of bad habits in community than “what we can do?” 2. Which is the way that we use to overcome on This cruel habit &quot;Plan we thought” 3.We thought if our children tie with this habit Than ..what's the message that we spread in Community ?.
  6. 6. We did Rally Convinced Massaged through children Roll play
  7. 7. Impact on community Pledged Children pray to god escape this bad habit to human crush
  8. 8. <ul><li>Students are more motivated now. </li></ul><ul><li>Encouraged to take initiatives. </li></ul><ul><li>Can plan and implement. </li></ul><ul><li>Enhanced leadership and team spirit among the students. </li></ul><ul><li>Lightened the feeling of ownership among the students </li></ul><ul><li>There is now more association and bonding among students to think innovatively and creatively. </li></ul><ul><li>It is now reflected that our students proved the theory of Bloom Taxonomy – Recall, Knowledge, Comprehension, Application, Analysis, Synthesis and Evaluation through this campaign </li></ul><ul><li>Teachers were feel more empowered in the process of execution and implementation and wined the more faith of the people. </li></ul><ul><li>Teachers got appreciation and positive responses from the community, which added jewel to their report and identification as a social activist for a social change. </li></ul>Impact on Us:
  9. 9. Experience of Community Members & Teachers: ……………… ..VOICE ALOUD “ Ek, do, teen, chaar Nashakhoron ka karen upchar,, . 1.Most of the villagers welcomed this effort. Most of them was injured from Intoxication, After this campaign they promised to remove this bad habit. 2.Mr. Mool chand Meena said “ bacho ne bahut achcha programme kiya hai, muje aaj malum chal gaya hai ki nashe se bahut nukasan hote hai, mai aaj se nasha nahi karunga or sath hi sabko nasha n karne ke kiye bolunga.
  10. 10. <ul><li>1.Miss Kavita Sharma (teacher) was saying that I saw a strange change today in the community, the soft hand of our students can able to every thing like this ..I will prepare always to remove completely this type of evil in our nation……….! </li></ul><ul><li>2.Miss Diksa pareek & Kavita palawat said that we feel so happy ,will try always to give a awareness contribute in our community against this bad habit……….! </li></ul><ul><li>3.Mr. Imran shah (teacher) said that I will devote full of my life to remove his type of social evil & any other evils that tied in there paws …will remove with there roots…! </li></ul><ul><li>4.Mr.Ram kishor pingoliya said that I will make my self to fire a inspired ray in my students so that they will spread aware in our country to remove this bad habit…..! </li></ul><ul><li>5.School Didi & School guardian said they will meet all community members that they have this type of bad habit & aware them to remove it …………! </li></ul>
  11. 11. <ul><li>I will completely devote my self to help our citizen & remove these type of bad habit , social evils & other bad conceptions & I build in my students a hope that they will work a positive for our nation & human being……………………………………! </li></ul>Head teacher’s voice Mr.Suresh Kumar Saini
  12. 12. <ul><li>1.In the future we will run a programme to aware the community bad efface use of intoxication & other this type of evil . </li></ul><ul><li>2.There will be plan to install a new power hope & rays In our community and village to preserving use intoxication . </li></ul>The Road Ahead….. (in the next 3 months) 3.we will completely devote Our self to help our citizen & remove these type of bad habit , social evils & other bad conceptions & we build in our students a hope that they will work a positive for our nation & human being……………………………………!.
  13. 13. # State District School No. of Students Participating Name of Student Class   1 R A J A S T H A N Amber, Jaipur Bolyawala 10 Vikash Meena Vth  2 Bolyawala 10 Lokesh Meena Vth 3 Bolyawala 10 Rinkesh Meena Vth 4  Bolyawala 10 Shiv Prakash Vth 5 Bolyawala 10 Dharmendra Meena Vth     6 Bolyawala 10 Karan Bunkar Vth   7  Bolyawala 10 Roshan Meena Vth   8  Bolyawala 10 Komal Meena Vth   9  Bolyawala 10 Santosh Meena Vth   10 Bolyawala 10 Pushpa Meena Vth
  14. 14. Team Responsible: 1.Miss-Kavita Sharma 2.Mr-Imran Shah 3.Miss-Diksha Pareek 4.Mr-Ram Kishor Pingoliya Head Teacher 5.Miss-Kavita Palawat Mr.Suresh Kumar Saini State Team Cluster Coordinator-Mr. Shyam Babu Sharma District Coordinator Mr. Brajesh Bhardwaj
  15. 15. Thank you “ God &quot;Save us !