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GNCC and DFC Overview Presentation



An overview of the Greater Northfield Coalition Council (GNCC) and Northfield & Roxbury Drug-Free Communities

An overview of the Greater Northfield Coalition Council (GNCC) and Northfield & Roxbury Drug-Free Communities



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GNCC and DFC Overview Presentation Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Northfield & Roxbury Drug-Free Communities and the Greater Northfield Coalition Council (GNCC) An Overview
  • 2. The GNCC is a non-profit organization, recognized by the Internal Revenue Service. The GNCC is a board composed of 14-17 community members. This board is responsible for Northfield & Roxbury Drug-Free Communities.
  • 3.
    • To promote the health of the Northfield and Roxbury community, with a special emphasis on our children and youth.
    Mission of the Greater Northfield Coalition Council
  • 4. Mission of the Greater Northfield Coalition Council
    • GNCC works to do this by:
    • helping identify and prioritize needs (such as the prevention of substance abuse)
    • coalition building
    • providing logistical support for and public awareness of related efforts of local community groups
    • seeking appropriate funding for coalition activities.
  • 5. GNCC’s Major Partnership Organizations (2006-2007)
    • Northfield Boys & Girls Club
    • Northfield Elementary School
    • Northfield Middle and High School
    • Norwich University
      • Admissions Office
      • Office of Volunteer Programs
      • Service-Learning Program
    • Roxbury Elementary School
  • 6.
      • Businesses
      • Civic/volunteer groups
      • Healthcare
      • Higher education
      • Media
      • Parents
      • Schools
      • Substance abuse treatment and recovery
      • Religious organizations
      • Youth
    The GNCC is made up of representatives of different sectors of Northfield and Roxbury:
  • 7. A Brief History of the GNCC
  • 8.
    • The GNCC was originally named the Greater Northfield Collaboration Council.
    • It was established in 1998 by concerned community members, and the name was changed in 2005 to the Greater Northfield Coalition Council.
    A Brief History of the GNCC
  • 9.
    • From 1998-2000, the GNCC administered the New Directions grant (total received annually:
    • $99 630).
    • The mission of New Directions was “to create a self-sustaining program targeted at reducing substance abuse and leading to healthier lives.”
    • Washington South Supervisory Union served as the fiscal agent.
    GNCC’s New Directions Grant
  • 10.
    • In 2000, the GNCC wrote and received a
    • 5 year Drug-Free Communities grant (over 5 years, they received $360, 570 in grant funds). This grant focused on:
      • Reducing substance abuse among youth (ages 10-19) and over time, among adults
      • Strengthening and expanding collaboration among various sectors of Northfield and Roxbury to reduce substance abuse among youth.
    GNCC’s First Drug-Free Communities Grant
  • 11.
    • From 2001-2003, GNCC was dormant.
    • From September 2003-2005, four people worked to rejuvenate GNCC, revising the by-laws and changing the name to the Greater Northfield Coalition Council.
    • The Northfield American Legion post provided funds for the GNCC to file for 501(c)3 status (federal non-profit status).
    GNCC’s Rejuvenation
  • 12.
    • In 2005, the GNCC applied for and received a second 5-year Drug-Free Communities Grant, and subsequently hired a Director of Northfield & Roxbury Drug-Free Communities.
    • In 2006, the GNCC received federal non-profit status (501[c]3 status).
    GNCC’s Second Drug-Free Communities Grant
  • 13. GNCC’s New Headquarters
    • In March 2006, the GNCC opened the Making A Difference Resource Center on Northfield’s Common.
    • The Resource Center is one of many different programs offered by Northfield & Roxbury Drug-Free Communities.
  • 14.
    • Currently, the GNCC meets bi-monthly.
    • Subcommittees have been formed to address specific needs of the GNCC. These include:
      • Personnel
      • Program
      • Community Relations
      • Sustainability
      • Evaluation
    GNCC Today
  • 15. Northfield & Roxbury Drug-Free Communities An Overview
  • 16.
    • Overseen by the GNCC, Northfield & Roxbury Drug-Free Communities is a federally funded grant program, that uses several strategies to reduce and prevent substance abuse, particularly among youth.
  • 17.
    • The Making A Difference Resource Center is the center of operations for Northfield & Roxbury Drug-Free Communities and the GNCC.
  • 18.
    • The Resource Center is a confidential drop-in center, with free information on alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, treatment/recovery options, parenting skills and youth empowerment. We also offer information on other helping organizations.
    Resource Center
  • 19.
    • We offer free referrals to treatment/recovery centers.
    • In its first year, the Resource Center helped over 100 adults and youth access information and treatment.
    Resource Center
  • 20. Strategies of Northfield & Roxbury Drug-Free Communities
    • Workshops and Consulting
    • Preventative and Educational Programs
    • School Curriculum
    • Volunteer Opportunities
  • 21. Interactive & Professional Workshops and Consulting
    • Free workshops and consulting are offered to local businesses and organizations on such topics as:
      • youth empowerment and asset development
      • addressing alcohol, tobacco and other drug issues
      • prevention tactics for employers and/or community leaders.
  • 22. Preventative and Educational Programs
    • SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions)
      • This group for high school students advocates among their peers for healthy and substance-free behaviors.
      • In 2006-2007 SADD was run by the Northfield Middle and High School Student Assistance Program Coordinator, Annie Luke. The group had 9 students involved.
  • 23. Preventative and Educational Programs
    • GO! (Guys Only)
      • In collaboration with Norwich University, we offer an empowerment group for young men (grades 7-10) that provides opportunities for positive male role modeling, and learning about healthy risk-taking.
      • In its first year, we had 8 participants and 7 Norwich student helpers.
  • 24. Preventative and Educational Programs
    • Parenting Workshops
    • We offer free workshops based upon the nationally recognized LifeSkills Training Program. Taught by a local parent, these workshops focus on building parenting skills, such as positive communication and setting boundaries.
  • 25. Preventative and Educational Programs
    • Vermont Kids Against Tobacco (VKAT)
    • This coming fall, the first Northfield VKAT group will be created due to a grant that we wrote for the Northfield Middle School. These students (grades 6-8) will run programs to teach their peers about the dangers of tobacco and other drug use.
  • 26. Preventative and Educational Programs
    • Special Events
    • We run special event programs in collaboration with local schools and organizations focused on substance abuse issues, such as Kick Butts Day (tobacco prevention) and Targeting Curiosity Day (Northfield Middle school students connect with health, youth leadership, law enforcement, and treatment professionals).
  • 27. School Curriculum
    • The LifeSkills Training Program
    • A nationally recognized substance abuse prevention curriculum, currently being taught by trained teachers in grades 3-6 and grade 8.
    • 220 students have been taught the curriculum over the past two years.
  • 28. Volunteer Opportunities
    • We provide opportunities for community members to work with youth, participate in outreach activities, program planning and implementation.
    • All volunteers are trained on substance abuse issues.
    • Volunteers undergo background checks if they have the opportunity to work 1-on-1 with youth.
  • 29. Resource Center Website
    • Our current website address is:
    • We offer links to a variety of resources for parents, youth and other adults.
    • Our website will be changing to
    • (by Sept. 30):
  • 30. Federally and Locally Supported
    • Every dollar of the Drug-Free Communities grant from the federal government is matched by local donations (either monetary or in-kind).
    • This is a requirement of the federal grant from the Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration.
  • 31. Contact Us to Get Involved
    • Making A Difference Resource Center
    • 32 Depot Square, P.O. Box 88
    • Northfield, Vermont 05663
    • (802) 485-8081
    • [email_address]
    • Music in this presentation:
    • “ Songs About Rainbows” by Sarah McLaughlin
    • “ What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong
    • “ Hold On” by Sarah McLaughlin