DE Conferentie 2006 Michael Buckland


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DE Conferentie 2006 Michael Buckland

  1. 1. Access to Digital Heritage Resources using What, Where, When and Who Michael Buckland Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative University of California, Berkeley DEN Conference, Rotterdam Dec 12-13, 2006
  2. 2. Support the Learner: What, Where, When and Who Supported by the Institute of Museum and Library ServicesFive ideas . . .1. Understanding means knowing the context.2. Using internet resources should be like using a library reference collection?3. Find context of any museum object, document, or performance: What is related to it in: what it is, where it came from, when it originated, and who associated with it?4. WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, and WHO as a useful structure.5. Make better use of existing descriptive metadata. Buckland. DEN. 12/12/2006 2
  3. 3. Support for the Learner with a QueryFacet Vocabulary Displays Any catalog: Archives,WHAT Thesaurus Cross- Libraries, Museums, TV, e.g. LCSH references PublishersWHERE Gazetteer MapWHEN Period directory TimelineWHO Biograph. dict. Interpersonal Any resource: e.g. Who’s Who relationships Audio, Images, Texts, Numeric data, Objects, Virtual reality, Webpages Buckland. DEN. 12/12/2006 3
  4. 4. WHAT Subject headings Cross-references LCSH: Kung fu films see Martial Arts films Previously Hand-to-hand fighting, oriental, in motion pictures Automobile: - PASS MOT VEH, SPARK IGN ENGNEED TO MAP (U.S. Import/Export statistics)TO & BETWEEN - TL 205 (Library of Congress Classification)UNFAMILIAR - 180/280 (US Patent classification)VOCABULARIES - 3711 (Standard Industrial Classification)Computer: HS 847120 Digital auto data proc mach contng in thesame housing a CPU and input & output device.”(InternationalHarmonized Commodity Classification System). Buckland. DEN. 12/12/2006 4
  5. 5. WHERE Gazetteer Map Dots link to portal Ctesiphon (Ancient site) Buckland. DEN. 12/12/2006 5
  6. 6. Going places in the catalog! Linked to a gazetteer and map display. Geographic sort of books on Folklore. Buckland. DEN. 12/12/2006 6
  7. 7. WHERE Using a map and a gazetteer as a geographic search aid, e.g. lists capital cities (PPLC) in box around South America. Buckland. DEN. 12/12/2006 7
  8. 8. WHEN Time period directoryTimeline Prototype time period directory at Generates catalog Sample entry search Buckland. DEN. 12/12/2006 8
  9. 9. WHEN, WHERE and WHO. Search in LC catalog foryields 65 records showing who was doing what: Buckland. DEN. 12/12/2006 9
  10. 10. WHEN Time Period Directory Timeline Link to Catalog Link to Wikipedia Buckland. DEN. 12/12/2006 10
  11. 11. WHO Biographical Dictionary Complex relationships Life events metadata WHAT: Actions prisoner WHERE: Places Holstein WHEN: Times 1261-1262 WHO: People Margaret Sambiria Need external links Buckland. DEN. 12/12/2006 11
  12. 12. Linking vocabularies WHAT, WHERE, WHENLibrary subject headingsTopic – Geographic subdivision – Chronological subdivisionPlace name gazetteer:Place name – Type – Spatial markers (Lat & long) – WhenTime Period DirectoryPeriod name – Type – Time markers (Calendar) – Where Buckland. DEN. 12/12/2006 12
  13. 13. Well-developed facet indexes include other facets. What Where When WhoWHAT (LCSH) A A A AWHERE (Place Gazet.) M M M -WHEN (Period dir.) M M M -WHO (Biogr dict.) M M M M M = Mandatory; A = If ApplicableNeed mappings between their vocabularies, e.g. From NGA Gazetteer Geographic Description Code “Lthse”(Lighthouse) to LCSH “Lighthouses.” Buckland. DEN. 12/12/2006 13
  14. 14. Any document, object, or performance Connect it with its context – and other resources.Facet Vocabulary Displays Any catalog: Archives,WHAT Thesaurus Cross- Libraries, Museums, TV, e.g. LCSH references PublishersWHERE Gazetteer MapWHEN Period directory Timeline Any resource:WHO Biograph. dict. Personal Audio, Images, Texts, Numeric e.g. Who’s Who relations data, Objects, Virtual reality, Webpages Buckland. DEN. 12/12/2006 14
  15. 15. Demo of search interface Buckland. DEN. 12/12/2006 15
  16. 16. Search term recommender service for LC Subject Headings Entry Vocabulary Index suggests correct LCSH with different spelling Buttons for searchable resources & local catalogs Buckland. DEN. 12/12/2006 16
  17. 17. Potentially related peopleBuckland. DEN. 12/12/2006 17
  18. 18. Potentially related periodsBuckland. DEN. 12/12/2006 18
  19. 19. Mostly in India 16th- 18th centuryBuckland. DEN. 12/12/2006 19
  20. 20. Find out more about this area.Buckland. DEN. 12/12/2006 20
  21. 21. Different Browsing Options! Buckland. DEN. 12/12/2006 21
  22. 22. Zooming in to South Asia Select Restricting time frameBuckland. DEN. 12/12/2006 22
  23. 23. Interface generates menu page Information about the country of India… Buckland. DEN. 12/12/2006 23
  24. 24. More information about the country of India… Berkeley Natural History Museums BBC EthnologueWikipedia CIA Factbook Buckland. DEN. 12/12/2006 24
  25. 25. Historical events – linked to Library catalog & Wikipedia : none avail. for this time periodBuckland. DEN. 12/12/2006 25
  26. 26. ECAI Cultural Atlases: presenting history in its geographical & chronological contextsBuckland. DEN. 12/12/2006 26
  27. 27. More at or contact Michael Bucklandbuckland@sims.berkeley.ed Ray Larson Buckland. DEN. 12/12/2006 27