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  • 1. The Virtual Museum of Canada: The Next GenerationDanielle Boily-DesovskiManager, Portals & DesignCanadian Heritage Information
  • 2. VMC: The Next Generation Canadian Heritage Information Network “CHIN enables Canada’s museums to engage Canadian and worldwide audiences through the use of innovative technologies.”
  • 3. VMC: The Next GenerationTimeline 2007 2002 Pilot project – 1970 1999 Launch of Creation of Agora – the UNESCO 1982 Community LearningConvention CHIN is Artefacts Memories Canada Centre established 1972 1995 2006 Creation of the Launch of Launch of National the first 2001 the Inventory CHIN web Launch of Knowledge Program site the Virtual Exchange Museum of Canada
  • 4. VMC: The Next GenerationExperimenting 1995 Telling stories 1. Virtual exhibits 2. On-line games
  • 5. VMC: The Next Generation
  • 6. VMC: The Next GenerationThe Context The “virtual museum” is a term like “horseless carriage”. It tells us a bit about the past, but it is ignorant about how it creates the suburbs and global warming. We don’t know what the virtual museum will become, but we do know already that it is a hybrid, and that for the museum community coming to terms with foregrounding issues of access—traditionally library concerns – it is critical and a bit scary. -- Chris Batt, Digital Futures, Beyond Productivity: Culture and Heritage Resources in the Digital Age Workshop, Calgary
  • 7. VMC: The Next Generation The Virtual Museum of Canada – 5 Years old!
  • 8. VMC: The Next GenerationONLINE PRESENCE • The size of the challenge – Globalization – Volume of information – Authenticity – Copyrights & IP – Preservation – Privacy – Content management
  • 9. VMC: The Next GenerationEVOLVINGERA Information web • Online trends – Information web – Social web – Resident webResident web Social web
  • 10. VMC: The Next Generation
  • 11. VMC: The Next GenerationUnderstanding impact on audiences
  • 12. VMC: The Next GenerationStatistics -Visitors VMC Visits (CHIN hosted) 1,400,000 1,200,000 1,000,000 800,000 600,000 400,000 200,000 0
  • 13. VMC: The Next Generation Engagement Index visits X time visitors 1 2 Engagement Factor for Exhibit A 45 40 3 35 4 30 5 25 6 20 7 15 8 10 9 5 10 0 11 Oct-02 Nov-02 Dec-02 Jan-03 Feb-03 Mar-03 Apr-03 12 13 14 15 Engagement Factor for Exhibit B 16 45 17 40 18 35 19 30 20 25 21 20 22 15 23 10 Exhibit A Exhibit B Exhibit C Exhibit D Exhibit E 5 0 Oct-02 Nov-02 Dec-02 Jan-03 Feb-03 Mar-03 Visits Page Views Engagement Index
  • 14. VMC: The Next GenerationQDA Miner Assign variables to each message Code the content
  • 15. VMC: The Next GenerationQuantitative data • Site Frequency • Qualitative reports • User Type – Type of Message • Gender – Request/Question • Language – Offer Type • Signed email • Tone of the Message – Praise/Thanks • Purpose – Error Report • Location – Action Item • Time of the Day – Impact • Product Info
  • 16. VMC: The Next Generation•2001-2006 = 8,000 messages•Trust – 40% of all messages implied trust•Opinion – 95% of messages expressing opinion werepositive•Impact – 87% positive
  • 17. VMC: The Next GenerationSOCIAL WEB Social web • Characteristics – Dialogue & Rationalization – Community endorsement – Exchange and enrichment of content – Interaction with content and with a human element
  • 18. VMC: The Next GenerationVMC - Next Generation First Generation VMC- Showcasing Second Generation VMC- Participation
  • 19. VMC: The Next GenerationLEVERAGING THE SOCIAL WEB I. Building professional skills • CHIN’s current focus – Heritage professional learning with CHIN & each otherII. Engaging youth – Public, especially youth learning with museums
  • 20. VMC: The Next GenerationLearning bydoing Communication •Blogging •Messaging Creativity • Authoring Tools • Learning Resource Creation • Lesson and assignment creation Digital Content Participation • WIKIS • Web conferencing Sharing
  • 21. VMC: The Next Generation Canadian Heritage Information Network Réseau canadien d’information sur le patrimoine
  • 22. VMC: The Next Generation
  • 23. VMC: The Next GenerationKNOWLEDGE EXCHANGE(Heritage professionals learning with CHIN and each other) • Personalized Learning • Community Learning • Learning with experts Museums Knowledge Exchange Portal Museums
  • 24. VMC: The Next GenerationEducation “Generation IM” 78% of Americans 12-17 years old go online 74% of teens used Instant messaging 1 in 5 teens say that IM is the primary way they communicate with 94% of online youth use the Internet for school research; 78% say the Internet helps them with schoolwork 71% of online teens say that they used the Internet as the major source for their most recent major school project or report 41% of online teens say they use email and instant messaging to contact teachers or classmates about schoolwork (June 2004)
  • 25. Participation and VMC: The Next Generation interaction Teachers Contextual information Lesson plans ActivitiesMuseums Learning Objectives Students Assignments Wikis Content expert videoconferences View site…
  • 26. VMC: The Next GenerationYOUTH LEARNING WITH MUSEUMS TEACHERS • Access to quality learning resources • Creation of lesson plansMUSEUMS • Authoring and publishing • Creation of Learning Scenarios • Communication tools STUDENTS • Access to quality learning resources • Online collaboration • Authoring and publishing • Communication tools
  • 27. VMC: The Next GenerationLEARNING OBJECTSContextual content Learning AGORA (portal) Object Learning OutcomesLearningActivities
  • 28. VMC: The Next GenerationAGORA FEATURES User account Class mgt Messages Blogs Videoconferencing Wikis Bookmarks Lesson plans
  • 29. VMC: The Next GenerationTHE ROAD AHEAD • At the cusp of a new era, requiring the need to: – Harness our collective knowledge – Share research agenda and best practices – Enable centres of expertise
  • 30. VMC: The Next GenerationCURRENT RESEARCH AGENDA • Heritage Institutions business transformation Museums – Understand the competitive environment • Educational • Entertainment • Business • Others – Identify opportunities
  • 31. VMC: The Next GenerationOPPORTUNITIES • Growing level of connectivity • Strong consumption of cultural/heritage resources • Participative online culture • Thirst for trusted resources
  • 32. VMC: The Next Generation “We know a lot about how to proceed with making things better, faster, more interesting, interoperable, etc. There is a radical aspect, however, to the shift from being content centered to being audience centered. Opening up our systems and becoming a platform for others to use raises as many issues as it does possibilities, but it is here that I think we will see, truly, a next generation virtual museum; the beginnings of the transition from a horseless carriage to an automobile”. Steve Dietz – The Next Generation of Virtual Museums, Beyond Productivity: Culture and Heritage Resources in the Digital Age Workshop, Calgary
  • 33. •A platform for discussion rather than a podium for tellingConcept developed in collaboration with Luigi Ferarra - emanterial studios, inc.
  • 34. VMC: The Next GenerationVirtual Museum (of Canada): The Next Generation The Virtual Museum of Canada: The Next Genera by Steve Dietz, Howard Besser, Ann Borda, and Kati Geber with Pierre Lévy
  • 35. VMC: The Next GenerationRESIDENTWEB Resident web • Characteristics – New social identities – New business models – New educational and entertainment models – Virtual recreation of the physical