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  • 1. DE-branded .com 01 ABOUT DEbranded helps you PERSONALISE your furniture DEBRANDED INFO@DE-BRANDED.COM
  • 2. DE-branded .com 01 ABOUT 3% of yearly household budget in Europe Majority bought from BIG RETAILERS €165 per person/year or from big DESIGNER LABELS CUSTOMISATION is increasingly important
  • 3. DE-branded .com 02 PROBLEM WHAT IF… You want something SPECIAL Don’t want to pay for designer labels Are looking for a higher level of CUSTOMISATION WHERE Do you get that special PERSONALISED item?
  • 4. DE-branded .com 02 PROBLEM ISOLATED Isolated companies/Individuals rely on direct approach BADLY PROMOTED Individually promoted with limited online visibility Quality issues on long distance sourcing with no QUALITY CONTROL management or feedback tool HIGH COSTS Potential high costs for one-off products INNEFECTIVE FRUSTRATING Success dependant on CHANCE: availability, timing, common language TIME CONSUMING Designers Manufacturers Limited Editions One-off items READY MADE CUSTOM MADE
  • 5. DE-branded .com 03 SOLUTION WOrkshop One-off products Small scale production MArket Limited Editions Small scale production DIRECT CHANNEL connecting designers, manufacturers and customers
  • 6. DE-branded .com 03 SOLUTION NETWORK ENGAGING ONE-STOP COMPETITIVE Focus on creating a network and promote users Design competitions to engage the community Provide one-stop shop for designing, building and selling Reverses the status quo by enabling direct connections between parties QUALITY Tool for quality control and feedback for distance product sourcing 30%-70% Potential cost saving by crowdsourcing in EU market There is competition, but no one else combines the production cycle in one single platform, and no EU-wide furniture crowdsourcing service
  • 7. DE-branded .com 04 MARKET €165 €82 €22 Billion/Year Furniture industry turnover in the EU Billion/Year EU Domestic furniture market Billion/Year in EU spent on independent small/medium retailers (27% of domestic furniture market)
  • 8. 05 TARGET DE-branded .com EUROPEAN MARKET (common regulations and quality standards) HOMEOWNERS From first time buyers to retirees EMERGING DESIGNERS Graduates or within 5 years of activity SMALL MANUFACTURERS 86% of EU’s furniture makers <10 workers Focus marketing on UK to start, followed by Germany, France and Italy + + + =70% EU Market
  • 9. DE-branded .com 06 BUSINESS PLAN CHANNELS REVENUE STREAM STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIPS Trade Fairs (parallel events) Property Developers (Pop-up Shops) Trade Associations MAIN REVENUE Sales Fee 10% (standard) Premium Accounts £20/month ADVERTISING Specialist publications Online (forums, blogs, social) Social Media POTENTIAL REVENUE SOURCES Design crowdsourcing services Building crowdfunding services Produce collection based on user votes Services for designers EXTERNAL FUNDING None to date, looking for £150.000 (Development, marketing,
  • 10. DE-branded .com 07 ROADMAP End 2015 2014 Late 2014 Summer 2014 December 2013 Current 100.00 Regular users target milestone Design Apps to be developed Remaining EU countries Germany and France Launch Full Launch in UK by December Prototype ready and in testing 23 designer shops + 10 discussed 400 registered users + over 1500 on SM
  • 11. DE-branded .com 08 TEAM Developers: Founders: With over 3 years of specialized experience in developing and promoting companies and their brands and products. Architecture/design background with over 15 years combined experience running projects SKILLSETS Design Tech Branding Business Industry Marketing Management Nuno Meira CEO Laura Valantine Creative Director Under Negotiation CMO Eduardo Filho Alexander Kustov Rui Mochila Paulo Teixeira
  • 12. DE-branded .com 09 CONTACT info@de-branded.com @de_branded Connecting design DE-branded .com /DEbranded