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The Crucible By Nick and Zach
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The Crucible By Nick and Zach


Published on

A detailed description into the crucible!

A detailed description into the crucible!

Published in: Education, Spiritual

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  • 1. THE CRUCIBLE BY: ARTHUR MILLER Made By: Nicholas L. Zach S.
  • 2. ARTHUR MILLER – THE AUTHOR • Born in 1915 and passed away in 2005. • American Playwright and Writer • In 1953 he wrote The Crucible. This uses the Salem witchcraft trials of 1692 to attack the “witch hunts” of the 1950s. • After the publication of The Crucible, Miller was investigated for possible connections with the communist party! • He refused to give information regarding his colleagues and was found guilty of contempt of court. Luckily, his sentence was later overturned.
  • 3. THE CRUCIBLE CONSISTS OF THESE MAIN KEYS OF HISTORY! • McCarthyism • Puritanism • Witchcraft
  • 4. MCCARTHYISM • McCarthyism - a period of intense suspicion in the United States during the early 1950s. • McCarthyism began when Senator Joseph McCarthy, a U.S. senator from Wisconsin, claimed that communists had invaded the Department of State. • People accused of being communists were often denied employment in both the public and private sector. • Arthur Miller, the author of The Crucible, was one of the people “blacklisted.”
  • 5. PURITANISM • Puritanism - Christian faith that originated in England during the early 1600s • They split from the Church of England in 1633 • Many puritans came to America for a better society! • Their radical beliefs flourished in the new world.
  • 6. WITCHCRAFT IN SALEM • Like all Puritans, the residents of Salem believed in witches and in witchcraft ; The hysteria began in early 1692. • They considered witchcraft both a sin and a crime. • Reverend Parris’s daughter and Abigail Williams started having fits of anger, screaming, and hallucination. • A doctor examined the girls and concluded that the only explanation for these bizarre behaviors was witchcraft. • By the time court was dismissed, 27 people had been convicted, 19 hanged, and 1 pressed to death.
  • 7. ABIGAIL WILLIAMS • She is the niece of Reverend Parris ; Also is orphaned. • She is extremely jealous of Elizabeth Proctor and uses her power in the town to get rid of Elizabeth, as well others who insulted her in the past. • Also, is the leader of the girls.
  • 8. JOHN PROCTOR • Husband to Elizabeth. • He had an affair with Abigail when she was employed in his household. • He knows that the girls are pretending. However, he cannot tell what he knows without revealing having been alone with Abigail. • Also, refuses to admit to witchcraft or to consider Abigail is a liar. • The result = He is hanged.
  • 9. ELIZABETH PROCTOR • Wife of John Proctor • Discovers her husband, John, having an affair with Abigail Williams. • She is Abigail's main target but is saved from hanging because of her pregnancy. • Feels responsible for driving her husband to careless acts of judgment.
  • 10. TITUBA • Servant to the Parris’ household; A native of Barbados. • She is enlisted by Ruth Putnam and Abigail to cast spells and create charms. • When tough times call, she confesses to everyone, and saves herself from severe punishment.
  • 11. REVEREND PARRIS • Pastor of the church in Salem. • The father of Betty and the uncle of Abigail Williams. • Believes that he is being persecuted and that the townspeople do not respect his position as a man of God.
  • 12. DEPUTY GOVERNOR DANFORTH • Feels greatly that the girls are honest. • Sensitive to presence of the devil, so information is reacted immediately to what is presented.
  • 13. ALL OF THE GIRLS • Betty Parris - Daughter of the Reverend, cousin to Abigail Williams. She is a weak girl who goes along with her cousin as soon as she is threatened. • Susanna Walcott - She is initially sent between Parris and Dr. Griggs to determine the cause of Betty's ailment. • Mercy Lewis - Servant to the Putnam household. She is a merciless girl who seems to delight in the girls' activities. • Mary Warren - Servant to the Proctor household. Abigail uses her to effectively accuse Elizabeth. John Proctor takes Mary to the court to confess that the girls are only pretending.
  • 14. DRAMA STRUCTURE IN THE CRUCIBLE • Exposition – When the girls are in the forest dancing with Tituba, they seemed to be be-witched. • Conflict – Between the townspeople of Salem and people being accused of witchcraft. • Rising Action – When the witch hunt escalates, and several women are tried for witchcraft, and hung. • Climax – The Proctors are accused of witchcraft ; John confesses his adultery to his wife! • Falling Action – John Proctor holds up his innocence. • Resolution – John Proctor and Rebecca Nurse are hung. Elizabeth is spared.
  • 15. BIBLIOGRAPHY • • • • • • • jpg • -crying.gif • • • • •