Class i malocclusion crowding biprotrusion

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Class i malocclusion crowding biprotrusion

Class i malocclusion crowding biprotrusion

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  • 1. Angle Class I malocclusion Crowding – case report
  • 2. CLASS I BIPROTRUSION James L. Cannon
  • 3. CLASS I BIPROTRUSION WWW.ORTHOFREE.COM Extreme protrusion of the maxillary and mandibular anterior teeth. Cuspids and molars are in a class I relationship. James L. Cannon
  • 4. CLASS I BIPROTRUSION Moderate crowding in both arches. Slight expansion of the first molars in both arches needed. James L. Cannon
  • 5. CLASS I BIPROTRUSION WWW.ORTHOFREE.COM The initial archwires of .016 nickel titanium in both arches are utilized to correct rotations and correct the facial lingual plane of all teeth. Both archwires are inserted in the pre-adjusted slots with the exception of the mandibular six anterior teeth where the archwire is inserted into the interactive slots. This will allow the six mandibular teeth to be tipped distally to establish a good overbite relationship between the arches in the anterior. Light class I elastics in the mandible was employed. The retraction of the anterior teeth continued with .016 steel archwires with bi-lateral gable bends between the cuspids and the bicuspids. Each archwire was inserted in the interactive slots in the anterior teeth and for better anchorage in the pre-adjusted slot in the posterior teeth in both arches. James L. Cannon
  • 6. CLASS I BIPROTRUSION Once all extraction spaces were closed, the cuspids had a distal tip. To maintain the bite open a .016 steel VS (vertrical stablization)archwire with bi-lateral gable bends was inserted into the interactive slots of each arch. Also, to up-right the cuspids a .018 x .020 nickel titanium UA (universal auxillary) archwire was inserted into the pre-adjusted slots of each arch James L. Cannon
  • 7. CLASS I BIPROTRUSION WWW.ORTHOFREE.COM Continuation of the alignment and up-righting of the teeth in both arches with the same configuration of archwires. James L. Cannon
  • 8. CLASS I BIPROTRUSION Occlusal views to show archform and space closure. No attachments on second molars. First molars and second bicuspids only were used for posterior anchorage. James L. Cannon
  • 9. CLASS I BIPROTRUSION WWW.ORTHOFREE.COM The .018 steel archwires were removed from the interactive slots in both arches. The .018 x .025 nickel titanium remains to finish the case. James L. Cannon
  • 10. CLASS I BIPROTRUSION Continuation of finishing with the .018 x .025 nickel titanium archwires. James L. Cannon
  • 11. CLASS I BIPROTRUSION WWW.ORTHOFREE.COM Completed treatment James L. Cannon
  • 12. CLASS I BIPROTRUSION WWW.ORTHOFREE.COM Pre and Post treatment profile photos James L. Cannon