Проект к уроку английского языка


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Проект к уроку английского языка

  1. 1. The project have prepared:Krapivtsov Dokukina Bondarenko Bashtannikova Bulygin Denis Alina Alaxandr Anastasia Bogdan
  2. 2. If you have decided to study in USA, it isnecessary to prepare the documents. The study in all high schools of America begins in August, and to receipt it is necessary to begin to prepare not less than for twelve months.
  3. 3. First of all ask colleges to send the booklets andcatalogues containing the information on the programsof college, his arrangement, conditions of receipt andtraditions, etc. Direct inquiries to the high schools, chosen by you, and organizations. Samples of inquiries (Requests for Application Materials) you can receive at the nearest Information - educational centre.
  4. 4. The answers will begin to come through three -four weeks. You also will send the questionnaire. It is necessary to note, that the questionnaire is one of the most important documents at receipt. It can include one or several thematic questions,which it is necessary to answer as a small essay.
  5. 5. For example, " The Book, which I recently haveread ", " Why I want to study in this college ", " Myplans for the future " etc. From these works the reception commission makes conclusions about yours qualities, abilit ies, skill it is competent and clearly to state the ideas.
  6. 6. Were engaged registration of the documents, tryto carry out all requirements precisely andaccurately, not adding superfluous. The Americans keep up "discipline" of the executed work. If is told: " to answer this question it is desirable within the limits of one page ", make so. You see if volume will be more, your essay will not read simply…
  7. 7. In the same time pass registration on the tests:TOEFL or SAT, depending on the requirements ofcollege. The document on result of their delivery also is necessary for receipt. All foreigners acting in theAmerican high schools, handover TOEFL (examination in theEnglish language for not theEnglish foreigners). The high schools can alsorequire to hand over otherexaminations.
  8. 8. Prepare a copy of the certificate about secondaryeducation translated to the English language andcertified by the notary, medical information. Аsk the directors of school and teacher of one of the basic subjects to write the recommendations.
  9. 9. If you ask high school to give you the financialhelp (grant), it is better for making in the autumn,together with sending of the documents. Do not postpone a questionon reception of the financialhelp up to the moment oftransfer in university.
  10. 10. So, the documents are sent. In the period sinceJanuary till April try to learn, whether they havereached in time. The answer from college usually comes in thespring, in April - May.
  11. 11. To you to contact in the summer it will be necessary by international advisor or assistant. It is present in each college and is engaged in work with the foreign students. He will tellhow to workfurther.
  12. 12. Under favorable circumstances inAugust you will sit down a desk in theAmerican college .