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  1. 1. What's New in Tally 8.1?
  2. 2. Introduction We must not,” he said, “develop a specific language version of Tally. No one should be required to take a decision which ‘language’ he or she wants to buy. They should be able to use it in any language, at any time. We must understand that differentpeople in their office will have different language preferences. Each should be able to work on the same data in the language of their choice. Each business has multitude of customers. Each customer should be able to get their information in their preferred language. There can be NO compromise.” Out of such passion and vision was Tally 8.1 born. Tally 8.1 is a tribute to our late Founder Chairman, Sri S. S. Goenka. It is indeed a product of his clear understanding of people’s real needs driven by his desire to see businesses in every district in India benefit from Tally. His unwillingness to compromise his beliefs has led to many innovations in the past. “Are we writing programs to make the life of the USER easier, or the life of the PROGRAMMER easier?” This question, now often repeated in our environment, was first asked by Sri S S Goenka. It has taken several years to reach a point where we could solve the Multi Lingual problem as defined by him. “Mimic the human train of thought”, “Mimic the human way of working” – have been continuous challenges imposed on the rigor of our software design. In this version, a major technological breakthrough has manifested in the ability to use languages concurrently in the way people actually work. Most of us are multi-lingual by our upbringing. We switch our languages to suit the audience. We understand several languages, speak many of them, and read/write a few. Yet, this combination is different for each of us depending on our birth, our family, our schooling, the places we grew up in, our friends, our workplace etc. As always, this product too is a direct outcome of the blessings and inspiration of the Late Sri. T. D. Goenka, and Sri S. S. Goenka. We proudly present the result of our efforts,and fully believe that it is because of their spiritual guidance that we have been able to reach this goal. In the days ahead, we will add some greater capability, and expand the range of language interaction – including the ability for you to change the
  3. 3. terminology to suit your taste! We hope you will enjoy the product, and join us in thanking the visionary who had known that only such a multi-lingual product can be truly usable. The Tally Team New Features and Functionality in Tally 8.1
  4. 4. The new improved Multilingual Business Accounting and Inventory Management Software, Tally 8.1 is more performance driven than the earlier versions. Its superior features include:  Concurrent multilingual Support  Fringe Benefit Tax  VAT Composition Returns  Excise for Dealers  User interface colours that are even more pleasing to the eye  Tally's Phonetic Keyboard  Ability to copy text from Tally to windows and vice versa Concurrent Multilingual Support Tally 8.1 is so technologically advanced that it can operate in all Indian languages concurrently! That means, you maintain accounts in any Indian language view it in another and print it in yet another language of your choice…. at the same time! With Tally 8.1 capture multiple language- specific aliases for all Masters and print Reports, Vouchers and Invoices in the language of your choice. What’s more, Tally 8.1 supports transliteration of data for Indic family of languages. Fringe Benefit Tax FBT (Fringe benefit tax) is a one time, easy to enable configuration. Tally provides the complete tracking of expenses covered under FBT. It computes FBT based on the eligibility criterion and generates FBT Challan and returns. VAT Composition Returns VAT Composition Returns provides fast and error-free voucher entry with complete tracking of each transaction. The Composition Rate of VAT is automatically recognised based on the turnover. It prints VAT Composition Returns for VAT enabled states. The tax payable is calculated automatically and displays in the Return Form. Excise for Dealers Excise for Dealers provides complete tracking of duty credit availed and passed on. It supports printing of excise invoice and generates the
  5. 5. required statutory reports. Colours The user interface has now changed to more appealing colours aimed at enhancing your use of Tally. Tally's Phonetic Keyboards Tally’s Phonetic keyboard is useful for those who speak the language but do not know how to type it using the operating system keyboard. It is user friendly with the same layout as that of the English characters. You can spell the term based on its sound and the data is transliterated in the language selected.
  6. 6. English Word Keys used for phonetic representation in Indic family of languages Ledger lejar Customer kasTamar Anita anitA Copying TextFrom Tally to Windows Copying text to and from Tally to Windows is now a simple process.Use Ctrl +Alt + C to copytext from Tally and Ctrl + Alt +V to paste text into Tally. Top _________________________________________________________________ ___________ © Tally Solutions FZ-LLC 1988-2006. All rights reserved