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Tally 8.1

  1. 1. New Features in Tally 8.1 Top Previous Next • Release 1.0 • Release 1.1 Release 1.0 Tally 8.1 - A Multilingual Business Accounting & Inventory Management Software provides support for Fringe Benefit Tax computation and VAT Composition returns generation in addition to its language capabilities. New Features • Multilingual Support • Fringe Benefit Tax • VAT Composition Returns • Excise for Dealers Multilingual Support Tally 8.1 is so technologically advanced that it can operate in all Indian languages concurrently! That means, you maintain accounts in any Indian language view it in another and print it in yet another language of your choice…. at the same time! With Tally 8.1 capture multiple language-specific aliases for all Masters and print Reports, Vouchers and Invoices in the language of your choice. What’s more, Tally 8.1 supports transliteration of data for Indic family of languages. Fringe Benefit Tax FBT (Fringe Benefit Tax) is a one time, easy to enable configuration. Tally provides the complete tracking of expenses covered under FBT. It computes FBT based on the eligibility criterion and generates FBT Challan and returns. VAT Composition Returns VAT Composition Returns provides fast and error-free voucher entry with complete tracking of each transaction. The Composition Rate of VAT is automatically recognised based on the turnover. It prints VAT Composition Returns for VAT enabled states. The tax payable is calculated automatically and displays in the Return Form. Excise for Dealers Excise for Dealers provides complete tracking of duty credit availed and passed on. It supports printing of excise invoice and generates the required statutory reports. Enhanced functionalities and features in Tally 8.1 Tally 8.1 is performance driven. Its enhanced features include: • Language directory • Ability to restore Tally 7.2 data within minutes • Easy import and export of data • User interface colours that are even more pleasing to the eye
  2. 2. • Speed of operation with extensive reduction of the Stat.900 file size • Choice of multilingual options • Multi-language printing options • Ability to copy text from Tally to windows and vice versa • Miscellaneous features Language Directory Language files (.dct) reside in the Language Directory. Specify this path at the time of installation or in the Tally.ini file. To change the Language directory path in the Tally.ini Open Tally.ini file from the Tally installed folder. Enter the path where the language files are present. Save and close the file. Restore Process of 7.2 Data Tally 8.1 does not recognise Tally 7.2 data backup files. You can restore Tally 7.2 data by clicking the tally72migration icon in the Tally 8.1 folder. Specify the destination and source files in Select Companies to Restore. The Migrate Data option completes the process. The 4 digit number 7.2 number is prefixed by 0, making it a 5 digit 8.1-compatible number. Refer to Restore 7.2 backup in Tally Data Migration tool section for more details. Import of Masters and Vouchers Tally now supports only the XML format to import Masters and Vouchers. Export If you select Multilingual from the language list during export, then Tally allows you to Export in three formats - ASCII (Comma-delimited), HTML (Web-publishing)and XML (Data-interchange). If you select English from the language list, then Tally allows you to Export in two formats - ASCII (Comma- delimited) and XML (Data-interchange). No t e : By d e f a u lt , Ta lly d o e s n o t s u p p o r t SDF f o r ma t . Ho w e ver , if y o u w ish t o u s e t h e SDF f o r ma t , y o u c a n d o w n lo ad t h e SDFEx p o r t Imp or t. TC P u t ilit y f r o m t h e Ta lly w e b sit e. Stat.900 Tally 8.1 has now been enhanced with features that speed up your operations. The Stat.900 file size has now reduced extensively. This improves the performing speed while creating or
  3. 3. importing a company. Colours The user interface has now changed to more appealing colours aimed at enhancing your use of Tally. By default, Tally 8.1 screens display in a new colour as the colour quality is set to Highest (32 bit). However, to retain the usual display of Tally: Go to Desktop > Display properties> Settings > Set the Color quality to Medium (16 bit) > Restart Tally Tally’s Phonetic Keyboards Tally’s Phonetic keyboard is useful for those who speak the language but do not know how to type it using the operating system keyboard. It is user friendly with the same layout as that of the English characters. You can spell the term based on its sound and the data is transliterated in the language selected. Print language You can print documents and reports in the language of your choice in Tally. For instance, while printing the following voucher, select Alt+ L to bring up the Print Language Configuration prompt.
  4. 4. Select the language of your choice. The printed document displays as shown.