~~ Introduction to esoteric astrology ~~


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~~ Introduction to esoteric astrology ~~

  1. 1. Introduction to Esoteric Astrology & the Seven Rays (From Soul Cycles of the Seven Rays,by Phillip Lindsay © 2005) Humanity is entering a 2,160 year cycle called the Age of Aquarius, where astrology will gradually evolve toward that which is known as Esoteric Astrology. Esoteric Astrology looks towards causes rather than effects, to the life of the human soul that lies behind the outer form, the body. The soul is that imperishable, perpetual existence that takes repeated cyclic embodiments - in male or female bodies and in varying cultures; part of its purpose is to expand consciousness, and to work out karma. Most astrology practiced today is ‘personality’ astrology that ranges from the mundane to the quite spiritually oriented. Whether we are considering fortune-telling astrology or the more serious psychological astrology that strives to help bring about integration and wholeness, we are still limited by the tools with which we work. One of the major new tools is the Science of the Seven Rays. They are seven streams of energy which enter this solar system from cosmic sources and condition every life form within it. Esoteric Astrology gives a larger perspective of life; that we are not just inhabiting a little planet on its own in the solar system, but participating as an energy centre within a greater solar life. The Seven Rays are the “missing link” in astrology, and the planets are simply ‘vehicles’ for these energies, transmitting them to Earth via the zodiac, whose signs have specific resonances with the rays. The rays can be studied by themselves and constitute what is known as Esoteric Psychology. One of the greatest psychologists of last century, Roberto Assagioli, developed his Psychosynthesis techniques from the Seven Rays.
  2. 2. The source for this new information came from Alice A. Bailey, who acted as an amanuensis between 1919 and 1949 for the Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul, or D.K., one of the Masters of Wisdom. The series of 24 books were written mainly for the many souls who would be incarnate in the West around the turn of the century. The teachings therein are profound, multi-levelled, and timeless, synthesising Eastern and Western traditions. Before discussing some techniques of Esoteric Astrology, take a look at some tabulations of the Seven Rays, noting all the qualities that apply to yourself, trying to be as honest as possible! By spending a little time doing this you may start to isolate some ray expressions in your make-up. There needs to be a process of discrimination as to what ‘body’ is expressing which ray. For example, you may have Ray 7 for the physical, Ray 6 for the astral, or Ray 4 for the mental. You could be a Ray 2 soul with a Ray 3 personality, so these five Rays would constitute your ‘Ray Structure’. This information does not come instantaneously, nor can be derived from your horoscope, but will emerge after patient pondering, meditation and reflection. Ray 1 Will or Power Virtues: Strength, courage, steadfast, truthful, fearless, trustworthy, large-minded. Vices: Ruthless, hard, cold, proud, arrogant, ambitious, tyrannical, cruel, controlling. Ray 2 Love Wisdom Virtues: Calm, strength, endurance, patience, love of truth, intuition, serenity. Vices: Coldness, indifference, self pity, fear, love of being loved, personal wisdom. Ray 3 Active Intelligence Virtues: Wide abstract views, sincerity, clarity of intellect, patience, caution, planning. Vices: Intellectual pride, devious, scheming, inaccuracy, obstinacy,
  3. 3. critical, busyness. Ray 4 Harmony through Conflict Virtues: Affectionate, sympathetic, courageous, devotion, generosity, quick intellect. Vices: Worrier, inaccuracy, self-centeredness, cowardice, extravagance, mood swings. Ray 5 Concrete Science Virtues: Perseverence, commonsense, accuracy, rational, uprightness, keen intellect. Vices: Narrowness, harsh criticism, lack of sympathy, arrogant, proud, prejudice, cold. Ray 6 Devotion Idealism Virtues: Devotion, single-minded, tenderness, intuitive, loyal, reverence, loving. Vices: Selfish, jealous, sentimental, deceptive, fiery anger, narrow, sectarian, fanatical. Ray 7 Ceremonial Order Virtues: Strength, perseverence, courage, courtesy, detailed, self- reliance, practical. Vices: Formalism, bigotry, pride, opinionated, superficial judgements, narrowness. This may take a while, and one method is to ‘try a ray on’ for a month or so, observing yourself and others in your environment. The rays are also dual in expression, hence the following tabulation: (Note the planetary rulers below can be applied to types A & B) Ray 1 Will-Power Type A: Persistent. Never gives in. Depended upon by others. Type B: Destroys that which prevents free expression of life force.
  4. 4. Purpose Destruction Ray 2 Love-Wisdom Inclusive Coherence Type A: Magnetic, radiant, sharing, compassionate, empathetic. Type B: Emphasis on wisdom, not knowledge. Dispassionate. Ray 3 Active- Intelligence Adaptability Creativity Type A: Philosopher, theorist. Emphasis on abstract ideas. Type B: Businesslike. Practical. Manipulator. Gamesmanship. Ray 4 Harmony/Conflict Beauty Unity Sensitivity Type A: Brings harmony from conflict. Mediator. Type B: Colourful. Strong contrasts. Artistic. Volatile. Forceful. Ray 5 Concrete Science Science Analysis Mind Type A: Researcher. Intellectual. Accuracy. Clarity. Type B: Technician. Practical in applications. Ray 6 Devotion/Idealism Idealism Persistence Type A: Receptive. Passive. Loyal. Worshipful. Tranquil. Gentle. Type B: Fiery zeal. Strives toward ideals. Aspires. Aggressive. Ray 7 Ceremonial Order Organisation Creative Type A: Highly organised. Plays by rules. Meticulous in action. Type B: Emphasis on creative process. Manifests into forms.
  5. 5. Identifying rays through Occupations Ray 1 Will/Power Politicians, occultists, leaders, explorers, executives, managers, dictators. Ray 2 Love/Wisdom Teachers, healers, sages, servers, scholars, humanists, philanthropists. Ray 3 Active Intelligence Philosophers, organisers, astrologers, mathe-maticians, economists, historians, business people. Ray 4 Harmony/Conflict Artists, mediators, architects, poets, psychologists, musicians. Ray 5 Concrete Science Scientists, researchers, alchemists, engineers, analysts, inventors. Ray 6 Devotion/Idealsim Ministers, mystics, missionaries, devotees, orators, crusaders, zealots. Ray 7 Ceremonial Order Builders, administrators, designers, revolutionaries, magicians. The Seven Rays correspond to many ‘septenaries’, which provide the basic building blocks of occultism. Planets ‘rule’ rays, similar to astrological rulerships, hence the interface between rays, planets & zodiac signs. Remember though, do not make the mistake of trying to ascertain the rays from the horoscope; determining the rays, then interpreting the horoscopein light of the rays, is ideally the correct procedure. Ray Chakra Colour Jewel Planets Ray 1 Will Power Crown Red Diamond Vulcan Pluto Ray 2 Love Wisdom Heart Indigo Sapphire Jupiter Sun Ray 3 Active Intelligence Throat Green Emerald Saturn Earth Ray 4 Harmony/Conflict Base Yellow Jasper Mercury Moon
  6. 6. Ray 5 Concrete Science Ajna Orange Topaz Venus Ray 6 Abstract Idealism Solar Plexus Blue Ruby Neptune Mars Ray 7 Ceremonial Magic Sacral Violet Amethyst Uranus The above chakra assignations vary according to one’s stage of evolution. All life is conditioned by the Seven Rays, whether it be an animal, a tree, a human, an organisation, a city or nation. The rays have their own cycle periods which connect with the greater astrological ages of 2,160 years, the Great Year of 25,920 years, and the Yugas, or secret cycles of the Hindu adepts. A major cycle of Ray 6 has just finished in the Piscean Age, and a Ray 7 cycle is starting, which overlaps into the Aquarian Age. These rays and Ages have their sympathetic resonances of course, ensuring maximum effect upon humanity. Esoteric Astrology has been called the ‘science of all sciences’ because it is a system of relating every living entity - a planet, ray, sign or human being. It describes the qualities and energies of these living beingsthereby allowing comprehension, and also understanding of how theyinteract with each other. Therefore it is truly the Science of Relationships - human, planetary, zodiacal and stellar. When the word ‘science’ is used, bear in mind that it refers not to concrete analysis that employs the tangible senses of sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste. ‘Science’ comes from the root ‘scire’ - to know or discern - it is really the knowledge of the ‘higher self’, soul or abstract mind, which perceives the whole synthetically, intuitively and inclusively; hence the term Occult Science. The disciplines of Esoteric Astrology and The Ageless Wisdom incorporate the concrete tangible sciences, but also draw upon that intangible ‘sixth’sense: intuition.
  7. 7. ‘Esoteric’ means: “understood by, or meant for a select few…the initiated”. (Macquarie Dictionary.) This is not to be misunderstood as any kind of elitism. What was esoteric becomes mainstream eventually, yet there will always be a core that remains esoteric, waiting to be unveiled by the generations of enquirers on the spiritual path. The similar word ‘occult’ means “hidden ... beyond the bounds of ordinary knowledge” or, “of a nature not understood, as physical qualities”. In itself, ‘occult’ does not have the negative implication which mainstream media has promoted. Those who have done the necessary work, have undergone various disciplines (such as meditation) and have developed these ‘subtle’ senses, are ready to receive esoteric knowledge. The unprepared would have no foundation within which to ‘ground’ it, though many are capable of developing these faculties. The zodiacal signs are another ‘occult’ factor, i.e. they are ‘unseen’, yet act as a channel through which the archetypes of the zodiacal constellationsfocus. That the two types of zodiac do not align, as argued by astrologers of the tropical and sidereal schools, or astronomical sceptics, is secondary to the primary fact that the potent ‘thoughtforms’ of the signs exist and act as gateways for the rays and planets. Astrology is based upon illusion in the sense that the zodiac is built around the ‘ecliptic’, the apparent path of the Sun around the Earth. Of course we know that the Earth’s path or orbit is around the Sun, so we work within this paradox, in the knowledge that eventually humanity will transcend this illusion. This is the source of one of our greatest mysteries, and we are told that the situation will be ‘rectified’ in the Age of Capricorn, following the Age of Aquarius. .....................................................................................................................................................