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~~ !! Cafe astrology!!( from google.com) ~~

~~ !! Cafe astrology!!( from google.com) ~~






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    ~~ !! Cafe astrology!!( from google.com) ~~ ~~ !! Cafe astrology!!( from google.com) ~~ Document Transcript

    • e Astrology .c Cafe Astrology Ho Na t a l C h a r t Re p or t What follows is your personal natal chart information, as well as interpret the positions and aspects in your chart. With this report, you will find out the positions of the planets in your na by sign. The most personal of these are the Sun sign, Moon sign, Mercu Venus sign, and Mars sign. Most people already know their Sun sign. If y of birth is known, you will also find out your Ascendant, or rising sign, as the positions of the planets in the houses of your chart. Aspects betw planets are also listed and interpreted. Each paragraph of interpretation refers to an individual position in your c of these positions and aspects are some of the "parts" that make up a " you! Some of these interpretations will be contradictory, just as peo contradictory. A person can be downright timid in love, and that same pe be aggressive in business. Not only that, we evolve and grow through lives, facing challenges that help us to handle our positions and aspe different way. We all have choices, and one of the largest benefits of ast the ability to understand ourselves better so that we can work with o charts rather than against them. Any computerized report that interp individual placements in a natal chart is somewhat disjointed, simply bec different parts that make up the whole are not synthesized. Some of the interpretations that follow are detailed,. You can do some reading about different positions (such as Moon in Libra, Saturn in the 10t
    • Moon conjunct Mercury) in your chart by exploring our own site, other a sites, and by reading astrology books. The tables here show the technical details of your natal chart, personalize on your birth data. Below the tables is your free birth chart report. DeepakSomajiSawant;(SexM) MumbaiIndia 04/04/1965 03:47 – Julianday(2438854.43) Adjust -5.30 ST 15.56 Lat 18.58 Long Planet Positions, Ascendant, & Houses The following table shows the position of the planets in your chart, by s degree. On the right, you will find the sign of your Ascendant and the sign cusp of each house in your natal chart. The Roman Numerals refer to the houses, where the Ascendant is also house and the Midheaven is also the tenth house. For example, if the sign is next to Mars, you know your Mars is in Taurus. If the sign Libra is Venus, you know your Venus is in Libra. If Cancer is next to Ascendant, y a Cancer Ascendant, and if Leo is next to II, Leo is on your 2nd house. Zodiac in degrees 0.00 Sun Aries 13.57 Moon Taurus 7.50 Mercury Aries 21.41 R Venus Aries 11.50 Mars Virgo 10.21 R Jupiter Taurus 26.02 Saturn Pisces 11.54 Uranus Virgo 11.32 R Neptune Scorpio 19.32 R Pluto Virgo 14.19 R Lilith Capricorn 19.35 Placidus Orb:0 Ascendant Aquarius 21.44 II Pisces 28.56 III Taurus 2.44 IV Gemini 1.15 V Gemini 26.38 VI Cancer 22.14 VII Leo 21.44 VIII Virgo 28.56 IX Scorpio 2.44 Midheaven Sagittarius 1.15 XI Sagittarius 26.38
    • Asc node Gemini 15.54 XII Capricorn 22.14 Aspects The following table shows the planetary aspects in your natal char interpretations are found below. Planet Aspect Planet Orb/Value Sun ConjunctionMercury 7.44 212 Sun ConjunctionVenus 2.07 488 Moon Trine Mars 2.31 134 Moon Trine Uranus 3.42 84 Moon Trine Pluto 6.29 25 MercuryConjunctionVenus 9.51 6 MercurySextile Ascendant 0.02 159 Mars Opposition Saturn 1.34 -165 Mars ConjunctionUranus 1.11 318 Mars ConjunctionPluto 3.58 169 Jupiter Opposition Neptune 6.30 -39 Jupiter Square Ascendant 4.19 -14 Jupiter Opposition Midheaven 5.13 -42 Saturn Opposition Uranus 0.23 -134 Saturn Trine Neptune 7.38 3 Saturn Opposition Pluto 2.25 -73 Uranus ConjunctionPluto 2.48 115 Neptune Square Ascendant 2.11 -13 1713 -480 1233 Asteroids & Chiron
    • The following table shows the positions of the four major asteroids and These points are not as commonly used by astrologers, but are presented those interested in knowing where the asteroids are positioned in their bir Please note that the positions for "Fortune" and "South node" default to and are not currently working. To determine your South Node, look to Node above and change the sign to the opposite sign (Aries to Li example), as the South Node is always opposite the North Node (Asc Node Chiron Pisces 19.32 Ceres Pisces 6.38 Pallas Aquarius13.35 Juno Aquarius 5.27 Vesta Aries 29.56 Fortune Aries 0.00 South nodeAries 0.00 Natal Chart BirthChart This birth chart report shows the positions of the planets for SomajiSawant The Sun represents vitality, a sense of individuality and outward creativeenergy. SunInAries Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and Aries natives are the first to startfirst to finish--whatever they set out to do. Aries is an active, energe People with Sun in Aries are direct, straightforward, and uncomplicate expect the same from others, and are baffled when they don't always The body comes first with Aries. Sun in Aries people are natural athletes very least, their natural inclination is to use their bodies to get thing They're not given to long, nor are they big on planning ahead. Instead, their lives simply. What is happening right now is most important t Impatience is a definite vice, and innovation is a huge strength. Aries start anything new, and they have trouble sitting still. They are pio whatever they do, !
    • Aries generally knows what they want, and they know the quickest getting it. They take shortcuts if they must, but generally everyt aboveboard. Underhanded just isn't their style. Some Aries people are b even the quieter ones are brave and even plucky in their own way. Indep is their birthright. Nothing gets them going more than a fresh slate, the of a new day,andabrandne Aries enjoys a challenge, and Aries Suns are happiest when their l moving forward and active. There's a child like quality t Sunpeople,(andit'softenquitecharming). He has a strong personality and an entrepreneurial spirit. He is ambiti self-willed, stubborn, obstinate and te Weaknesses:nervousness,(Changeability). AriesAscendantAquarius SuninII You take pride in what you own, and have a strong drive for security. Y staying power, and you hate to let others down once you've made a Avoid over-identifying with what you have. Concentrate on proving your worth through your strong value system a incredible ability to stick with things and with people. Take pride in the s secure foundations that you build, as well as the lasting relationships yo maintain, while being careful to avoid possessiveness. You seek a safe an job, you satisfy your needs, which substantial.Youmaybegiventospendingmoneyimpulsively. 212ConjunctionSunMercury Because your ego and your mind are aligned, you possess much mental You are always in a position to think about what you want, and in many w is an interruption of the will. You are highly intelligent with a great communicate with other. You invest a lot of pride in your intellectual ca You may not always listen as well as you speak, however! You might be thinking about what to say next. But you are very curious and although y
    • expressing yourself, you usually don't dominate conversations completely as studying or learning goes, you are better off reading the material than to a teacher. These traits come from a strong need to take an active communications. It is very hard for you to passively listenandabsorbinfor Your opinions are usually strong and you are an independent thinker. You be proud of your opinions and thoughts, and might easily get a bruised you are not "heard", if your opinions are pushed aside or ignored, o opinions are criticized. You are expressive and possibly a very animated You are also very witty and others enjoy your playful and sometimes mis sense of 488ConjunctionSunVenus Social relationships are extremely important to you. You are g charming with aneasy-going manner. It is generally quite important to you are personally popular, to come across in a pleasant way, and to be l appreciated. Sometimes, vanity is part of the package. Venus is a peaceharmony-loving planet, and those with Sun conjunct Venus do their best peace and harmony. You are diplomatic and a veritable expert at smooth (and sometimes glossing over) problems. You are openhanded with tolerant and accepting. When expressed ........(-), you can be superf two-faced, and you can be very much tied up with appearances--your o sometimes others'. You might be too agreeable, too pleasant (at the ex honesty), and downright lazy at times. You have a fine eye for style an pleasing surroundings. You generally dress well and enjoy a certain am luxury. You are romantic, and sometimes romantically impulsive. Y to rely on the power of attraction to bring people to you, rath aggressively pursuing love interests. There is some vanity involved h are most attracted to people who express interest in you, or who respond your charms! You are not the type of person who overtly pursues peo appear to be indifferent to you. You are not competitive in the aggressive the word, and you are not someone who loves a good chase. Instead, y your charms and draw people to you. Your ability to attract others (Ve very much tied up with your ego (Sun). Because Venus rules a feminine,bothsexeswiththisaspecttendtobequiteattractive. The Moon represents the emotional destination,andthe(self-image). responses, unconsciou
    • MooninTaurus Familiarity is important to Lunar Taureans. These people are earthy and willed. They feel with their senses and they are pretty much rooted in the They revel in material comforts--in fact, building a solid and comfortab and foundation helps to keep them feeling safeand(c It isn't wise to try to push Lunar Taureans into doing anything, but once th made a commitment, they're persevering. There's a steadiness to this po the Moon that is comforting to those close to them. But the conservative s these natives can be to more progressive personalities. They tend to go their way to avoid "messy" or unpredictable situations, crise emotional displays. Instead, they focus on creating a reliable and life around them. In relationships, Lunar Taureans may not easily r their partner's need for change, growth, or emotional stim Moon in Taurus natives are generally very romantic. Their affect strong, deep, and unwavering. They are sentimental and warm. Since Ta a practical earth sign, the placement of the Moon in this sign sugg ability to protect themselves and their own interests. They will rare a move without first determining that it is safe and that there's something them. Generally, Taurus Moon people have reliable instincts. They are ve tied to the physical world, and they often have a particularly well-develope of smell. Relationships with people born with this position of Mars are oft enduring. Many Mars in Taurus people hang onto their mates, even in the serious conflict. Taurus is a fixed sign, so break-ups don't happen There is a serenity to them that is calming. In fact, it takes a lot to real them. However, they do get off-center every once in a while. They are most adaptable people when their own routine is interrupted, for e Though some Lunar Taureans might be considered anal, most simply stubborn streak that keeps them rather resistant to change. Rarely a spontaneous sorts. Uncomfortable with surprises, these natives value Their needs are strong but quite simple at the same time--they l "good things" in life. The world of the five senses is all-important t natives. Their love of stability and steadiness can make them sl routine. However, they are loyal and capable
    • Shortdescription: Sweetness itself. Convinced of their ideas and strong-willed. He is foresigh willful. He knows how to trust. He appreciates all the good things in appreciates and protects Weaknesses: excesses in p MoonInIII Highly imaginative, but has difficulty in concentrating. He fan frequently. Important studies, movesaroundalotandtravelsfreq You are very responsive, communicative, and curious. You can have a t imitating others and/or for picking up languages. You might either intelle your emotions rather than truly feel them and deal with them, communicate with excessive emotion. Some of you may do both at times, and as you mature and develop, you learn to find a balance. Your and ideas change often, and you might find that sometimes you adop points of view and express their ideas as if they were your own. Thi necessarily because you are a copy-cat, but because you sometimes fai your own thoughts, and you are so very sensitive to others' opinions. Yo be quite nervous and restless, requiring frequent chang scenery,evenifthemovementortraveltakesplacelocally. 134TrineMoon(-Mars) You are a passionate person who loves life. Although your emotions are and immediate, your passion is generally controlled and directed. You are person who nevertheless doesn't get too carried away or controlled passions. Because your emotions are strong and you know how to chann into constructive channels, you don't easily understand such things as im behaviors, or emotional excitability in others. You're generally open, ac and natural in your sexual expression. You need an emotional connection to feel complete on a physical level. You may have an affection and ta sports, but other factors in the natal chart are necessary to prov motivation and comm Short description: He is frank, honest, full of vigor and ambition
    • strong-willed and powerful at work. He is a little hard on hims above all, on others whose capacity for action is not as TrineMoon(-Uranus) He is imaginative and has the Moon's intuition complemented by independence and originality. His life is out-of-the-ordinary, with changes and a great knowledge of the world not through read through personal experience. He likes the sensational, new things. instinctively, but fortunately has (*good*sixthsense).Helikestobesurroundedbyoriginalpeople 25TrineMoon(-Pluto) He wavers between a rich and successful domestic life and social success difficulty in succeeding in both. Very perceptive and given to psychoa people. A strategist. Powerful emotions and intense Mercuryrepresentscommunication,Cartesianandlogicalspirit. MercuryinAries He makes quick decisions, streamlines learning, is direct and straightfo speech, possesses an innocent charm, and can easily motivate others enthusiasm. Loves a heated dispute. Lively mind which quickly unders given situation. He is very resourceful and capable. MercuryinII Intelligence geared towards ways of making money, becoming rich. All are You have a very practical mind and intelligence, seeing the obvious, mos answer to any predicament often before others. You don't like to be pu spot or pushed into talking or coming to a conclusion. Studies are sim need to work at your own steady pace. You can be quite one-track m times.
    • Conjunction(Mercury-Venus) He looks on the bright side of life: he is gay, agreeable, opt sociable. He likes to speak and write, and does both with cha artistry. His intellectual pleasures are influenced by his feelings amorousandsensual.Helikesbeauty,theArtsbutalsotravelling. 159SextileMercury(-Ascendant) He is intelligent, with quick and lively reflexes. He is preoccupied circle, likes to exchange ideas with his friends, Venus represents an interest for emotions and values, exchan sharing with VenusinAries Venus in Aries people flirt by being up-front, direct, and even daring. The win you over by expressing how enterprising and independent they ar style of expressing love can be .....: "me"-centered, but the righ for them will find this approach charming. People get turned on by Venus aura of innocent charm, even when they are being childish and impatient in Aries (men and women ) behave in a childlike, fun-loving ma love. They are turned on by energy and activity. Turn-offs include a rela that is considered stuffy or too "mature", vagueness, and beating aro bush. In love, Pleasing Venus in Aries involves fueling their need for action. Be direct, op honest with them -- they won't much like game-playing or evasiveness, is in the complete spirit of fun. Feed their need for spontaneity, and ap their playfulness. Understand their desire for the relationship to remain yo fresh. Aries likes to take the lead in love (even if their Sun Sign is gentle - let them, at least most of the time. Indulge them their many whi understand that they thrive on competition, even they're(competing;withyou)! Shortdescription:
    • Wants to take the lead in love, loves the conquest, can be a spe with money, is given to making impulsive purchases, likes to keep exciting in love. Spontaneous and charming in his dire straightforwardapproachinlove. VenusinII There is a link between emotional Activitiesconnectedwithbeauty,aesthetics,finery. life and Tangible expressions of love and affection are important to yo tastes are usually "simply extravagant", well-defined, stron something you are proud of. Some might feel you have a talent fo items of value and good taste. You are attracted to items of quality. You generosity for your own benefit--in other words, you might give gi expectation of reward. Some of you might be hedonistic and overly a to winning admiration from a partner, at the expense of discoveri love. Your neck and upper chest are erogenous zones, and your v unusually attractive. If you do, your feelings grow gradually. A part makes you feel safe and secure is ideal for you. Once committed, your lov lasting and sincere. You have strong values and others will find it hard you in this area. Sensual, the world of touch and smell is most appealing Complex or mysterious partners are not as intriguing t as(simpleandgenuineones). Mars represents the desire for action and physical MarsinVirgo These productive and busy people are goal-oriented, practical Although they can be a little scattered at times, simply because they are many things at any give time, Mars in Virgo natives get things done--qu They have a knack for handling a wide variety of tasks at once, and a ten take on perhaps too much at the same time. Most Mars in Virgo natives particularly aggressive by nature. Although they can be a little hard-no critical at times, they rarely resort to pushing others Mars in Virgo people are quite protective about their "system" for things done. Although rather humble in a general life sense, they can
    • particular about their methods--how they organize and accomplis goals, mostly with work. Theirs is a nervous energy. Although they ha staying power, they can be restless and are not given to sticking with t projects for too long. These natives derive plenty of energy and life force things they do--their work, hobbies, and any kind of projects they take on Mars in Virgo native is a sorry sight, indeed. Fidgety, nervous, worried these things are a sure sign that Mars in Virgo people have either too litt or far too much on their plates. There is a perfectionist at the hear people with this position. They'll be the first to deny this, but it's the worry when they are not producing anything, and they worry about wheth they've produced will measure An earthy and sometimes nervous sexuality generally characterizes peo this position of Mars. In a sense, their performance in bed is similar to the These people want to be good at what they do. They will generally be experimentation, if only to feed their curiosity and to feel savvy. There's shy and humble side to Mars in Virgo in any area that involves putting the out there and letting go (areas ruled by Mars). MarsinVII He dominates his associates, colleagues. He is the same in love life, dom the spouse and this makes for a stormyrelationshipinp -165OppositionMars(-Saturn) He is only interested in doing something if there are problems attache these are solved, he goes on to something else which has complications. H to overcome obstacles, is tough, does havetoo(manyfeelings,especiallyinbusiness).Hedoesnotalwaysmakefr 318ConjunctionMars(-Uranus) He possesses exceptional energy. He is impulsive but bold. He takes enterprises for the good of the community, with all the energy he posse has a great need of his independence, likes his freedom of
    • 169ConjunctionMars(-Pluto) He is ambitious, has a great capacity for work, has self-confiden goes to the end of his Jupiterrepresents(expansion). JupiterinTaurus He attracts the most good fortune when he is charitable, gener discriminating, and patient. Watch for over-indulgence. Delig sensual pleasures and wants the good JupiterinIII He has good judgement, a sense of values, an open and optimistic mind, education and high moral standards. He likes studying. He is succ communications work. His professional work is a v andplays:a*greatpart(inhislife). -39OppositionJupiter(-Neptune) He is easily influenced. He is a dreamer, who lets himself be sedu fine words, which are not always sincere. He does not see wickedn -14SquareJupiter-Ascendant He appears to have a very honorable and generous attitude others, as if he has their best interests at heart. Because to ot seems tolerant, understanding, or even wise, they may als
    • tohimforadvice. -42OppositionJupiter-Midheaven He aims big and is often disappointed with small advancements or su wishing they were bigger and better. He may bring every conversation a himself, which is a tendency that should be kept in che hashighsandlowsinhisprofessionallife. Saturnrepresents(contractionandeffort). SaturninPisces Likestoworkalone. Saturn in He can be self-conscious in new situations, especially when you manner is somewhat cautious and guarded. First reactions to new or plans are cautious , but these are only first reactions. methodical, patient, polite. He speaks little at first and does no energy unnecessarily. He has a good memory and sense of organ likes to do things well. He is never slapdash and senseof(responsibility). -134Opposition(*Saturn-Uranus) He does not like routine, whether at work or in his emotional fights to keep his independence, his freedomofaction. *Hewouldgladly(re-maketheworld).
    • 3TrineSaturn(-Neptune) His plans are realized in a methodical fashion, he works hard to success. -73OppositionSaturn(-Pluto) He is not open to others' ideas, especially if they are free-thinking. Uranusrepresents(individualliberty). UranusinVirgo Interestedinnutrition, newwaysofdoingajob. UranusinVII His independence does not tolerate traditional marriage very we does marry, he has little chance of finishing his days with the unless the partner gives him complete fr You need a lot of freedom in your partnerships and do b unconventional or nontraditional set-ups. You are likely to unusual, erratic people into your life, particularly in close relatio 115ConjunctionUranus(-Pluto) heis(persevering).
    • Neptunerepresents(transcendentalliberty),(non-egoisticliberty). NeptuneinScorpio Willingtolookbeyondthe(superficial). NeptuneinIX Interest in art, has high ideals and a great attraction to exotic ide to the sea. Big d -13SquareNeptune(-Ascendant) He is very easily influenced and Plutorepresents(transformations,mutations). PlutoinVirgo Researchand(investigationcomenaturally). House I is the area of self identity. The ascendant is a symbol of h acts in life. It is the image of the personality as seen by others, attitude that one has towards Ariesascendant(Aquarius) Ascendantin(Aquarius)
    • How unique and original Aquarius rising natives come across! These ind are just that -- individuals, and they won't let you forget that fact. Often t for advice, these natives possess intellectual poise and savvy. They o curious, and quite learned, in both science and metaphysics--. Not that flamboyant by nature, but they do like to, albeit quietly, get a rise out of o Some natives born with Aquarius on their Ascendant can be quietly pro and irreverent. Most people with this Ascendant are quite friend likable. Their personality quirks generally go over quite well with othe generally give others quite a bit of freedom--accepting, as a rule, people walks of life as equals. And, their somewhat cool and detached curiosity a that goes on around them appeals to Curiously, Aquarius rising people can be a little standoffish while also across as humanitarian and kind. Often labeled as independent and children, Aquarius rising natives often feel a little "different" or "s throughout life. They often feel like they are on the outside looking in, a ability to observe and deduce is often uncanny. They're also adept at things to work, even when the parts that make up the whole seem like with unusual pieces--especially when it comes to groups of people. Th them apart as managers and team leaders. The Ascendant often reveals physical mannerisms and even choice o as it shows how people present themselves to the world. With here, natives sometimes have a quirkiness to their manner, and some dr slightly offbeat manner--not enough to make them stand out like a sore but just enough to express their original tempe Aquarius is a fixed sign, after all. The ascendant sign shows how individu to new situations, and with Aquarius rising, there can be a resist change that seems to belie the native's generally progressive There's a distinct inflexibility with Aquarian rising people, and, some tendency to want to force their opinions on others. With their eye to the of mankind as a whole, some people born with an Aquarius Ascendant the more personal needs of the people closest to them. They are often a to partners who possess self-confidence and
    • House II is the area of material security and values. It rules mon personal finances, sense of worth,and(basicvalues),(personalpossessions). HouseIIinPisces The arts can be a source of income. His faith in the universe to provi be helpful or difficult, depending on the overall condition of the house. When the condition of the second is favorable, easy suc professional life thanks to intelligence, ingeniousness and a few Heis careful withmoney(without,beingmiserly,(becauseheis(ge HouseIIIisthe(areaofsocial,and,intellectuallearning). HouseIIIinTaurus When travel occurs, it is to comfortable and familiar areas. Everyt calculated and deliberate: the mottois"slowlybut(s House IV is the area of home, family, roots, and deep emotions/s self-worth. HouseIVinGemini Impossible to stay in one place, frequently changes home. If the monotonous, he will often change firm. The ideal profession would offering a lot of change, moving around, meeting lots of new Anequallyerraticlove(lifeistobe,expected). House V is the area of creative self-expression, romance, enterta children.
    • HouseVinGemini Likes to please: He can spend hours in the bathroom, preparing to in the hope of meeting someone to dazzle. Likes]interminablediscussionswith(friends). House VI is the area of learning by material trans HouseVIinCancer (Likes jobs in contact with the public). Weak point: the st House VII is the area of one-to-one relationships such as marria partnership, and of social and intellectual( HouseVIIinLeo Marriage for love, based on confidence, honesty, si House VIII is the area of emotional security and of security of th HouseVIIIin(Virgo):natural(death). House IX is the HouseIXin(Scorpio) area of learning that shapes the i
    • Likes long voyages, especially by sea. Might participate in regatta risk, House X is the area of material action. The Mid-heaven represe work one will do in his life, the place one will take in the world of It becomes more important as one grows HouseXin(Sagittarius) Job involving travel, especially abroad, and if possible with som attached. One of the profe House XI is the area of search for social and intellectual s HouseXIin(Sagittarius) Loves above all travel, adventure and friends are often from House XII is the area of education and of e HouseXII(inCapricorn) the bitterness can last a long time before he is able to react po Your Click Personal on a planet Natal for more infor
    • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~`