^^ Astroica ^^ natal chart with specific astro details ^^


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^^ Astroica ^^ natal chart with specific astro details ^^

  1. 1. *Natal Chart For ( Mr. DEEPAK S.SAWANT ; NICK : MR.RONNIE) Given below is the Natal Chart for the following input Date of Birth 4/4/1965 Time of Birth 3:47 AM Place of Birth Mumbai, Maharashtra, India View Chart >> View Readings >> The Chart given shows the 12 Rasi and the position of planetary bodies in each rasi.
  2. 2. Download as PDFThe table below shows the position of planets at the date, time and place entered Planets Symbols Positions Zodiac House Effect of Planets Sun 13° 56' 23" 2 Courage, loyalty, nobleness and generosity Moon 37° 49' 35" 3 Fertility, femininity, imagination Mars 160° 21' 32" 7 Virility, action, ... courage and boldness Mercury 21° 41' 6" 2 Intellectual capacity, thought process, comprehension and learning abilities Jupiter 56° 1' 35" 4 Abundance, warmth, good luck and self-confidence Venus 11° 49' 11" 2 Love, beauty, well-being and gentleness Saturn 341° 53' 56" 1 Toughness, austerity, discipline and limitation North Node 77° 3' 12" 4 South Node 257° 3' 12" 10
  3. 3. Planets Symbols Positions Zodiac House Effect of Planets Ascendant 321° 44' 42" 1 Personality, appearance, health Table below shows the symbol element and quadraplicity associated with each zodiac Zodiac Symbol Element Quadruplicity Aries Fire Cardinal Taurus Earth Fixed Gemini Air Mutable Cancer Water Cardinal Leo Fire Fixed Virgo Earth Mutable Libra Air Cardinal Scorpio Water Fixed Sagittarius Fire Mutable Capricon Earth Cardinal Aquarius Air Fixed Pisces Water Mutable
  4. 4. Natal chart Reading Rising Sign : Aquarius Aquarians Are known for their mental poise and intellectual orientation. They have a stable and calm disposition and demand freedom. They are emotionally detached, impartial, broad-minded, tolerant and kind. They are not influenced by social status, power or money, but they attract friends easily. Science, sociology, music and design fascinate them. However, hey experience big changes in their life. Physically they are tall and thin, but they have a lot of energy. They are attractive and possess well-formed facial features. They dress eccentrically, attracting the attention of others. Movement is quick. Fixed mode makes them strong-willed, stable and determined where as the element, air, is detached, abstract visual and verbal. Positive polarity gives them an extroverted and expressive nature. Midheaven Sign : Sagittarius Intellectual pursuits and study appeals to you, but you need to be challenged on the work front. You are ambitious, but not money-motivated. You say goodbye to the easy ways and take up difficult tasks boldly. You consciously or subconsciously seek a forum to showcase your intellectual and artistic talents. However, you may not seek the spotlight, but the work you do brings recognition and fame. Also you become famous for the something you have done outside your profession. Career options are travel, education, religion, politics, psychiatry, theology and writing.
  5. 5. Sun in Aries You have a lot of energy and enthusiasm and you start doing things forcefully. There is an urgency about everything. You are enterprising, innovative and inventive and you press hard to achieve your goals as fast as you can. You are always on the look out for new projects challenges and goals, but finishing a task also is equally important. You are born to lead, but your natural impulsiveness and unwillingness to listen to other with you bring you troubles. Moon in Taurus You are steady and emotionally balanced. Set in your ways, you are conservative and conventional. You are self-reliant and independent. However you can be romantic about the past. You love the material side of life and emotions are earthy and practical. Material possessions fascinate you. Your emotional responses are slow and you are not inclined to fight. Since you react in a possessive way, you can be envious. Mars in Virgo You are a hard-worker and you focus your energy on small details. You spend a lot of energy on planning because you are perfectionist. Besides, you go ahead doing things in a practical, logical and disciplined way. You can be critical of others and even a bit stubborn. Self-contained
  6. 6. and independent, you really do not need others. You can excel in healthcare or social-work because you like to serve and help. Mercury in Aries You are quick-witted and expresses yourself forcefully and energetically. You mind is inventive and sharp and you think up new plans easily. Competent and argumentative, you are no stranger to heated debates. You are direct and honest,. You should protect yourself against being headstrong. Jupiter in Taurus You are generous, steady. You use money and resources in beneficial way. You have a materialistic attitude towards life. What is more, you love luxuries and pleasures of life. You are gifted and artistically talented as well. However you are a little stubborn on the inner side and you do not like being pushed. In business, you are steady and sure-footed.
  7. 7. Venus in Aries You seek pleasures actively and energetically. There is an urgency about everything You expresses your affection directly and you need constant excitement in romance. When the thrill subsides, you start looking for newer pastures. You fall in love with somebody at sight and have exciting romance. You are direct and assertive in love, but your affairs could be short-lived. You love to be the first when it comes to beauty and fashion. Saturn in Pisces Your emotions are under control and your sensitivity is turned into positivity. You can be compassionate and pragmatic besides being religious, artistic and psychic. You are less gullible than usual and feel more secure. The level of self-confidence rises and sometimes you give the illusion of being steely. In fact, you need to learn to listen to your subconscious because your creativity is hidden there. Influence of Week Day : Sunday - Sun Sunday : positivity, generosity and love of life. You are creative, gregarious, bold and noble. You are capable of initiating new activities. Since you are kind and generous, you help people in distress. You remain focused and love to face obstacles and overcome them.