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^^3 freehoroscope^^

  1. 1. get your free birth chart and report Ascendant calculator Sun sign calculator 100% free membership  daily horoscope o o o o o o o o o o o o  weekly horoscope o o o o o o o o o o o
  2. 2. o  monthly horoscope o o o o o o o o o o o o  zodiac sign o o o o o o o o o o o o  love sign o o o o o o o o o
  3. 3. o o o  astrology o           o o o o o o o o o o o sa. April 04, 1965 @ 03h47 Mumbai, India latitude 18N55, longitude 072E50 Deepak Aries rising sign Aquarius Pluto Virgo 14°17 R house VII Symbolic degree : A beautiful woman nesting two doves upon her breast, one in each hand : Devotion. OVERVIEW OF YOUR HOROSCOPE Deepak
  4. 4. born on sunday April 04, 1965 03h47 @ Mumbai - India. (Latitude 18N55 - Longitude 72E50) The following analysis doesn't claim to be able to give a full definition of every tendencies of your behavior, a whole book wouldn't be enough. Its purpose is to introduce you to astrology with a simple and quick reading of the most relevant psychological elements of your birth chart. Along with the overall interpretation of your ascendant, planets known as "personal" (from the Sun until Saturn) are analysed according to their sign and house position. Although this analysis might show you most of your personality traits, it's also important to say that it doesn't take into account most personal caracteristics of your birth chart like the positions of trans-saturnine planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto), interplanetary aspects or the connection between the ascendant and the solar sign. So have a seat, relax, and make sure you have time to focus on the reading of this analysis, let your spirit penetrate your deepest soul. Have a good reading ! © AstroQuick 1993-2014 - UTILISATION PROFESSIONNELLE OU COMMERCIALE INTERDITE - Toute reproduction même partielle interdite sans autorisation - http://www.astroquick.fr © AstroQuick 1993-2014 - UTILISATION PROFESSIONNELLE OU COMMERCIALE INTERDITE - Toute reproduction même partielle interdite sans autorisation - http://www.astroquick.fr
  5. 5. Aries rising sign Aquarius THE ASCENDANT The ascendant is the position of the horizon (east) at the precise time of the birth. It's a basic element of the zodiac that characterizes the most someone's personality, as much as the zodiacal position of the Sun (i.e the solar sign). The ascendant or Rising sign brings out natural tendencies, behavior, disposition and potentials. Your rising sign is Aquarius Besides the attributes your solar sign gives you, your ascendant sign makes you original and creative, altruistic but rather independent. You like freedom and nonconformism, you sometimes have very utopian ideas that can't be fulfilled right now. But you know how to have people interested in what you say because you always need change and new sensations. You can be very provocative if you need to, and even innovative. However you need to take care of your nervousness. In your love life you may find stability with someone creative, with a strong personality but who respects your independence. THE SUN On your birth chart the Sun is represented by a circle with a point at the center of it. It is connected to the will, the vitality and the personal creativity. It shows the way you interact with your entourage, your authority and the way you behave in society.
  6. 6. Your sun sign is Aries Just like your planet Mars, you are dynamic, intrepid, honest and straightforward. The way you can be described is energetic, bold, honest, with fervor and initiative. You also are optimistic, you believe you can overcome any obstacle, especially if you take risks. You are indefatigable, your energy allows you to put in a lot of effort and to recuperate pretty easily. However sometimes you are stubborn, unstable and even a little naive. Since you often lack diplomacy or slickness, you end up acting on impulse and that may make you feel deluded. In spite of your strong desire to always act right and your motivation to start something new (brand new), you have to admit you never really finish what you started. Actually you like challenges and enjoy the conquest and reconquest phase. What people like about you is your straightforwardness, your spontaneity and your courage. Your Sun is in House II You are productive and realistic, also you like money and the little pleasures in life. You know how to get some money and despite your generosity, you may sometimes become possessive. You need to show what you are capable of, that way you will slow down on food and the other needs you have. THE MOON On your birth chart the Moon is represented by a crescent that symbolizes the phases of its cycle. It's connected to our emotions, sensitivity and humor. The Moon is usually connected to our imagination and our night dreams.
  7. 7. Your natal Moon is in the sign of Taurus You like the little pleasures in life and it makes you kind, full of sensuality and eager to learn and discover. Your love for nature leads you to the artistic fields (sculpture, painting, pottery, etc.). However you sometimes lack endurance and clarity towards the tribulations of life, besides you are rather easily influenced. Make sure you don't become lazy and possessive because it would keep you from the blessings Venus may give you. Your Moon is in House III You are communicative, you easily bond with people and friends are like family to you. You need to be active and you enjoy traveling especially if trips are short. MERCURY Mercury is represented on your birth chart by a crescent above a circle and a cross. Mercury is connected to your intellect and your ability to communicate, but also to your nervous system and your ability to think. Your natal Mercury is in Aries You naturally like to argue and to act fast. You are quick at repartee which sometimes takes you to passionate conversations with people. We must say you usually are very blunt and straightforward when it comes to speaking your heart and you often tend to exagerate. However people like your quickness of mind, your resourceful side that can avoid any traps.
  8. 8. Your Mercury is in House II You are a good businessman, that's why you may get much money in the field of communication or trade. You know how to speculate, make transactions or financial deals. VENUS Venus is represented by a symbol that looks like Mercury's symbol without the crescent on your Birth chart. Venus is connected to your personal values, the way you love and you live your relationships. Venus is also connected to your tastes and the quality of your feelings. Your Venus is in Aries With you love is like a fire. You are impulsive, that's why you are predisposed to love at first sight and sudden passions. Actually you love more with your head than with your heart. It doesn't mean you don't have any feelings, but they just depend on the power of your desire for your partner. You like to know your partner is yet to be conquered. After the conquest, love is often like a fight that may exhaust you. You need to renew your desire of conquest and that's why you need to step back a little from your partner, because if you don't do it, you may live a destructive relationship where one keeps complaining about the other, and it's certainly not good for you. You will find stability by hanging out with someone independent, autonomous, who likes unexpected situations and that you can win back. Actually the most beautiful gift you could give your partners is a phone call to say you will be there in a few minutes. That's what they like about you.
  9. 9. Your Venus is in House II Your feelings are usually strong but you are a little too possessive. You need to own beautiful things: expensive furnitures, masterpieces, etc. Your attraction to material things and your financial situation make your life easier. Your artistic gifts make you gain some money, especially in decoration or a job in beauty or fashion. MARS On your Birth chart Mars is represented by a circle with an arrow coming out of it. It is the representation of masculinity, action and masculine energy. Mars is connected to your power of action, your personal initiatives and the energy you have. Mars is also connected to your fighting spirit, your aggressiveness and your ability to overcome obstacles. Your natal Mars is in Virgo You are always professional, precise, concise and serious, always taking care of each detail, that's why you may come out as fussy. You easily organize yourself in order to efficiently build your life. However make sure you don't argue too much with your co-workers. Your Mars is in House VII You always ask your partner or your co-workers before taking a decision and you often expect another point of view before making a move. You can defend people just as you can be subjected to their influence. You always look for people's approval or physical contact, but you sometimes lack diplomacy and tenderness. You usually need to share your initiatives and to delegate. JUPITER
  10. 10. Jupiter is the biggest planet of the solar system. Jupiter represents your potential of expansion, growth and fortune. It's connected to your enthusiasm, your ability to remain joyful and optimistic. However Jupiter also predisposes to excess. Your natal Jupiter is in the sign of Taurus Your personal enthusiasm is usually turned towards physical, sexual or culinary enjoyment. Also you are a very warm person. People feel like they are alive around you and they appreciate your generosity. You are looking for material security thanks to your commitment to traditional and family values and a certain need of power. That's why you have a hard time being broke when that happens. You are calm, your tone is warm and you always say something meaningful, although sometimes a little moralizing. What you like the most: buying whatever you want whenever you want it. Your Jupiter is in House III You get along well with your people and you feel like you are the "head" of the family. You enjoy studying and learning, also you sometimes enjoy your brothers and sisters's protection because you spend much time with them. You have many brilliant ideas and your intellect gives you many opportunities in the field of communication and advertising. SATURN
  11. 11. Saturn is different from the other planets thanks to its famous rings. Moreover Saturn is a little smaller than Jupiter. The planet is connected to your restrictions, blocks, limitations, but also to knowledge and social evolution. It's also connected to your wisdom and personal efforts. Your Saturn is in the sign of Pisces Sometimes you need to isolate yourself. Your lonely soul has a hard time figuring out what's right or wrong,..... That's why you need to escape from the real world. Your Saturn is in House I You are cold and distant, however you are very honest and upright. You are aware of your responsibilities and you handle your social role very well without giving up your goals. It may take some time for you to climb the social ladder but your perseverance will lead you to success. ............................................................................................................................ © copyright AstroQuick.fr 1993-2014 - All rights reserved - Unauthorized propagation prohibited. This is the end of this short astrological analysis from AstroQuick.fr.
  12. 12. We hope it helped you figure out some aspects of your personality and give you a better understanding of the different elements of your psyche.. This analysis was written by French astrologer Patrick Giani, writer of books such as: "Maîtrisez votre avenir en positivant vos transits", "Astrologie karmique: principes de base et pratique" and "Les trois dimensions de votre thème astral". The English translation was made by Loic Janin. The astrological analysis was made by astrologer and engineer Daniel Véga, creator of AstroQuick astrology software and www.astroo.com web site. © AstroQuick 1993-2014 - ALL RIGHT RESERVED. The reproduction, modification, distribution, transmission or republication of any material from this site is strictly prohibited without the prior written permission of www.astroquick.fr.. COMMERCIAL USE PROHIBITED. What's a birth chart ? My birth chart list New free birth chart