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"Empower" Presentation Handout for DECA Ontario Presidents' Summit
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"Empower" Presentation Handout for DECA Ontario Presidents' Summit


Published on

Presidents' Summit Presentation by DECA Ontario Provincial Student Executives: …

Presidents' Summit Presentation by DECA Ontario Provincial Student Executives:

Jerry Zhang, Public Relations/Communications Officer
Jake Jardine, Reporter
Sarah Liu, Events Coordinator

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  • 1. S________________ E________________ T________________S________________Key Points • Recognize and appreciate your members • Give your members something special to be proud of • Create events and experiences for your members to bond over • Make sure every member has a channel for contribution • Let your school know how awesome your DECA chapter is through announcements, school newsletters, and social mediaPlan of ActionBy the end of the week: • Create a facebook page and group for your chapter • Post your three chapter goals on your facebook pageBefore Regionals:Create an inside joke (e.g. handshake, code phrase, hand symbol, slogan)Start recognizing member achievements publically (announcements, school newsletter, socialmedia) • Tag DECA Ontario when you’re recognizing members and we’ll share your recognition with all of DECA Ontario • Submit an article to the DECA Ontario tumblr or email us at and we’ll help you recognize too • Ideas • Member of the Week/Month • Thank You Thursdays; recognize great things people have done in the past week
  • 2. By the end of the year:Create a social event for DECA members • Junior Social for freshmen and sophomores • Social at a restaurant • Invite motivational speakers for a speaking eventGive members an opportunity to takeleadership • Fundraising competition: members can write proposals for fundraising projects, then initiate these projects • Sponsorship competition: members participate in a competition for who gets the most sponsorship • Participate in DECA Ontario campaigns: Like us on facebook and follow us on Twitter for information of how you can become a more active DECA Ontario memberE________________The Challenge 1. Hold a meeting and share your favourite DECA moment with your members; then share and reminder members that it’s not all about the competition 2. Plan bi-monthly social events for your chapter members so that they’re not only studying for conferences but also becoming friends with their fellow members (i.e. next month, have a team dinner, after that a movie night, a potluck/picnic, a pizza lunch, and at the end of the year a gag awards ceremony)
  • 3. T________________Score Sheet Obsession -Fight together for the same goal, don’t compete against each other.-Inner Team Negativity -Always, always always give compliments!-Value of an individual -Everyone is unique and can contribute in a different way.-
  • 4. NotesSPIRIT__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Experience__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Team________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________