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November Newsletter


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November Newsletter

  1. 1. Cent ral Region DECA Volume 1, Issue 3 November, 2011Produced by MicahMelling, 2011-2012 A Word from Your CRVP CRVP I have ever met. I me, as well. At the cannot wait to see beginning of the them at the Central month, I will helpInside The Issue: Region Leadership train the newly- Conference in Decem- elected MissouriCatching Up with 2Paige Dorman, Last ber! DECA State Officers.Year’s CRVP. In mid Octo- In the middle of No- ber, I attended Mis- vember, I will attendInsight into the Na- 2 Wisconsin DECA’stional Advisory Board souri DECA’s Fall Leadership Confer- Fall Leadership Con-Omaha: A City of Ex- 3 This past Octo- ference as well as the ence. Being part of acitement ber will be a month I ACTE National Con- conference in my won’t soon forget. I ference in St. Louis. home state was aThe Movement: Mak- 4 had the opportunitying a Difference for huge honor, and I am As always, feel to make several newMDA grateful for all of the free to contact me at friends and create hospitality MO any time. You can lasting memories.A Letter from the 4 DECA continues to reach me by emailingNational President In early Octo- extend my way. decavpmicah@gmail. ber, I had the privi- com. At this confer-Special Points of In- lege of attending ence, I was able toterest North Dakota connect with friends I DECA Wishes, Paige Dorman, former DECA’s Fall Leader- hadn’t seen in several CRVP, explains how ship Conference. months. Visiting DECA continues to im- This was my first with these friends re- pact her. conference as CRVP, inforced my belief You’ll want to experience which alone was that DECA can help Omaha’s versatility if thrilling. Micah Melling us to create long- you attend the CRLC. The ND DECA Central Region VP lasting bonds. Claire Coker reminds us State Officers were DECA, Inc. to “keep on keepin’ on” November will one of the most enjoy- when we get busy. be a busy month for able groups of people
  2. 2. Page 2 Central Region DECACatching Up with Paige Dorman, the 2010-2011 CRVP was the International Career De- What are your plans for the velopment Conference in Or- future? lando, Florida. ICDC has to be My plans for the future right now my favorite because it encom- are very broad. I will be starting passes my whole DECA experi- an internship with PDC Produc- ence into one conference. I inter- tion Company, the company who acted with members from all over puts on DECAs International Ca- the world in a week’s worth of reer Development Conference time. I was able to experience all every year. I hope to learn all ofWhat have you been doing of the attractions that Orlando the starting steps that it takes tosince your term as CRVP had to offer, and I was able to make an event successful, likeended? make lasting memories with the most DECA members have seen.Since my term as CRVP ended, I other National Officers on Team 65. What is the one thing youhave shifted my energy onto other would like to tell DECA mem-things. I am in my second year of How are you currently using bers?college now, and my major is Com- the skills you learned inmunications with a minor in Busi- DECA? The one thing that I would like toness Administration. I am just tell all DECA members is to soak I try to use the skills that I havereally trying to soak up all that up your DECA experience to the learned in DECA as much as pos-my campus and my classes have to fullest while you have the time. sible. One of the most importantoffer before my college years are Make your connections, meet peo- skills that I use on a daily basis isover! ple, network, travel to as many the ability to interact with myLooking back, what was your classmates. DECA has helped me places as possible. Because beforefavorite memory from your to use my viewpoints and the you know it, the experience will beyear as a National Officer? viewpoints of the people around over, and you can only take awayLooking back, my favorite memory me to create wonderful and inno- what you were able to soak up.from my time as a National Officer vative ideas.The National Advisory Board: A Valuable Support System Sixty-one. That is the pares the leaders of tomor- companies sit on the NAB.number of businesses that rows economy. By investing Some of these companies in-partner with DECA. These in DECA, we are investing in clude Marriott, Safeway, Fin-sixty-one businesses comprise the future of American busi- ish Line, NAPA Auto Parts,the National Advisory Board ness and entrepreneurship. and Men’s Wearhouse.(NAB). We want to see DECA mem- Throughout the year, The members of bers succeed and are willing CRVP Micah Melling will beDECA’s NAB are committed to provide the support they posting information about allto investing in the lives of stu- need to maximize their impact of DECA’s NAB partners ondents they believe can be the on the world,” said Roger the Central Region DECAleaders of tomorrow. Glenn, NAB Chairman. Facebook page. “The members of the Some of the nation’s Be sure to check it out!NAB believe that DECA pre- largest and most powerful
  3. 3. Volume 1, Issue 3 Page 3Omaha Nebraska: A City with Much to Offer Omaha, Nebraska is the site of this year’s prestig- “This year’s Central Regionious Central Region Leadership Conference. As you can Leadership Conference issee by the pictures below, Omaha is a diverse city with going to be WILD!much to offer: entertainment, shopping, restaurants, and Nebraska is excited toone of the nation’s top zoos. host the conference and share with our fellow So, are you read to get “Wild About DECA” in members how great a cityOmaha from December 2-4? Omaha is!” - Nicole For more information, visit the conference website: Coffey, CRLC Conference Coordinatorhttp://www.crlcomaha2011.org.
  4. 4. The Movement The Movement: Making a Fast Facts Difference  Over 20 associations for MDA have agreed to join The Movement is an internat ional fundraiser The Movement. for the Muscular Dystrophy Association The goal for this year (MDA) in which any associat ion of DECA can is to raise $100,000 participate. The ultimate go more for MDA than al of The Move- ment is to “raise the bar” in last year. terms of what the world thinks students can  The goal for next accomplish. Currently, over 20 associat year is to raise ions have joined $1,000,000 for MDA. this exciting project. For more information on Th e Movement, pleases contact Central Regio n Vice President Micah Melling. Check out “The Movement” on Facebook!A Letter from Your National President wanted to get done. What I Take advantage of the encourage you to do this people within DECA that month is to keep pushing are there for you, like Micah forward. Never give in to and I. We are here to be a the stress of everyday life guide on your hike towards and stop “aspiring higher.” success. A great way to get Keep on moving for- more involved in DECA is to ward this fall, and hopefully attend your fall leadership I will see many of you atDear Central Region, conference or the Central ICDC in the spring! Region Leadership Confer- Best Wishes, Keeping up with ence! You are lucky enoughDECA when school work to have an amazing Centralstarts to pick up is always a Region Vice President pav- Claire Cokerstruggle. It always seemed ing the way for you this National DECA Presidentto me like there werent year. Micah is driven to suc- 2011-2012enough hours in the day to ceed and is looking out fordo everything I needed and each and every one of you.