MERCY Center - Pattaya 08.23.11
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MERCY Center - Pattaya 08.23.11



Photo introduction to the work of MERCY Center - Pattaya. Working to bring HOPE to the poorest of the poor in Pattaya, Thailand, particularly to protect + provide for children at risk, "Bringing HOPE ...

Photo introduction to the work of MERCY Center - Pattaya. Working to bring HOPE to the poorest of the poor in Pattaya, Thailand, particularly to protect + provide for children at risk, "Bringing HOPE to those in need!"



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MERCY Center - Pattaya 08.23.11 MERCY Center - Pattaya 08.23.11 Presentation Transcript

  • Pattaya, Thailand … The Extreme City
    An international tourist destination in the heart of the Eastern Seaboard Industrial Development region. The rich and the poor are all drawn here.
  • The whole city seems to change almost instantly as night falls, and the ‘party’ begins.
  • MERCY Center began in 2000 by Fred & Dianne Doell, founding pastors of Victory International Family Church - Pattaya, as a way to care for the poorest of the poor, plus help the international non-Christian community get personally involved in Christian based ministry.
    It began with VIFC providing scholarship for very needy Thai students, and grown to include a variety of projects based on Matthew 25 focusing on ‘children at risk’, needs of the desperately poor, caring for widows & orphans, concerns of social justice, and reaching the ‘least of these’ with God’s love.
    It is a true International & Thai partnership focused
    on “Bringing HOPE to those in need!”
  • MERCY works with a TEAM of international project advocates and Thai national project leaders
  • MERCY Center มูลนิธิเมตตาจิตBringing HOPE to Those in Need!นำความหวังไปสู่ ผู้ที่ต้องการความช่วยเหลือ
    Present MERCY Projects include:
    Chumchon (slums) project:
    “Our Father’s House” children’s home and shelter for ‘children at risk’
    Scholarship program for 250+ needy students
    Early Learning Centers for pre-school training
    Prison visits
    Future MERCY Projects in planning:
    Foster care system in support of families in crisis
    Micro-enterprise and livelihood project partnerships with organizations experienced in these fields.
    MERCY Center is a registered charity project
    of The Haven Foundation of Thailand
  • Chumchon (Slums) Project
    Weekly delivery of food & life essentials with
    mid week follow-up as necessary
    Purposefully searching for the poorest of the poor to help provide the basic necessities of life, and to bring hope for a better future, beginning with the children.
  • Many people live in the hidden places of our city
  • Some more fortunate have an actual ‘house’
  • Weekly food deliveries to the poor, building relationships, understanding their needs, and praying for God’s intervention in their lives.
  • A water well in a large chumchon community was ruined by local road construction and needed to be rebuilt.
  • An international MERCY volunteer along for our weekly food delivery heard of their need and donated the money for local men to rebuild the well and restore clean healthy water
    to the community.
  • Thai MERCY volunteer offering pre-natal counseling to young mother living under the trees in the inner-city.
  • Building relationships between Thai MERCY staff and chumchon families.
  • Volunteers distribute food, clothes and other things we’ve received to the desperately poor.
  • Advising healthy child care practices and watching over the children week by week,
    who live in desperate circumstances.
  • Moms and babies who live in the same area, make it easier for us to help them with baby milk and other needs.
  • Many times it is the grandparents with who are left with small children, no income, and no education. Many work as garbage recyclers, with no options but to let the children play (often unattended) in ‘high risk’ environments.
  • Visiting mission team rake and burn garbage outside a blue tarp roofed cardboard house (in the background) where several children live.
  • Basic emergency first aid is always needed
  • Helping families
    stay together
    This single parent father raised his son from birth,
    and has now taken in
    another abandoned boy. He has a lot of love but also need a lot of help.
    This young boy needs milk his family cannot provide.
    This blind mother needs
    help to care for her baby
  • This mother loves her children … but cannot provide for them without help.
    We cannot turn away!
    Pure religion that is not defiled is to care
    for the widow and the orphan …. (James 1:27)
  • This grandma asks for prayer for healing
    These older ladies asked for blankets to sleep at night.
    Special children’s events
    Helping a shelter become a home
  • Children often need a trip to the local hospital or clinic for medical care such as these boys with bad sores / infestations on their heads.
    Local health clinics or public hospitals often provide free care at MERCY’s request.
  • Community Development / Micro-Enterprise,
    and Small business Loans
    Personal loans or direct gifts (as appropriate) are given to those who fit project ‘criteria’:
    Help bring dignity among the most desperate by demonstrating God’s tangible love, showing personal respect, and helping them improve their physical living conditions.
    Help create financial independence in the lives of the poorest of the poor.
    Establish testimonies of HOPE to encourage others and disciple them into caring for others
  • Rebuilding a scholarship student’s house that had burnt in a slum fire
    Replacing a motor-bike for a family struggling to provide for their children.
  • Prison Project: 1st project has been released to be independent. New outreach has begun to new prison, plus to the large provincial youth prison.
    Scrubbing the prison to prepare for painting
  • MERCY Scholarship Project now provides for and watches over 250 children of the desperately poor, including family support as needed.
  • International groups such as Pattaya International Ladies Club and Pattaya Street Kids Project (U.K.) make it possible for us to sponsor growing numbers of students.
  • As funds are available, MERCY provides monthly student lunch, to ‘connect’ with each student and ‘follow-up as needed’.
  • Students make “Thank You” cards to send to sponsors
  • “Our Father’s House” Children’s home
    to protect and provide for ‘children at risk’
  • MERCY Center Children’s Home is a licensed center that has protected and provided for over 50 children to date, working to reunite families and restore relationships where possible, plus provide a permanent life-long home and family to those who have no other.
    MERCY is pleased to be a member of “Pattaya Plan”, a group of government departments and NGO’s that work together to meet the needs of children and youth in the city.
    MERCY networks with and supports other ministries in the area to provide the best possible solution for the poorest of the poor, particularly children found to be ‘at risk’.
  • Our children can sleep in peace and safety, …
    “Our Father’s House
    … are grateful for their new home and give thanks at every meal for those who help provide for them.
  • Yummy in the tummy!
    Visitors sometimes provide a special meal.
  • Young hearts are healed through both
    AND laughter.
    Children need to be safe and free to PLAY … LAUGH … and ENJOY their lives!
  • … to some, the cost may seem high,
    but to us,
    it is worth it ...
    … and to them it is priceless!
  • Our sincere THANKS to all who are helping this dream of MERCY come true.
    Bringing HOPE
    to those in need!