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Check out a new way to utilize stanchions and banners with a great branding idea

Check out a new way to utilize stanchions and banners with a great branding idea

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  • 1. Specialty Products Group 2010
  • 2.  
  • 3. Who we Are Specialty Products Group International manufactures and supplies superior quality promotional umbrellas & barriers along with a variety other products . Specialty Products Group International provides a range of products with the unique blend of functionality and promotional effectiveness including the original “ Breeze Barrier ” , branded Market & Café umbrellas, Bar Runners ,aprons, free standing signage & bunting. Over the years the company has been entrusted to the manufacture and on time supply for many of the worlds leading brand names including:- Coke, Pepsi, McDonalds, Subway, Corona, Heineken, Bacardi, Nestle, Fosters, Yellowtail, Guinness - - to name just a few! Specialty Products Group International has production facility's in China, South Africa & Brisbane Australia. These purpose built factories enables the direct shipment of goods into North America at both unbeatable value and consistent quality. Complimented with our office in Singapore this provides a truly international reach for the company to continue to build on its long and trusted reputation as the preferred supplier of these now staple streetscape equipment requirements.
  • 4. What We Do Specialty Products Group international is home to the original “Breeze Barrier” the unique, stylish & cost effective point of sale product that is a winner with Supplier, Venue Owner & their Patrons alike! - Capitalize on traffic exposure for both brand awareness and campaign support. - Provide the ability to define areas within a venue and at the same time make an undeniable statement about a brands market status to both end-users and competitors Supplying leading beverage and food companies with the ultimate tool for Brand visibility AT THE VERY POINT OF SALE! - Unlike static signage, provide client base with the answer to “What’s in it for me” with a functional promotional tool that will benefit their business for years to come. - Benefit from exposure for both brand awareness & campaign support & unlike billboards do it at the very point of sale & without the monthly rental costs! Teamed with our magnificent Market Umbrellas and brilliant Bar Runners your company can offer venues the chance to increase comfort and ambience while increasing your brands profile and sales - - -it’s the ultimate win win offer! - Company brand becomes instantly synonymous with a venue You not only position yourself as that venues closest supply partner ---- You clearly state it! - Patrons will identify your brand as the No1 product choice on offer at that venue & their buying decision will continue to be influenced at the “frontline” every trading day of the year! - Dominate There is not another branded “on premise” product that comes close to the performance & return that the Breeze Barrier represents. Now you can win the brand profile battle inside & out! After Before
  • 5. How We Do It Specialty Products Group International supplies the worlds biggest beverage and food companies, with the best in cost effective promotional Umbrellas, Breeze Barriers , Bar Runners & selected other products from our own purpose built factory with direct shipment into North America. “ A product that is built for the purpose for which it was intended and carry’s with it the full backing and integrity that this company’s reputation has been built on”. Unequalled supply options cater for the tightest of budgets & turnarounds with the cost effective supply of even the biggest quantity requirement. Provide a branding tool for you company that for the venue owner will be a utility used and appreciated everyday, all at an unequaled value for $ price point. Logos & artwork are faithfully reproduced using our expert traditional screen printing team along with our state of the art digital printing facilities for the use of the more elaborate imagery as used in other forms of media such as print and TV. Invest in a product that is built for the purpose for which it was intended and carries with it the full backing and integrity that this company’s reputation has been built on. Service that will exceed your expectations, this is an age old promise that is often forgotten once an order is secured, not so at Specialty Products Group. The ongoing satisfaction and partnership with our client base is vital to our success, and so when you entrust your important marketing $$ spend to our products we ensure you get “Bang for your buck” with a result that will exceed your expectations.   Experience is everything and when it came to replicating that same eye for detail & passion for excellence that has been the cornerstone to the success of Specialty Products Group in other territories around the world it was North American beverage & food industry professional Danny DeSimone that the company was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to partner with to provide the unequalled experience to assist US based companies to capitalize on the fantastic exposure and cost savings that the Specialty Products Group International range of products represents.
  • 6. Specialty Products Group International the makers of the original “Breeze Barrier” present the “Drop-Over” crowd barrier cover. Now you can stop wasting all that prime point of sale advertising with unbranded crowd barriers! Take advantage of all that foot and vehicle traffic to reach literally thousands of potential customers every day with a Specialty Products Group “Drop-Over” barrier cover. So by simply adding a branded “Drop-Over” banner cover to your existing crowd barriers you can reclaim all that FREE advertising space - - - - after all you wouldn’t pay for a ”blank “ Billboard would you ? Before After
  • 7.
    • The Products We Do It With
    • What is a Breeze Barrier?
    • Specialty Products Group recognized the need to provide not only protection from the elements via the tough commercial grade promotional umbrellas they are famous for, but also a way of providing an easy, portable “barrier” that makes customers feel they are having an alfresco dining experience instead of just a meal served on a sidewalk!!
    • Designed for use in the booming Alfresco-dining trade, the “Breeze Barrier” comes in two standard lengths 7’ ( approx 2.2m) & 3’ (approx 1.2m) both 3’ high & while you really need to see to appreciate ,the Breeze Barrier is essentially a metal framed barrier which accommodates a sleek, taunt advertising banner & is used to create an instant clearly designated comfort zone for venues to offer their patrons, while providing a brilliant long lasting “mini billboard” that’s functional and is right there at the point of sale!
    • Also ideally suited for providing branding at V.I.P. events, venue entrances, outdoor functions , sporting grounds & events.
    • *Please note that with the new anti smoking laws the Breeze Barrier is ideal to assist in venue compliance by clearly designating outside smoking areas.
    • Components used in the creation of a Breeze Barrier include:
    • 2’ precision steel, powder coated to prevent rust,
    • Multidirectional feet providing stability and the option to “butt up” neatly to each neighboring barrier
    • Unique sail track banner fitting system providing a strong & taunt display banner & ensuring the ongoing integrity of your logo and brand image is maintained.
    • Choice of high grade Acrylic or super tough Vinyl banner.
  • 8. Breeze Barrier Applications
  • 9. Stadium Traditional Vending
  • 10. Stadium Non-Traditional Revenue
  • 11. DropOvers Non-Traditional Revenue
  • 12. Aluminium Market Umbrellas An Aluminum market umbrella is ideal for companies looking for an umbrella that will provide outstanding performance, stylish looks , practical operation and all at a cost effective investment. Unlike the now out-dated Timber made Market Umbrellas, aluminum will not splinter or split, does not need to be treated with any pesticides or chemicals, eliminating health concerns and without the need to cut down trees the use of aluminum umbrellas reduces negative environment impacts.
  • 13. Café Umbrella’s Specialty Products Group International Café Series Umbrella this very popular style of promotional umbrella for many years to many of the worlds leading beverage& food companies providing an umbrella that is both cost efficient and reliable. A combination of a quality hard wearing and washable heavy duty vinyl cover, sleek white powder coated aluminum frame and easy action height adjuster and quality made components makes the Café Series Umbrella one of the most popular , dependable and cost effective promotional style umbrellas in use today. Available in 2 sizes 6’ & 7’ radius
  • 14. Stadium Bar Runners Create brand awareness at the “very point of purchase”! Manufactured with a fully washable non-woven polyester fabric surface & non-slip nitrite base. These rubber backed Bar Runners are an excellent product for Stadium bars & promotions advertising and ongoing day to day branding. Forget expensive single use napkins & coasters with a Specialty Bar Runner those Spills and messy bar tops will be a thing of the past and because the Bar Runner is made to last the value for money for both the supplier and venue owner is unbeatable ! .
  • 15. Trade Special INQUIRE TODAY & RECEIVE A “ Bakers Dozen” That’s 1 Free Unit With Every 12 Units Ordered!! .