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Gender  Prejudice  Among  University  Majors  Powerpoint Gender Prejudice Among University Majors Powerpoint Presentation Transcript

  • Gender Prejudice Among University Majors
    Survey of Social Psychology
    Group 4: Jasmine Huger, Danielle Davis, Ally Macnichol,Kelly Brennan, Samantha Jarosz, Emily McQueeney, Joshua Kemp, Redding Kingery, Jordan Stevenson, Lauren Hyde
  • Purpose of Study….
    The purpose of our study was to look for a trend between college student perceptions of gender prejudice between perceived gender dominant majors.
  • Hypothesis….
    We hypothesized that the participants would essentially exhibit prejudice toward the non-dominant gender of the perceived gender dominant majors.
    Prejudice against females in engineering and business.
    Prejudice against males in education and nursing.
    Prejudice against males/females in criminal justice and exercise science.
  • Title IX….
    Education Amendments
    Although Title IX of the Education Amendments banned sex oriented discrimination and prejudice in schools researchers have found that gender differences in the form of attitudes and treatment still exist at all levels of education.
  • Previous Studies…
    In a study of sexual discrimination at the elementary and secondary level, Sadker and Sadker (1985) found that male students received more attention from teachers and were given more time to talk in classrooms than female students.
    After more qualitative research they also found that male students received more praise, critical feedback, and remediation than female students.
  • Reasons for Gender Prejudice…
    One reason students perceive a gender prejudice is because of varying learning styles.
    According to Gallo this is because men and women do not have equal experiences in the classroom.
  • Our Study…
    In this study we created a survey consisting of a series of questions designed to assess prejudice in gender specific majors.
    Two males and two females from six different majors were asked to participate in the study to ensure consistency and prevent any major gender bias.
    Majors used in study: Engineering, Criminal Justice, Business, Nursing, Exercise Science, and Education
  • Our Study…
    Male-dominant majors: Engineering and Business.
    Female-dominant majors: Nursing and education.
    Neutral gendered majors: Exercise Science and Criminal Justice.
  • Methods
    All of the participates were randomly selected on the University of South Carolina campus.
    The study consisted of 24 participants, 12 of them male and 12 of them female.
    Six majors were used, two predominately male; two predominately female; and two with an equal division between genders.
  • Measures
    Participants completed a relatively anonymous 36-item questionnaire; each question was answered the same way with three options (Male, Female or Neither).
    There were 6 subsections with a specific question, and the participants answered the questions in regards to their perceptions of the 6 majors that were selected.
    The other subsections asked questions regarding performance within a major, demographic within classes, performance post-graduation, workload efficiency and competition in workforce.
  • Percentages for Perceived Male Dominant Majors: Engineering and Business
  • Percentages for Perceived Female Dominant Majors: Nursing and Education
  • Percentages for Perceived Neutral Majors: Exercise Science and Criminal Justice