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Marketo - Dublin Tour 2014
Marketo - Dublin Tour 2014
Marketo - Dublin Tour 2014
Marketo - Dublin Tour 2014
Marketo - Dublin Tour 2014
Marketo - Dublin Tour 2014
Marketo - Dublin Tour 2014
Marketo - Dublin Tour 2014
Marketo - Dublin Tour 2014
Marketo - Dublin Tour 2014
Marketo - Dublin Tour 2014
Marketo - Dublin Tour 2014
Marketo - Dublin Tour 2014
Marketo - Dublin Tour 2014
Marketo - Dublin Tour 2014
Marketo - Dublin Tour 2014
Marketo - Dublin Tour 2014
Marketo - Dublin Tour 2014
Marketo - Dublin Tour 2014
Marketo - Dublin Tour 2014
Marketo - Dublin Tour 2014
Marketo - Dublin Tour 2014
Marketo - Dublin Tour 2014
Marketo - Dublin Tour 2014
Marketo - Dublin Tour 2014
Marketo - Dublin Tour 2014
Marketo - Dublin Tour 2014
Marketo - Dublin Tour 2014
Marketo - Dublin Tour 2014
Marketo - Dublin Tour 2014
Marketo - Dublin Tour 2014
Marketo - Dublin Tour 2014
Marketo - Dublin Tour 2014
Marketo - Dublin Tour 2014
Marketo - Dublin Tour 2014
Marketo - Dublin Tour 2014
Marketo - Dublin Tour 2014
Marketo - Dublin Tour 2014
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Marketo - Dublin Tour 2014


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  • Marketo provides the de facto cloud-based marketing platform for modern marketers, helping them make the shift to behavioral-based marketing that spans today’s digital, social, mobile, and offline channels.

    Marketo offers 5 key applications that sit on top of the Marketo platform, including applications for marketing automation, social campaigns, sales insight, revenue cycle analytics, and marketing planning & management. Just some of the functionality provided by these applications include:
    Email Marketing
    Relationship Marketing
    Lead Management
    Content Marketing
    Social Campaigns
    Landing Pages
    Campaign Management
    Financial Management
    Inbound Marketing
    Real time personalization
    Reporting & Analytics
  • We believe that buying has changed forever.

    Not that long ago, there were few 3rd party sources of information – information scarcity – which meant that a buyer had to get most of their information from sales. It also meant we lived in a world of attention abundance, with fewer channels competing for a buyer’s attention.

    But now, there is an explosion of readily available information— so much that 90% of the data in the world today has been created in the last two years alone.

    All this data = buyers today are more empowered. The Web provides them with instant information gratification. They can access detailed specs, pricing, and reviews about goods and services 24/7 with a few flicks of their thumbs. Meanwhile, social media encourages them to share and compare, while mobile devices add a wherever/whenever dimension to every aspect of the experience.

    Result: Forrester Reports that 65-90% of buying process is complete when consumer walks into store/branch/dealer, or contacts sales. This translates to an organizational power shift from Sales to Marketing, and a corresponding responsibility shift to Marketing for a much greater share of the buying cycle.

    All this requires deep changes in how we market.
  • Having useful, relevant content for each individual who wishes to engage with your company and brand
  • The CEE also has a unique unit of measurement, called the Engagement Score. Instead of forcing marketers to wade through a sea of metrics around opens, clicks, clicks to opens and more, all this data is rolled up into one score, making it easy to quickly determine what content is engaging your audience members, and what’s not.

    Optional: talk about better content planning using the exhaustion widget
    Optional: talk about reducing unsubscribe rate with communication limits
  • Once these visitors reach your site through a computer or mobile device, Marketo makes it easy to personalize their experience, even for anonymous visitors. Insightera by Marketo can present relevant content to anonymous visitors based on industry, company, location or behaviors.
  • We can do it in the way Harvard Business School and many of the other education clients we have do it
    Think about it – the ‘sales cycle’ or relationship often begins with someone *years* before they ever think of applying to Harvard…and continues for years afterwards
    By listening and responding to that person based on topics that they find interesting and engaging, Harvard drives up the interaction and ultimately affinity with that person
    But, a relationship with that person changes dramatically throughout their lifecycle – after they are an applicant, they are a student, and after that, they are an alumnus
    As alumni, Harvard wants to make sure that they remain engaged, supporting Harvard with time and money
    That’s what these continuous relationships result in – more applicants, more students and more funds raised – all because they learn over time what’s important to people.
  • As people engage with your campaigns, Marketo makes it easy to deliver relevant dialogues with each individual, across channels, at scale…using our innovative Customer Engagement engine, which has completely re-invented lead nurturing.

    The CEE is the only nurturing solution that combines the ease of use of drip nurture with the power of more sophisticated nurturing solutions.

    Simply drag your content into Smart Streams in the order you’d like it delivered, and it will automatically be sent based on the cadence you set. Not only will the Smart Stream skip content that’s been sent before, but it will even skip content that someone already downloaded from your website.

    And best of all, unlike other nurturing solutions that require you to completely re-architect your flow in order to add new content, all you need to do with the CEE is drag it to the top of the Smart Stream, and everyone who hasn’t yet received it yet, will get it next.

    And unlike other nurture solutions that only let you change the conversation based on whether or not an individual clicked or opened an email, Marketo lets you listen for behaviors across channels, as well as other changes - such as a change in score or when a contact is added to an opportunity in the CRM, in order to adapt the conversation in real-time. The result is a more relevant dialogue over the entire customer lifecycle, resulting in deeper engagement, and better results.

  • As these anonymous visitors return to your site, Insightera by Marketo can recommend specific content to them. Best of all, you don’t have to do anything for this to happen. Our content recommendation engine auto-discovers the content on your site, then presents the most relevant content to visitors based on machine learning and predictive analytics…resulting in deeper engagement, and ultimately, higher conversion rates.
  • At a certain point in the relationship, there’s going to be a right time to present the right offer, whether that’s delivered automatically through a triggered campaign, or by pushing a lead to a sales rep when they are win-ready. You can also select specific accounts to target, and when anyone from that account visits your website, even if their anonymous, they’ll see content personalized based on the company they are with.

    By giving you a variety of ways to send the right offer, to the right person, at the right time, you can increase conversions on your site, improve win rates, and close deals faster.
  • I mentioned that we can send the right lead to a sales rep at the right time. Most solutions simply alert sales reps in real-time when just about any “event” happens. A person opens an email, the rep is alerted. A person clicks a link, the rep is alerted. A person visits the website, the rep is alerted. The result is an endless stream of alerts that are usually meaningless, as they aren’t a good indicator of buying intent.

    Sales reps usually find these alerts interesting for the first hour, annoying for the 2nd, and then they ignore them completely.

    Marketo Sales Insight, which is a sales intelligence tool delivered natively within the CRM, is different, in 3 major ways:

    It presents the sales rep with a prioritized list of leads to follow-up
    The list is prioritized based on lead score, which takes into consideration both interests (as determined by behaviors) and fit (determined by demographic and firmographic criteria). In other words, if a person is heavily engaged, but isn’t a fit, it won’t bubble up to the top of the list. Rather, the list will contain leads that are both interested and a fit on top, meaning they are much more likely to be receptive to contact attempts by the sales rep. In other words, they’re win-ready!
    All this insight is delivered natively within the CRM.

    Sales reps that use Marketo Sales Insight find it to be an incredibly valuable tool, because it isn’t a novelty. It really helps them sell more…more quickly.
  • From the mission of Marketing, to how Marketing’s impact is measured, today’s CMO and her leadership team need to make sure they understand and are taking advantage of modern marketing approaches to align with the behavior of today’s buyer and to stay competitive. In particular, marketers need to make a shift from demographics-based marketing to behavior-based marketing, and from batch & blast tactics to continuous relationship-building and nurturing.
  • Marketo’s customer base is over 3,000 strong, with good representation across verticals, geographies, and size of company.
  • Marketo delivers on key business value drivers, from generating more prospects, to increasing sales, to providing better measurement & visibility of Marketing’s impact.

    Speaker: study more detailed case study slides in Appendix
  • ©2006 Marketo, Inc. CONFIDENTIAL
  • Marketers like the ones at Slimband. Slimband is the largest surgical weight loss center in Canada.
    They have many, many people that are interested in their solutions, so they scoring every new visitor and possible consumer
    They then use a data-driven model to look at past and current customers to *predict* who will purchase from them and target those consumers with specific communication
    When you know who’s most likely to purchase, you can focus marketing dollars on the most valuable efforts
    And that results in higher conversions and greater sales.
  • Again, these New Rules are being applied everywhere now
    Take the example of another one of customers, Christiana Care Health Systems, which is a hospital network in the US
    They originally started this behavior driven, 1:1 communication with the intent of having new patients choose their hospital…but, they soon realized that it was a huge benefit for their entire lifecycle of communication.
    They are able to communicate with customers based on their specific conditions – send communications about Diabetes management to the person who has Diabetes…not information about their many other, albeit valuable, services
    The business impact? They saw a dramatic decrease in the number of Emergency Room visits, because people paid attention to the 1:1 information that was being sent to them and they learned how to take care of themselves better.
  • Transcript

    • 1. © 2012 Marketo, Inc. Marketo Proprietary and Confidential The New Rules of Marketing Robert Gavin Director, EMEA Alliances @rjgavin2000 #MKGNation
    • 2. Page 2 • Leader in cloud-based marketing automation • >3,000 customers in 37 countries • >200 ecosystem partners • >40,000 Marketing Nation community members • Public company (MKTO) – Over 500 employees in U.S., Europe, Australia • EU DATA Centre, EU Data Aggregator compliant Marketo Fast Facts
    • 3. Page 3 A Platform for Success Marketo Platform (Multi-tenant SaaS, globally hosted) Database System of Record ERP & Other Enterprise Apps Customer Systems (CRM, E-Commerce, Call Center, etc.) Workflow Engine Time-Series Analytics Engine Enterprise Data Integration Engine Extensible Architecture Prospect and Customer Touch Points Marketo Applications LaunchPoint Partner Applications Marketing Automation Social Marketing Sales Insight Revenue Analytics Lead Data Search Engine Marketing Online Advertising and more… Marketing Management
    • 4. Page 4 THEN NOW Information: SCARCITY Purchasing Power: SELLERS Organizational Power: SALES Information: ABUNDANCE Purchasing Power: BUYERS Organizational Power: MARKETING Unprecedented Changes in Buying
    • 5. Page 5 Finding customers Being found THEN NOW The New Rules of Marketing Engagement #1
    • 6. Page 6 Source: Adbusters, 2011
    • 7. Page 7 Promotion is key in you CM strategy • Target account growth and pipeline acceleration • Reference videos, resources, surveys
    • 8. Page 8 3,000 tweets 136,000 views Content Marketing Creates Pull & Affinity
    • 9. Page 9 Apply Science to Content
    • 10. Page 10 Generate Demand Website and Mobile Personalisation Personalise web and mobile content, even for anonymous visitors
    • 11. Page 11 Finding customers Being found Point in time blasts 1:1 Durable relationships THEN NOW The New Rules of Marketing Engagement #1 #2
    • 12. Page 12 Hi, are you ready to buy? Hi, now are you ready to buy? Hi, how about now? Hi, you must be ready to buy? Hi again, are you ready to buy? What about now? Seriously, not ready yet? Hi, are you ready to buy?
    • 13. Page 13
    • 14. © 2012 Marketo, Inc. Marketo Proprietary and Confidential
    • 15. Page 15 Creating Conversations at Scale
    • 16. Page 16 Finding customers Being found Point in time blasts 1:1 Durable relationships Demographic Behavioral segmentation THEN NOW The New Rules of Marketing Engagement #1 #2 #3
    • 17. Page 17 More Targeted Sends are More Engaging 0 50 100 150 200 250 300 350 400 100 1000 10000 100000 EngagementScore Email Delivered Source: Marketo research
    • 18. Page 18 “Who I am is less important than what I do”
    • 19. Page 19 Generate Demand Content Recommendation Engine Recommend the best content automatically, based on predictive analytics and machine learning
    • 20. Page 20 DRIVE CONVERSIONS Increase Win Rates and Reduce Time to Close Trigger campaigns based on real-time behaviours Target messaging at specific accounts Send win-ready leads to sales, and prioritise follow-up
    • 21. Page 21 BUILD RELATIONSHIPS Boost Sales Productivity Deliver highly-actionable intelligence to sale reps
    • 22. Page 23 Finding customers Being found Point in time blasts 1:1 Durable relationships Demographic Behavioral segmentation Few/isolated channels Exploding/integrated channels THEN NOW The New Rules of Marketing Engagement #1 #2 #3 #4
    • 23. Page 24
    • 24. Page 25 Reach&Engagement SocialLift SocialLift SocialLift SocialLift SocialLift Landing Pages Website Facebook Pages Online Ads Email SocialLift Events Integrate Channels…and Engage the Crowd
    • 25. Page 26 Finding customers Being found Point in time blasts 1:1 Durable relationships Demographic Behavioral segmentation Few/isolated channels Exploding/integrated channels THEN NOW The New Rules of Marketing Engagement #1 #2 #3 #4 Intuitive decision making Owned, big time series data#5
    • 26. Page 27
    • 27. Page 28 Accurately Tracking “Investment” vs. Budget
    • 28. Page 29 Why Measuring Return is Hard • Multiple touches. Seven touches needed to convert into a sale • Multiple influencers. Typical buying process has 5-21 people involved
    • 29. Page 30 Track All Touches Across People, Over Time
    • 30. Page 31 See Direct Program Contribution to Sales Screenshot: Marketo Revenue Cycle Analytics
    • 31. Page 32 Mission Transformation of Marketing Represent the company Finding customers Represent the customer Being found Customer Intelligence Mass advertising Demographic 1:1 Targeting Behavioural Mechanics & Tactics Point in time blasts Few/isolated channels Continuous relationships Exploding/integrated channels Measurement 3rd party data (Nielsen) Intuitive decision making Owned, big data Fact-based decision making THEN NOW
    • 32. Page 33 The Bottom Line: Everyone Can Market Like Amazon
    • 33. Page 34 Marketo Customers Across Industries Life Sciences & Healthcare Media & Consumer Financial Services EducationCommunications & Infrastructure Manufacturing & EnergySoftware & Cloud Business Services
    • 34. Page 35 Marketo Delivers on Key Customer Value Drivers Increased sales lead-to-opportunity conversion by 100% HIGHER CONVERSION RATES Reduced number of emergency room visits and lowered patient acquisition costs LOWER COSTS Enabled teams to track individual program ROI within 8 months BETTER REVENUE VISIBILITY Reduced campaign creation from weeks to 1 day; doubling campaign launch effectiveness MORE PROSPECTS Increased sales by 18% and increased lead generation by 28% INCREASED SALES
    • 35. Page 36 Panasonic Testimonial utube/#twT5Os7Ps8E?modestbranding=0& rel=0&vq=hd1080&autoplay=1
    • 36. Page 37 Marketo EMEA Ltd. Cairn House South County Business Park Leopardstown, Dublin 18, Ireland Direct: +353.1.242 3033 Robert Gavin Channels & Alliances @rjgavin2000 Success Kit for DDM Alliance
    • 37. © 2012 Marketo, Inc. Marketo Proprietary and Confidential
    • 38. © 2012 Marketo, Inc. Marketo Proprietary and Confidential