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DDG is an internationally renowned planning, architecture, graphics and design company unique in its ability to deliver dynamic, extraordinary solutions to place-making in cities, towns and suburbs all over the world. With a strong history of providing superior expertise in many successful commercial endeavors - notably Istinye Park in Istanbul, Turkey, the award-winning themed movie destinations of Muvico Theaters and the ICSC award-winning Easton Town Center near Columbus, Ohio - the firm’s successful track record is reinforced time and again with numerous awards received for designs that work in the real world. DDG will formulate the highest and best use for property, utilizing of our strongest asset: creative design.

DDG’s vast portfolio includes exciting new retail and entertainment concepts, first-class hotel, leisure, and resort facilities, unique office and residential designs, town/leisure centers and large mixed-use destinations offering a wide range of elements and activities. A host of prestigious domestic and international clients seek DDG’s multi-disciplinary professional services for themed environments, entertainment/retail, regional planning, waterfront development, urban and suburban revitalization, specialty center development, and creative concept generation for land use and project feasibility.

DDG’s multilingual teams create projects from the firm’s Baltimore, Maryland (USA) headquarters, offering extensive experience in virtually every aspect of development. Fluent in over 25 languages, the company’s design specialists command diverse resources to create destinations harmoniously integrated with their surroundings and culturally attuned to the lifestyles of their clients and customers.

DDG’s novel ability to integrate multiple disciplines has found dramatic expression in celebrated hubs of activity everywhere - truly memorable places where ideas and commerce, dreams and lifestyles converge in new and sensational ways.

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Ddg master comprehensive

  1. 1. current + selected worksretail ∙ mixed use ∙ lifestyle centers ∙ entertainment ∙ planning ∙ graphics ∙ interiors ∙ residential ∙ landscape ∙ corporate ∙ hospitality Development Design Group, Inc. 3700 O’Donnell Street Baltimore, Maryland 21224 USA P: 410 962 0505 F: 410 783 0816 E: info@ddg-usa.com www.ddg-usa.com ©2012 Development Design Group Inc. All Rights Reserved
  2. 2. current + selected works 2012
  3. 3. DDGinfo@ddg-usa.com410 962 0505 mainDDG_design twitterDDG.Traveller facebookwww.ddg-usa.com3700 O’Donnell StreetBaltimore, Maryland21224 USABaltimore-based DDG delivers inspired planning,architecture, graphics and design solutions thattranscend convention, invite and explore new pos-sibilities. An industry leader with a reputation forinnovative thinking and visionary design, DDG’singenuity, creativity and professional passion fordesigning sustainable, evocative and iconic ener-gized environments has earned the firm its status asan industry and global leader.From dynamic mixed-use destinations and extraor-dinary master-planned communities, to ground-breaking extreme sports and leisure concepts andspectacular retail and entertainment environments,the firm’s work encompasses a vast spectrumof genres and design styles. DDG’s award-win-ning track record is proof that great design caninspire new ideas, new uses, and new lifestylepossibilities, unlocking hidden potential to create amemorable and defining sense of place.
  4. 4. RETAILInnovative new concepts and compelling environ-ments recapture the pageantry, color, energy, vital-ity and flair of the traditional marketplace, a spacewhere sight, sound and spirit define an experienceas comprehensively as structure and space. Trend-setting destinations re-envision the retail arena assupercharged, extraordinarily interactive, almosttheatrical-elevating a place into an experience.
  5. 5. MIXED USEIntegrating multiple uses-retail, residential, office,entertainment, hotel- involves much more than justproximity. True synergy seamlessly blends disparateelements into a fusion of design and style, contentand character, and form and function to promotecommerce, encourage interaction, and develop adistinctive sense of place in harmony with naturaland cultural surroundings-places to live, work andplay.
  6. 6. LIFESTYLE CENTERSBlending traditional design elements with modern con-venience and selection, town centers connect small-town spirit with fresh contemporary lifestyle options.An intimate design scale, diverse merchandisingmix and lively animation and programming createcommunity environments that comfort and stimu-late, invite pedestrian exploration, and encouragemovement, vitality and interaction.
  7. 7. ENTERTAINMENTIn a world where people demand ever more outof their leisure options-always seeking somethingbigger, something more-expanding the boundar-ies of entertainment involves recognizing that funisn’t a venue or a theme park; it is an experience.From indoor roller coasters to interactive sports andgames, from themed cinema destinations to exhila-rating shopping center discoveries, new and engag-ing options are redefining leisure time.
  8. 8. PLANNINGFrom mangrove forests to seafront promenades,from backyard landscapes to 10,000-hectare com-munities, creative and sophisticated planningdemands the ability to weave intimate details intoa cohesive, coordinated whole. Residential develop-ments, resort communities and urban revitalizationsare designed habitats, vibrantly integrated environ-ments that are attuned to the wants and needs oftheir inhabitants.
  9. 9. GRAPHICSDDG|GRAPHICS’ multi-disciplinary team of design-ers is dedicated to creating unique and powerfulvisual solutions for extraordinary places all over theworld. Whether it is an identity, web design, market-ing materials, environmental graphics or an exhibit,DDG|GRAPHICS’ combines skill and design knowl-edge in distinctive visual ways. Exhibiting a keenawareness of connection, context and architecturalnuance, DDG’s graphic design work forges a vitallink between the built environment and the activitieswithin.
  10. 10. INTERIORSFrom luxurious hotel designs, to sumptuous materi-als and finishes for urban living, to efficient and com-fortable professional office spaces, DDG’s interiorsattention to architectural detailing along with thesubtle layering and progression of color, lighting,texture, balance and function all combine to createa unified interior that speaks to contemporary styleand living. The use of local materials and natural fin-ishes further enhances each project’s unique heri-tage to create extraordinary destinations.
  11. 11. RESIDENTIALSuccessful residential environments demand bothinnovative design and careful consideration of con-text, amenities, landscaping and cultural or regionalinfluences. From towering high-rise housing devel-opments to elaborately planned communities,thoughtfully designed townhomes to elegant con-temporary villas, loft-style urban apartments to dra-matic waterfront residences, and country cottagesto luxury condominiums, DDG creates exceptionalliving spaces that resonate with a sense of commu-nity, comfort, security and style.
  12. 12. LANDSCAPEDDG can provide a full range of landscape masterplan services or for a specific area to fit the client’sproject requirements. After a site analysis of factorssuch as climate, soil, flora, fauna, topography anddrainage, a comprehensive professional landscapedesign program can be created. This approach ben-efits the quality, use and value of the built environ-ment by enhancing the project’s theme and identityand improving the project’s sustainability throughreduced water consumption and energy efficiency.The landscape design typically addresses the loca-tion, character and materials of specific landscapeplantings, hardscape surfaces, entry gateways, light-ing design, water features, and site furnishings. DDGcan be retained to develop the project’s program,Concept, Schematic, Design Development docu-ments, amenity specifications, cost estimates andtime schedules. DDG is committed to providingenvironmentally-sustainable professional landscapedesign solutions.
  13. 13. CORPORATEFrom massive 9-tower urban developments, toserene suburban office parks, DDG maximizes officebuilding efficiency. Housing multinational corporateheadquarters, medical facilities, legal offices and avast range of professional services, DDG’s buildingsfeature people-friendly amenities such as pedestrianskybridges, dramatic atria with interactive fountains,landscaped public plazas, and accessible links totransportation, retail, residential, and recreationalfacilities.
  14. 14. HOSPITALITYPremiere hotel and residential or resort destinationsoffer luxurious and comfortable surroundings thatare as soothing and alluring as they are stimulatingand enlivening. From urban hotels to themed resortcommunities, true hospitality fuses the familiarcomforts of home with carefully crafted detail andexceptional artistry to establish an extraordinary anddefining sense of place.
  15. 15. DDG Sports, integrates the energy and drama ofsports with an experiential retail and mixed-use flairfeaturing spectacular signage, dramatic lighting,interactive elements and bold architectural mediacomponents that exude a contemporary energy andvitality. By re-imaging the intersection of sports,retail and entertainment, DDG Sports has createdmemorable arenas and sports venues that havebecome iconic destinations that blend social, cul-tural, business, sports and entertainment elementsin new and exciting ways.
  16. 16. DDG’s dedication to advancing a sustainable designphilosophy ensures that the firm’s award-winningdesign portfolio is not just compatible with greendesign ideas, but represents some of the best andmost innovative international planning and designwork. Adhering to the highest standards of greendesign, LEED or Breeam, by advocating and practic-ing sustainable design principles, DDGgreen’s workis grounded in the belief that the push for efficiency,simplicity and sustainability can inspire elegantarchitectural design solutions; green design is greatdesign.
  17. 17. Town Square Las Vegas Development Highlights • No casinos as part of the development.Design/Completion: 2004/2005-2006Location: Las Vegas, Nevada • 5687 parking spaces, including 1353Client: Turnberry Associates and Centra structured spaces.PropertiesSize: 1.5 million square feet/139,355 square • First true lifestyle development in Lasmeters Vegas providing a community destination andSite:100 acres/40 hectares gathering place for residents + tourists alike.www.mytownsquarelasvegas.com • Curbside parking for retail tenant customers • Town Square Park/Children’s Park • Diverse + strong tenant mix – H&M, GuitarA lifestyle destination that breaks the Vegas Center, Whole Foods Market, Old Navy,mold, Town Square features a compelling Rave Motion Pictures (cinema), Robb &combination of public parks, retail, hotel, Stucky (home furnishings)office, dining and entertainment options.Located on the Vegas Strip, adjacent to • Superb quality architectural facades,McCarran International Airport with strategic finishes and landscape amenities as oneaccess to I-15 and I-215, the project is at the would expect “only in Vegas”heart of the action for Las Vegas. • A variety of tree + architectural shadingTown Square offers an array of retail options provides a pleasant day-time walkingand boutique shops oriented around environment in the extreme heat; whilea central town square with fountains and lighting and fireplaces enhance the eveningplazas. Family-friendly facilities include a experience.children’s park with a carousel, bookstores, • The creation of “land banks” to leverageart galleries, gourmet market and an increased future density along the most80,000 square-foot, 18-screen second-level valuable site frontages.multiplex theater. A revolutionary conceptfor Las Vegas – a city with few publicparks, community spaces or traditionalcivic facilities – the unique format channelsvibrant Vegas energy into an innovative newneighborhood-style retail and entertainmentcommunity. Telling evidence of this newapproach is the conspicuous absence ofthose iconic Vegas landmarks: casinos.Town Square includes over 200,000 squarefeet of loft office space above street-levelretail, a 250-key hotel and 90,000 squarefeet of health and fitness facilities. A collageof different architectural styles – from OldWorld-styled, Spanish mission-inspired“pueblo-deco” and traditional main street,to contemporary town center styling andMediterranean influences – confer an organicsensibility, conveying the impression that thetown has evolved over time. Abundant greenspace and tree-lined, colonnaded avenuesshaded with trellises and canopies soften thestreetscape, enabling the city’s two millionresidents and 40 million annual tourists toexperience a fresh new approach to LasVegas design.ICSC US Design and Development Award –Silver Award – Innovative Design of a NewProject, 2009
  18. 18. Town Square Las VegasDesign/Completion: 2004/2005-2006Location: Las Vegas, NevadaClient: Turnberry Associates and CentraPropertiesSize: 1.5 million square feet/139,355 squaremeters/100 acres
  19. 19. Town Square Las VegasDesign/Completion: 2004/2005-2006Location: Las Vegas, NevadaClient: Turnberry Associates and CentraPropertiesSize: 1.5 million square feet/139,355 squaremeters/100 acres
  20. 20. Town Square Las VegasDesign/Completion: 2004/2005-2006Location: Las Vegas, NevadaClient: Turnberry Associates and CentraPropertiesSize: 1.5 million square feet/139,355 squaremeters/100 acres
  21. 21. Xi Cheng ClubhouseDesign/Completion: 2008/on-goingLocation: Shenzen, ChinaClient: China Merchants Real Estate Ltd.;Shenzen OCT Real Estate Ltd.Size: 5,000 square feet/465 square metersXi Cheng Clubhouse is the central hub anda main gathering space for the mixed-usecommunity of Xi Cheng Buena Vista, insouthern China. The Clubhouse blendssimplicity and grandeur, built in an Andalusianstyle that mirrors that of the surroundingcommunity, with white stucco buildings, red-tile roofs, and inlaid brick sidewalks aroundthe building. A distinctive clock tower anchorsone corner, forming a prominent communitylandmark. The Clubhouse’s graceful archesdefine twin pavilions facing inward on a red-tile courtyard and palm-lined pool. Inside,natural stone arches and dark wood-veneerceilings add warmth and intimacy within alarge, open, community space.An east-west roadway axis running pastthe Clubhouse is the main access intothe community, while water features markthe north-south axis. Water cascades intothe Clubhouse courtyard from pools andfountains within a nature preserve on thesouthern hilltop. Pools also accent a lineargarden extending north into what will soonbecome a residential village of townhousesand free-standing villas.
  22. 22. discovery. Conceptual axis elements bisect park anchoring the northern component,Xi Cheng Buena Vista The residential/mixed-use development of Xi Cheng – which loosely translates to “Dawn of the site, forming intuitive connections between which features detached and semi-detachedDesign/Completion: 2004/ongoing a New City” – exudes elegant tranquility and thematic and topographical highlights. White villas. The third parcel, Las Terrazas, is aLocation: Shenzhen, China style. Tucked against the base of majestic stucco, stone, and clay tile materials recall 50,000-square-meter mixed-use area to theClient: China Merchants Real Estate Ltd.; Jiang Gang Shan Mountain, Xi Cheng’s Spanish and Italian design themes. northwest with restaurants, shops, servicedShenzhen OCT Real Estate Ltd. residential units, a clubhouse, community dramatic location – near downtown ShenzhenSize: 568 acres/230 hectares Xi Cheng is composed of three interconnected and surrounded by hills and scenic vistas arts building and a kindergarten. areas. Buena Vista, a residential – resonates with urban convenience and neighborhood, features townhomes and villas comfortable community living. Pocket parks, around a central hill park and community green space and water emphasize the pool. A surrounding waterway encompasses organic nature of the master plan. The layout Buena Vista, while a feature fountain to flows with the existing topography; a natural the south adds visibility from the roadway progression of spaces adds to a sense of beyond. Water elements spill into the linear
  23. 23. another innovation is Cocowalk’s reduced Urban Land Institute Award of Excellence –Cocowalk scale, with floor-to-floor heights at about Small-Scale Commercial/Retail Development, four meters (12 feet), roughly two-thirds of 1992Design/Completion 1987/1990Miami, Florida, USA the U.S. norm. The smaller scale increases National Mall Monitor Centers of Excellence –Client: Constructa Properties & Grand Oak intimacy and interaction within and betweenPartnership Honorable Mention, 1991 levels.GLA: 200,000 square feet/ 18,590 square City of Miami, Beautification and Environmentmeters Cocowalk’s centerpiece is a palm-tree-linedBuilding structure: post-tensioned concrete Award, 1991 open-air courtyard that doubles as a foodBuilding Materials: masonry with stuccofinish with natural stone and pre-cast court and entertainment venue. Boutique-concrete accents lined verandas on all levels surround the courtyard, which opens directly to a perimeter sidewalk, so visitors can enter the complex without committing to parking lots, vestibules, or even stores. Red roof tiles and stucco siding give Cocowalk the look andAs the first themed urban retail-and- texture of a Mediterranean village, and are inentertainment center in America, Cocowalk, keeping with its South Florida environment.in Miami, Florida, has played a key role in Details such as the selection of 15 differentdefining the genre. Its three U-shaped levels kinds of floor tile and a variety of buildingcontain more than 40 shops, restaurants, elevation designs create the impression thatnightclubs, and cafés, and a 16-screen the complex has evolved naturally over time.multiplex cinema. Parking under and behindthe center enters directly into shopping FIABCI Prix d’Excellence – Finalist – Retaillevels. Properties 1997One innovation was making the cinema the ICSC Design and Development Award – Firstproject’s anchor; another was locating it Place Award – Innovative Design of a Newon third floor, with walkways structured to Project, 1992draw moviegoers past other merchants. Still
  24. 24. Pondok Indah Mall IIDesign/Completion: 2004/2005Location: Jakarta, Republic of IndonesiaClient: PT. Metropolitan KencanaSize: 614,619 square feet/57,100 squaremeters of GLAThe Pondok Indah Mall Phase II expansion pedestrian bridges to the existing mall, the over 3,000 additional parking spaces inadds an expanded range of shopping, dining expansion offers a three-level department structured and on-grade facilities alleviateand entertainment experiences to the DDG- store, mini-anchors, supermarket, food congestion and movement to and fromdesigned mall that became Jakarta’s first court and a seven-theater cineplex. A family perimeter road systems. Pedestrian trafficand most prestigious multi-level shopping entertainment center anchors one end of is easy and efficient, flowing throughoutcenter. The expansion takes on a more the expansion and connects directly to the the entire Pondok Indah shopping centerhistorical character, with shapes, materials food court and international restaurants. complex.and finishes referencing Old World styles, yet The multi-story facility includes an ice rink,remains compatible with the existing mall’s bowling center and state-of-the-art interactivemore contemporary design. entertainment technology. FIABCI Prix d’Excellence – Category – Winner Retail Properties, 2006Three levels of international retail line a A planned 300-key hotel will anchor thegrand, enclosed central galleria lit with bright, opposite end of the shopping center.natural illumination. Connected by two major Seamless on-site vehicular circulation and
  25. 25. Lujiazui 1885Design/Completion: 2005/2008Location: Pudong, ChinaClient: Shanghai Lujiazui Development(Group) Company LtdSize: 80,729 square feet/7,500 square metersA prominent site along Pudong’s main Three main buildings with restaurant and exhibits French colonial architectural artifacts.thoroughfare of Century Boulevard, Lujiazui signature boutique retail tenants, line the west Underground service and delivery areas1885 transforms a small parcel of vital side of the wedge-shaped site. Multilevel provide a creative alternative to traditionaldowntown real estate into a prestigious retail, structures evoke elements of traditional back-of-house operations, and accessibledining and entertainment experience. Faced Shanghai architecture, and open terraces on-site underground parking accommodateswith the challenges, covenants and zoning look out over a central events plaza. The nearly 200 vehicles.restrictions of a small, high-profile site, the plaza features a large oval lawn surrounded With elegant styling and skillful juxtapositionlayout makes ample use of green space, by paved walkways and landscaping, water of historical context and urban vision, Lujiazuiintegrates historic structures and traditional elements and outdoor café seating. Flanked by 1885 merges the past with the present inelements, and uses meticulous crafting the existing Noble House restaurant, a small, ways that celebrate its distinguished locationand innovative design solutions to create a traditional tea house overlooks the central at the literal and figurative intersection ofcompelling destination in the urban heart of court. A high-end private club, Noble House today’s Shanghai.Pudong. was formerly a grand private residence, and
  26. 26. Situated on a curving swath of land just cinema, bowling alley and a wide array of of escalator and elevator access to the running through the LoureShopping design; aLoureShopping outside of Lisbon and adjacent to a major retail and dining options. An extensive glass center’s interior. At the south end of the concept reinforced by the flowing curves and east-west highway, LoureShopping overlooks facade opens onto all levels of the building building a large, distinctive truncated glass organic lines of the structure itself.Design/Completion: 2002/2005Location: Lisbon, Portugal a large expanse of public green space, along the eastern edge of the property, cone, supported by a latticework steel frame, ULI Awards for Excellence, “Finalist – Europe”,Client: Sonae Imobiliaria – Servicos, S.A. parkland and interstate highway beyond. giving motorists and pedestrians traveling surrounds escalators rising from the lowestSize: 645,600 square feet/60,000 square LoureShopping, Lisbon, Portugal This vibrant new retail and entertainment along the adjacent avenue a direct view into level of parking to the second-floor foodmeters destination’s combination of curving, elegant the energy and retail activity inside. Large court. A vibrant high-ceilinged space under LoureShopping is the first PortugueseContact: Jose Quintela lines and bright, contemporary styling graphic advertising panels and lively tenant a dramatically swooping glass and steel roof, shopping centre with Environmental351. and graphics infuse fresh energy into the graphics animate the exterior of the center, the food court takes advantage of the scenic Certification from ISO 14001, in the field ofjquintela@sonaesierra.com traditional mall concept. and rippling molded canopies and banner park-view overlook with open-air terraces works process and construction signage add depth and texture. and tree-shaded balconies. The outdoor The graceful lines, smooth curves and features and glass ceiling reinforce a larger extensive glass frontage of LoureShopping An attached parking deck includes two natural theme of the sun, moon and stars enclose the hypermarket, a six-screen levels of underground parking with points
  27. 27. Mall of IstanbulDesign/Completion: current project/2011Location: Istanbul, TurkeyClient: TorunlarSize: 5.5 million square feet/510,996 squaremeters; 150 acres/61 hectaresOverall GBA 330,000sm+ GLA 255,000smRetail GBA 195,000sm + GLA 135,000smApartments GBA 108,000+ GLA 97,000,plus the number of units 1500Hotel GBA 20,000sm+ GLA 18,000sm, plusthe proposed number of keys 300Parking spaces – structured 5600
  28. 28. Jewel of India MallDesign/Completion: 2007/ongoingLocation: Jaipur, India Client: SUNCITYProjectsSize: 1.5 million square feet/ 139,355square metersA large enclosed shopping center with anoutdoor town center component, The Jewel ofIndia Mall provides 1.5 million square feet ofupscale retail, dining and hospitality options.An attached 5-star 240-key hotel offers full-service banquet facilities, and additionalbusiness space provides an added officecomponent.The Jewel of India Mall includes four largedepartment store anchors and two separatefood courts. In a nod to cultural traditions,one food court is dedicated exclusivelyto vegetarians. The project includesunderground parking that provides ampleaccommodations for upwards of 2,000vehicles, and the sub-level garage offersdirect elevator and escalator access up intothe heart of the mall. The striking design ofthe Jewel of India Mall embraces organicforms and curving lines. The flowing, sinuousexterior presentation of the mall uses locallyquarried cream-colored sandstone to createthe appearance of a flowing, sculpturalexpanse of stone and masonry.
  29. 29. Atlantis Plaza Stylistically distinct and unlike anything else Located on the north side of the city, in the region, Atlantis Plaza’s Mediterranean Atlantis Plaza features five retail levels ofDesign/Completion: 1998/1999 styling, bold presentation and high- international retailers, specialty boutiques,Location: Bogotá, Colombia energy concept distinguish this innovative music stores, bookstores, cafes, and aClient: Espinosa Fenwarth Construcciones Bogotá destination. Just blocks away themed restaurant and nightclub. TerracedSize: 133,757 square feet/ from an existing mall, Atlantis Plaza helps restaurants and shops overlook a courtyard12,431 square meters reinvigorate the corridor of streetside retail, plaza; an internal atrium space enclosed dining and entertainment connecting the two within dramatic steel-trussed glass frontage destinations. Streets are closed to vehicular and skylighting. Additional levels offer a food traffic, creating a pedestrian avenue and court showcasing local and global cuisine, leisure destination and solidifying Atlantis an interactive high-tech games arcade, an Plaza’s reputation as a groundbreaking urban 8-plex theater with stadium seating and a VIP retail and entertainment venue. mezzanine, and four levels of underground parking with space for over 600 vehicles. The solidity of the masonry, stucco, natural stone and pre-cast concrete accents combines with sleek contemporary elements – steel, glass and neon – in an energizing juxtaposition of traditional and modern. In this environment, candlelit terraces, balconies, cast iron lamps, gates and fixtures combine with escalators, fountains, trees, busy staircases and an animated progression of spaces to contribute a boutique energy and an open, active feel to the project.
  30. 30. Menlyn Park Development Highlights • Outdoor events arena for all season sports and community events. • At the time of construction, it was theDesign/Completion: 1997/2001 largest expansion + renovation project in • Increased sales increased from $16,822,070Location: Pretoria, Republic of South Africa South Africa. (pre-construction) to $99,775,733 (post-Client: Old Mutual Investment GroupProperty Investments construction). • Careful planning allowed the center toSize: 1,200,000 square feet/111,524 square remain fully open for business throughout • Monthly shopper flow increased frommeters construction - even during the addition of a 650,000 people to an average of 1,300,000www.menlynpark.co.za new third level of retail. people. • Unique roof-top Drive-In movie experience built atop the parking deck. • Interior spaces sized to accommodate highwire acts.Although bigger often means more confusing,the renovation of Pretoria’s Menlyn Parknearly doubled the size of this popularregional shopping center, while improvingaccess and organization and adding newfeature spaces to increase its attractivenessto consumers. Working from a new masterplan, Design Group expanded Menlyn Parkvertically and horizontally, completing whatwere partial upper levels and adding a newlower level to the east end. A new ringroad system enhances traffic circulation andprovides entry into a six-level parking garage.Entry points have been simplified, and thenew garage feeds directly into each of thecenter’s three levels. The design imaginativelytransforms the top level of the garage into adrive-in movie theater, which is adjacent to a16-screen cinema.Menlyn Park’s most striking feature is theGrand Hall, a three-level court carved from thecenter of the complex. A tensile roof coversthe hall, adding to its open and airy ambiance.Another innovation is Menlyn Events, anarena inspired by Roman amphitheaters thatwill provide a venue for activities ranging fromrock concerts to soccer matches.A new graphic identity with colors and shapesinspired by traditional African patternscomplements design innovations throughoutthe center, which remained open during theextensive renovation.ICSC Design and Development Award – FirstPlace Design Award, Renovation/Expansionof an existing project, 2002Creativity 31 Competition – “Creativity Annual”– Recognition of Outstanding EnvironmentalGraphics, 2002
  31. 31. Menlyn EventsLocation: Pretoria, South AfricaDeveloper: Old Mutual Investment GroupProperty Investments
  32. 32. Flower shows, tennis tournaments, boatshows, soccer, extreme sports, beachvolleyball, cricket, traveling exhibits, dancing,concerts, arts festivals, ice rink, roller rink,miniature golf, trade shows, antique shows,car shows, craft and farmers markets, pettingzoo, sports clinics, outdoor sports equipmentshows, dog and cat shows, swimming poolpromotions, home improvements shows,Barbeque/cook-off competitions, ethnicfestivals, private parties, music festivals,sports fashion shows, space shuttle launchplatform and everything else under the sun,the moon and the stars.
  33. 33. For all its visual intensity, two key featuresThe Zone@Rosebank set the (loud) tone for the Zone@Rosebank, a bold, high-tech urban entertainment center inDesign/Completion: 1998/2000Location: Johannesburg, Guateng, Republic Johannesburg’s Rosebank suburb. One is theof South Africa graphic power of an electrified streetscape,Client: Old Mutual Investment Group which takes advantage of Rosebank’sProperty Investments enviable corner location at the intersectionSize: 290,520 square feet/27,000 squaremeters of Oxford Road, a major municipal artery, and Tyrwhitt Avenue, a popular pedestrian street. Rosebank engages the street, with the exterior chiefly serving as a medium for the contemporary graphic design expressions of its tenants, which include upscale boutiques, high-tech arcades, Internet cafés and themed restaurants, department store and 14-screen multiplex cinema. Rather than leave these of the cone shape and the rose-petal design designs to chance, Design Group worked of its skylight draw attention and movement with tenants to create high-energy, studio- upward. The cone walls at the cinema level like design identities. The studio environment double as advertisement or movie trailer also carries to interior mall and court areas, projection screens. At night, the cone shines with prominent tenant merchandising and as a beacon on the urban landscape. promotions. At the time of publication, a mixed-use The second defining feature is a cone- expansion, including shopping, hotel and shaped skylight cutting through the center’s residential components, is in the planning core into the third-level lobby. An interior and design stages. cylinder descends from the cone through ICSC International Design and Development the first two levels, connecting the cinema Award – Certificate of Merit, Renovation or lobby to the shopping below. The dynamism Expansion of an Existing Project, 2001
  34. 34. The Zone@Rosebank ExpansionDesign/Completion: 1998/2000Location: Johannesburg, Guateng, Republicof South AfricaClient: Old Mutual Investment GroupProperty InvestmentsSize: 306,746 square feet/28,508 squaremeters
  35. 35. An award-winning antidote to suburban sprawlEaston Town Center and a genre-defining mixed-use destination,Design/Completion: 1995/1999 Easton Town Center displays a mid-AmericaLocation: Columbus, Ohio, USA theme that integrates shopping withClient: Georgetown LTD/Steiner + entertainment, recreation, office, residentialAssociates and hospitality components. Easton adaptsPhase I GLA – 650,000 square feet/ 60,409square meters on 33 acres/13.4 hectares tenets of New Urbanism design in ways thatPhase II GLA – 750,000 square feet/ 69,703 reflect its setting near the city of Columbus.square meters on 40 acres/16.2 hectares Designers used storyboards to plan Easton, adapting vernacular themes of Midwesternhttp://www.eastontowncenter.com American towns in the first half of the 20th century to contemporary uses. Recognizable icons like the Fire Station, Library and Drug Store help create the impression that the design has evolved over time. Easton’sDevelopment Highlights centerpiece is an enclosed mall designed as a traditional Midwestern train station,• 7000 surface spaces, 550 structured with a 30-screen cinema, video arcade, andspaces funded with TIF money. Taxes and other entertainment tenants. Smaller storesmaintenance costs are charged back to non- and cafés at street level fill out Easton’sanchor tenants. traditional street grid. Office space is above• 20 million visitors annually in a trade area of the stores on the second level. Narrow, tree-1.6 million people. The secondary trade area lined streets and parallel parking sidewalksis 85 miles out. 25% of all sales are outside unite vehicles and pedestrians to completethe primary and secondary trade areas. the quintessential small-town ambience.• Easton Town Center has inspired over 7 Phase Two, the Fashion District, is focusedmillion square feet of retail, office, hotel, and around the Strand, a linear, almost Parisian,residential development. run of parks, fountain plazas and retail to provide a series of public gathering spaces• Voted among the top ten retail destinations in that evoke a grand shopping avenue. A tree-the world by several international magazines. lined central median with large stately cast-• Test center for new retail concepts iron lampposts, banner-mounted signage• 3 highly successful hotels. and brick pedestrian walkways facilitate “cross-shopping” and encourage movement• The center has been highly successful and flow.resulting in several expansions since theoriginal center opened. 2000 ICSC Design and Development Award – Design Award, Innovative Design and• The first free-standing Nordstrom’s Construction of a New Projectdepartment store in that company’s history.
  36. 36. Lavasa Dasve VillageDesign/Completion: 2007/underconstructionLocation: Mumbai, IndiaClient: Lavasa Corporation, LimitedSize: 70 acres/28 hectares Dasve Village Town Center is part of the larger Lavasa master-planned development in India’s Mose Valley. Warasgaon Lake, formed by the Warasgaon Dam at the eastern end of the 20-kilometer-long, 5-kilometer- wide valley, defines the site, and the overall project consists of over 12,500 lakefront and hillside acres bordering a forest preserve to the north. An environmentally sensitive design that preserves natural contours and watercourses accommodates the hilly terrain and severe climate in the monsoon season. Inspired by European and Goan influences, Dasve Village is the northernmost of the five planned Lavasa towns, and the mixed- use town center at the heart of the village embodies Dasve’s eclectic style and international town planning and architectural sensibilities. A public place that creates literal and figurative connections between two new university campuses and the surrounding town, the town center design creates places where university and civic functions interact and overlap. Two campuses, the Hilltop Campus to the north and the Lakeside Campus to the south, incorporate a range of dual-use facilities – auditoriums, arenas, sports facilities – intended for both town and university use. Public residences and faculty housing intermingle, and Dasve’s retail core features a student-friendly mix of bookstores, restaurants and cafes.
  37. 37. Istinye ParkDesign/Completion: 2004/2007Location: Istanbul, TurkeyClient: Orjin Deri Konfeksiyon San.Ve Tic.,A.S.Size: 796,240 square feet/74,000 square meters of GLAIstinye Park is a vibrant new retail andentertainment destination situated abovea natural topographical “amphitheater”of master-planned mid-rise residentialneighborhoods. The project consists of threeconceptually and architecturally distinctelements – a grand central entertainmentrotunda, an open-air lifestyle center and aglass-roofed indoor retail area – combinedinto one multifaceted omnicenter.Master-planned on over 13 hectares, Istinyefeatures a range of retail, restaurant andentertainment venues serviced by fourlevels of sub-grade parking. The project’scenterpiece is the Grand Rotunda, a dramaticarena-like space beneath a scalloped,segmented roof structure. Supported by acentral exterior mast and suspension cables,this 100-meter-diameter hard-shell canopyencloses a food court, a 10-screen stadium-seating cinema, themed retail and anamphitheater. The open-air Lifestyle Center,with central town park, street-side shoppingand two levels of specialty retail, offers arelaxed atmosphere, while the departmentstore anchors, under the massive skylightsand abundant natural lighting of the three-level Fashion Zone, present a fresh take onan enclosed mall.From the projected interactive media wallsflanking the exterior rotunda, to the gourmetmarket and health spa, to the full selectionof service and convenience facilities, IstinyePark offers something special: a spectaculararray of retail and entertainment possibilitiesin a unique urban lifestyle environment;Istanbul’s first true contemporary gatheringspace.Trade Count of Shopping Centers + Retailers(AMPD) of Turkey, Best Shopping Centerover 50,000m2ICSC-European Design & DevelopmentAwards “First Place Design Award, NewDevelopment – Very Large”
  38. 38. A progressive mix of Midwestern mercantile designed elements into the public spaceThe Greene architectural styles characterize The Greene, with bridging components like canopies, a regional shopping, dining and residential colonnades and outdoor dining optionsDesign/Completion: 2005/2006Location: Dayton, Ohio, USA district designed around a central town infuses the project with life and vitality. TheClient: Steiner + Associates square. Approximately 400,000 square result is a mixed-use destination that enlivensSize: 800,000 square feet/74,349 square feet of retail and restaurants, an 80,000-s.f. the public square and encourages residentsmeters stadium-seating cinema and 150 loft-style and visitors to engage, experience and residences overlook The Greene’s fountained explore their environment. town square and elongated central park. The project also features 100,000 square feet of high-tech office suites and a full-service hotel. By making residential components a prominent feature in civic space, The Greene achieves a level of established authenticity; a mix of retail and residential that creates the dense livable space of a town that has evolved over time. Civic anchors, rather than retail icons, evoke architectural memories of a firehouse, town hall, bank and library. These echoes of traditional main street are positioned at key visual intersections along streets and park corners. Two large farmers market buildings, complete with restaurants and small shops, bracket the town square. The Greene’s use of a variety of colors, textures and traditional brick-and-stone materials, and its commitment to projecting
  39. 39. Westgate City CenterLocation: Glendale, ArizonaDesign/Completion: 2003/2006Client: The Ellman CompaniesSize: 510,000 square feet/47,381 squaremeters in Phase 1; 222 Acres overall Westgate City Center is a dynamic project Displaying an “Arizona Deco” architectural brilliant graphics and signage, light towers, – both literally and figuratively a living oasis style with traditional Southwestern coloring, interactive displays and a 100-foot-tall of light, sound, and energy. The heart of the palm trees and stucco, metal and masonry hanging-display crane, the plaza is an ideal project is a vibrant stretch of retail, dining and elements, Westgate is accented by an venue for sporting events or concerts. While entertainment connected directly to the NHL unexpected element – water. Bubbling up the town center, stadium and Events Plaza Phoenix Coyotes’ new home: an 18,000-seat amidst boulders, indigenous plants and constitute the initial phase of development, state-of-the-art multipurpose arena. Thirty natural landscaping, Coyote Wells stream the comprehensive Westgate plan is more minutes from downtown Phoenix and directly runs over 600 feet - from the 20-screen extensive. Hotels, town homes, office and adjacent to the planned build site for the stadium-seating Loews theater to the residential lofts, both a neighborhood and National Football League Arizona Cardinals’ hockey arena. Pedestrian retail and serene regional destination retail center, and over new stadium, Westgate is ideally situated waterside dining lead into the abundant 2 million square feet of Class A mid-rise at the heart of Arizona’s new sports and energy of the Events Plaza outside the arena. office space make Westgate a true “city within entertainment mecca. A remarkable open space invoking a Times a city.” Square atmosphere with huge billboards,
  40. 40. Expo Xplore Development Highlights • One of the leading climbing facilities inDesign/Completion: 1999/2002 the world. At 22.5m (8 stories) high, it is theLocation: Durban, Republic of South Africa planet’s highest free-standing indoor climbingClient: Old Mutual Investment GroupProperty Investments wall.Size: 258,334 square feet/24,000 squaremeters • Highest foot traffic and sales of any Nissan SUV dealership in the world.www.gatewayworld.co.za/home.htm • Snow making machine and state-of-the-art programmable sound and light equipment in Expo Hall.Expo-Xplore is a branded two-level, • A 4000m2 skatepark designed by 10-timeinteractive sports and entertainment facility. World Skating Champion, Tony Hawk - a firstSuffused with energy and extraordinarily in South Africa -interactive, it is an integral component of theGateway Theatre of Shopping. Essentially an • The first large flow wave in South Africa.experiential showcase of boardsports and • Unique fusion of all boardsport cultures in aextreme retail stores, Expo-Xplore‘s dramatic, retail environment.supercharged approach positions bundledretail and entertainment options within anenergized, multi-sensory environment.Every part of Expo-Xplore was designedaround movement, vitality and high-energy interactions between person andplace. Facilities include a basketball court,children’s games, painted floor maze, acompetition-class standing wave for surfingand an adjacent 4x4 track. A Tony Hawk-designed skate park adjoins the building.The central rotunda towers over the keystonefeature – the world’s largest freestandingindoor climbing rock at 29 meters. Expovisitors explore Planet Blue, a waterboardsport-based merchandise rotunda, and alsotake advantage of an IMAX theater, culturalofferings and live performances.Designed to promote a seamless “retailcascade” of experiences and purchasingoptions, Expo relies heavily on larger-than-lifegraphics, signage and acoustic and visualeffects. Lasers, fog, snow and light shows,and a pulsating sound system create a high-energy backdrop to what truly is the complete“Theater of Shopping.”Logo 2002 Competition – “The Third Big Bookof Logos” – Recognition of Outstanding LogoDesign, 2002ICSC Design and Development Award – MeritAward – Innovative design of a new project,2003Tilt-up Construction Association – BestExample in the World of Tilt-Up Constructionin Retail Industry, 2003FIABCI Prix d’Excellence – HighlyCommended – Specialized Category, 2004
  41. 41. Muvico TheatersDesign/Completion: 2006/2007Location: Rosemont (Chicago), Illinois, USAClient: Muvico TheatersSize: 104,798 square feet/9,736 squaremetersConjuring echoes of the grand movie palacesof the early 20th Century, Muvico Rosemont18 combines the stately grandeur of a bygoneera with a contemporary cinema experience.The 4,452-seat theater – with 4,036 stadiumseats and elevated lounge/balcony seating for416 – boasts elegant detailing and amenitiesthat include a second-story VIP lounge withtapas-style restaurant and bar, an arcadeand children’s party rooms.A double-height lobby with views to the loungeabove features velvet curtains with bullionfringe, gilded moldings, rich woodwork, wallsconces, ornate chandeliers, filigreed ceilingornamentation and coffered ceilings withtheatrical lighting. Decorative accents includea leaded glass skylight above the concessionarea, concession counters adorned withcustom antique ceramic-tile panelingdepicting whimsical movie theater motifs, abox office vestibule with Versailles-inspiredparquet-style flooring, and murals at the endof theater promenades displaying theatricaltableaux from an onstage perspective.Part of the ongoing Rosemont Walkdevelopment – with restaurants, cafes,retail and entertainment components –Rosemont is located close to O’Hare airportand immediately adjacent to the Donald E.Stephens Convention Center. A 70-foot talldramatic Muvico blade-sign Grand Marquisis visible from the adjacent highway, and athree-lane drop-off area under the canopy ofa forty-foot wide port cochère sits beneathan 85-foot tall façade, built to convey theimpression that it is a reclaimed portion of theoriginal cinema structure.
  42. 42. Muvico TheatersDesign/Completion: VariousLocation: VariousClient: Muvico TheatersSize: VariousThe graphic designs for the multiplex cinemacomplexes being developed around thecountry by Muvico Theaters generally takeone of two directions. In some cases thegraphics have a subordinate role, existing toinform and direct moviegoers and generallyto complement a strong architecturalstatement. The graphics for Muvico Paradise24 enhance the theater’s powerful Egyptian-theme architecture, but do not compete withit. Graphic subtlety is also the approach atother, differently themed Muvico theaters,including those at the company’s Ybor City,Baywalk, and Boca Raton locations. At othertimes, however, the architecture becomesa backdrop for the feature graphics thatdefine a place and theme. “Motel” signs,diner food icons, neon, tivoli lighting, andother elements help create the 50’s drive-intheme for Muvico Pompano. Train graphics,a railroad-crossing marquee, and track-number cinema signs do the same for therailroad-themed Muvico Peabody Place 22.At these complexes, graphics alone createthe fantasy-world signature that has becomeMuvico Theaters’ trademark.
  43. 43. Part of the City Place retail/entertainment stadium seating reinforces the sensation ofMuvico Parisian 20 complex in West Palm Beach, Muvico Parisian visiting a grand old movie palace. 20 features a highly themed environmentDesign/Completion: 2000/2001 On the third floor – the Premier Level –Location: West Palm Beach, Florida, USA based on the Beaux Arts-styled Paris Opera allegorical statues of the four seasons flankClient: Muvico Theaters House. Elegantly detailed throughout, theSize: 105,600 square feet/9,814 square the entrance to the richly furnished Premier theatergoing experience offers unparalleledmeters Bar and Lounge. A mahogany bar, rich elegance and attention to detail. From wood tones of furniture, gilded moldings, Italian ceramic tile floors featuring custom tile and marble flooring and a hand-painted marble mosaic borders and medallions, dome surmounted by a faux skylight help to walls decorated with cast stone pilasters and reinforce the unique identity and distinctive custom wainscoting, to hand-painted murals styling of this premier movie destination. and richly coffered ceilings with intricate gilded moldings, patrons are surrounded by the exquisitely fine detail and memorably opulent surroundings. Circulation through the multi-level theater is experienced around the main atrium lobby space via the Grand Stair or escalators, with custom-designed alabaster and bronze chandeliers lighting the way. Concession counters located on the first and third levels, the Guest Services counter and a video arcade and children’s playroom underscore the fact that customer service is paramount at Muvico. A columned and draped entry into each auditorium parts to reveal a mural of a terraced ocean harbor view portrayed on each theater’s sound panels, and plush
  44. 44. Muvico Palace 20Design/Completion: 1999/2000Location: Boca Raton, Florida, USAClient: Muvico TheatersSize: 144,000 square feet/13,378 squaremeters
  45. 45. Muvico Egyptian 24Design/Completion: 1999/2001Location: Baltimore, Maryland, USAClient: Muvico TheatersSize: 96,750 square feet/ 8,992 squaremeters Muvico Egyptian 24, one of Muvico Theaters’ concessions area is flanked by pharaoh like portals opening into an ancient temple. recreations of the great movie palaces of statues. Distressed interior walls convey Inside, prominent Egyptian-motif graphic the first half of the 20th century, reinvents the passage of time and are covered elements cover the sound panels. the multiplex cinema as an Egyptian temple. with Egyptian-style paintings, murals and Egyptian 24 captures the theatrical aura of The Egyptian theme begins beneath a porte hieroglyphics. Symmetrical wings, each with ancient Egypt, restoring the sense that going cochere supported by massive pharonic 12 cinemas, extend away from the main to the movies is a lively, entertaining event. columns. Column accents draw attention to lobby to the north and south. The north Its grandeur, attention to detail and ethereal the structure, and carved leaf ornamentation wing’s cool Mediterranean blue tones, reflect ambiance create an atmosphere of magic in the column capitals convey a sense of the fertility of Egypt’s north, while the gold and fantasy. being surrounded by a forest of stone trees. carpeting and multicolored sun design of the south wing evoke the heat and aridity of Muvico Egyptian 24 opened in 2001 to record A glass mosaic “Nile River” snakes across a Egypt’s south. Visitors enter stadium-seating crowds. It is the most attended theater in the lotus-design floor carpet, directing movement theaters through entrances designed to look world. through the lobby. The river “delta” of the
  46. 46. train station – a train station that has beenMuvico Peabody Place 22 converted to a multiplex cinema. Cast-iron trusses and patterned metalwork arch beneathDesign/Completion: 2000/2001Location: Memphis, Tennessee, USA high ceilings and stretch between largeClient: Muvico Theaters support pillars, while elegant light fixtures andSize: 88,687 square feet/ 8,242 square checkerboard-patterned carpeting underfootmeters echo classic elements of rail station décor. Colors, lighting and graphics reinforce the impression; by using caution-stripe patterns and typical train signals for identity and wayfinding, the rail theme carries over from the aesthetic to the functional. The movie- listing marquee is reminiscent of an arrival/ departure board, while the theater ticket counter and concessions area resemblesLocated within the Peabody Place shopping a train station ticket window. As a playfuland entertainment center – one of the largest reminder to visitors and an active reinforcingmixed-use urban development in the South element of the train station theming, a model– the multi-level Muvico Peabody Place electric train remains in constant motion,Theater takes its inspiration from the train running around a track 12 feet above the floorstation architecture of the early twentieth throughout the common areas of the theater.century and from the accompanying rail By recapturing the architectural grandeurtravel symbols, iconography, railway gear and structural majesty of a great Americanand paraphernalia. rail terminal, Muvico Peabody Place managesMoviegoers access the theater’s large main to instill a trip to the movies with a renewedsecond-level lobby by escalator. Although sense of occasion, possibility and playfulcompletely new, the lobby area evokes the escape.image and feel of arriving in a renovated
  47. 47. Muvico Theater at State StreetDesign/Completion: 2007/ongoingLocation: Chicago, Illinois, USAClient: Muvico TheatersSize: 45,000 square feet/4,200 squaremeters
  48. 48. contribute to the diverse blend of uses thatUlker Sports Arena at Ata Park have been integrated into this innovativeProject Opening: 2012 mixed-use development.Location: Istanbul, Turkey The sophisticated architectural styling andDeveloper: Ülker GroupSize: 613,320 square feet/57,000 square curvilinear forms that frame the spacemeters. 14.1 acres/5.7 hectares reinforce the sense of energy, vitality, and seamless interconnection and help affirm the visionary nature of a project that promises to not only satisfy the increasing demands of the club’s enthusiastic and supportive basketball fans, but to redefine the intersection of sports, retail and entertainment.As one of the most popular sports clubsin Turkey, Fenerbahçe S.K. occupies aposition of social and sporting prominencein Istanbul culture. It is appropriate then thatthe new home for the club’s competitive andsuccessful basketball team play its matchesin an extraordinary and inspired new setting.AtaPark is a state-of-the-art sports, lifestyleand entertainment development comprisingof a multiuse arena, shopping, hotel, parking,offices, cinemas and theater uses focusedaround an interactive multimedia events plazafor the city of Istanbul.The sleek, 12,500 to 14,000-seat (dependingon the type of event) multi-use arena atthe heart of the new project is designed toaccommodate a variety of sports activities,musical performances, trade shows andpromotional events. Connected to the arenawill be a three-level sports lifestyle centerdesigned to accommodate a diverse mix ofretail options, including cinemas, restaurantsand cafes.The center overlooks a dynamic open-airevents plaza, a spectacular oval-shapedspace that can comfortably accommodategame-day crowds as well as function asa stand-alone dining and entertainmentattraction. The plaza is complimented andanimated by large-scale interactive mediaelements that stream a mix of live game video,advertising and branding opportunities. Thespecially selected hillside site accommodatesan abundance of easily accessible multi-level parking strategically located below thearena and shopping areas, while terraceddining and café overlooks the plaza. Alltold, the AtaPark design includes more than25,000 square meters of leasable retail andentertainment space. An 8,500-square-meter,240-key hotel and a 12-story, 20,000-square-meter office tower bracket the site and
  49. 49. This mixed-use development providesTown Center at Hopetown an integrated town center that functionsDesign/Completion: 2006/ongoing as a gateway to the adjoining HopetownLocation: Hangzhou, China community, a high-density mid- and high-Client: Hangzhou Hopetown Real Estate rise upscale housing complex in Hangzhou,Development, Ltd China. Located on the southwest corner of theSize: 269,100 square feet/25,000 squaremeters larger residential development, Hopetown’s hospitality, retail, dining and entertainment options are situated on a compact site, with broad, tree-lined avenues and a large circular entry drive feeding into the community to provide vehicular and pedestrian links to adjacent access points. Hopetown’s main entranceway to the west crosses over a long, flanking canal and opens into a circular drop-off plaza. A signature hotel facility opens onto the plaza, spilling into a rectangular, tree-filled courtyard lined with shops and a large second-level community recreation and fitness facility. A curving passage connects to a small town square with a central fountain overlooked by a large, two-level supermarket anchor featuring a ground-level farmers’ market. The Hopetown design emphasizes the importance of open areas and gathering places. Italianate styling and geometrically patterned brick pavers add interest and contribute texture and depth, and courtyards, plazas, piazzas and pedestrian passages form a rich spacial environment to shape an experience that is simultaneously intimate and dynamic.
  50. 50. MetropolisDesign/Completion: 2010/on-goingLocation: Los Angeles, California, USAClient: Collarmele Partners and IDS RealEstate GroupSize: 6 acres/2.4 hectaresA dynamic mixed-use development in thebustling heart of downtown Los Angeles,Metropolis promises to become the kindof unique destination that will immediatelyachieve landmark status as L.A.’s new—andonly—true urban marketplace. Metropolisincludes more than 350,000 square feet ofmixed-use space, a three-level retail complex,residential towers and a 12-story, 250-keyboutique hotel. A downtown department storeanchors an appealing range of high-endspecialty retail options, and a gourmet groceryheadlines a wide selection of restaurantand dining options. Rooftop dining venuesand spectacular outdoor dining terracespromise breathtaking city views. A large exteriors incorporate billboard and mediaretail and entertainment podium serves as elements, angular asymmetries, expansivean architectural foundation and experiential glass frontage and palm-lined pedestriancomplement for the signature hotel and the avenues. Metropolis’ greatest asset is its primefive-story residential towers. More than 300 location: the revitalized core of America’sluxuriously appointed urban loft residences second largest city, in close proximity to ainclude access to exclusive private pool number of landmark entertainment, diningdecks and a high-end fitness amenity. and hospitality destinations, including the Staples Center, L.A. Live and two new high-Aesthetically, Metropolis hints at downtown end hotels: the JW Marriott and the Ritz-L.A.’s mid-rise Beaux-Arts heritage within Carlton.a more modern architectural context.Presenting the sleek lines and contemporaryforms of a 21st Century city, eye-catching
  51. 51. National Harbor Phase 1 Development Highlights • Unique master planned community on theDesign/Completion: 2005/2008 (Phase 1) Potomac River.Location: Washington, DC, USAClient: The Peterson Companies • Annual Cirque de Soleil event on site.Size: 7.5 million square feet/696,773 squaremeters • 7 hotels, 6 restaurants, 325,000 square feet of retail, 180,000 square feet of class Awww.nationalharbor.com office space. • 470,000 square feet of flexible convention, meeting and exhibition space - largest in the region. • 450 condominium units in Phase 1. • Two 700-foot piers and a 64-slip marina.A vibrant mixed-use project exuding energy • 7500 parking spaces (mostly structured) inand flair, National Harbor occupies a 240- Phase 1.acre parcel on the banks of the Potomac Riversouth of the recently expanded Woodrow • Bold use of public artwork, ie. “TheWilson Memorial Bridge. The high-end urban Awakening” sculpture.density and waterfront orientation of National • Sustainable mix of restaurant + office aboveHarbor’s first phase evokes an atmosphere street level shopping.reminiscent of Georgetown, Annapolis andBaltimore’s Inner Harbor; the project blends • Main Street is planned and sized forstreet-level retail, dining and entertainment seasonal promotions + farmers markets withoptions with office, hospitality and residential programmable light and sound effects.components to create an authentic urbanwaterfront community.Overall, the first phase of National Harborincludes more than 2,500 residential units,20,000 square feet of loft office, a 100,000square-foot boutique hotel and 300,000square feet of residential space in twin four-story structures flanking a tree-lined centralavenue. Classically derived and inspired bybroad European streets like Barcelona’s LasRamblas, the avenue, a pedestrian/vehicularboulevard with a central island of kiosks, cafesand bustling pedestrian activity, opens onto alarge open waterside plaza. Riverfront marinaspace features two dramatic structures: a250-foot pier supporting dramatic, large-scale neon “National Harbor” display signageand a 650-foot pier with a canopied pavilion.A graphics/media tower enlivens a beachfrontlined with restaurants, cafes, boutique retailoptions and a waterfront promenade.National Harbor offers an eclectic mix ofarchitectural styles; a contemporaryinterpretation complementing the traditionalWashington D.C. architectural ethos. ThatD.C. connection, along with a plannedNational Harbor metro stop, links to a newwater taxi service and a new WashingtonBeltway interchange, make National Harboran integral part of an energized anddeveloping Washington D.C. community.
  52. 52. Akasya/AcibademDesign/Completion: 2006/under constructionLocation: Istanbul, TurkeyClient: Sinaps Yapi Endustrisi ve TieSite area:182,000 square metersGross Building Area: 4,304,000 squarefeet/400,000 square metersResidential units: 1580Green area: 624,080 square feet/58,000square metersParking: 5500 carsRetail: 860,800 square feet/80,000 squaremetersThe Akaysa master plan transforms a former networks and highways that divide and definefactory site into an iconic development; the site. By bringing the new north/south roada dramatic mixed-use destination with under Central Park, Acibadem retains itscontemporary sensibilities and traditional lines cohesive presentation and exhibits a unifiedthat embodies the vital energy and compelling presence. Sculptural forms predominate, withcomplexities of an evolving Istanbul cityscape. overlapping ribbons of architectural detailA large elliptical landscaped park unifies the arcing throughout the site. Flowing water andsite, providing literal and intuitive connections smooth curves reinforce the contemporarybetween three zoned parcels. Surrounded styling and organic feel of the design.by shops, restaurants, and pedestrianpathways, Central Park functions as a naturaltransition between residential componentsand the retail and entertainment center to thesouth. Residential offerings include high-riseresidential towers anchoring the northern andsouthern ends of the project. The dramaticsouthern tower sits atop the shopping centerand creates a defining reference point; avisual and conceptual sight-corridor into theproject from adjacent highways. Additionalmid-rise residential options offer dedicatedluxury facilities and present stunning viewsand sightlines.Green initiatives feature prominentlythroughout Acibadem, from the rooftopgardens atop the cylindrical retail mall to theinterior landscaping of the project’s two hotels.Acibadem integrates smoothly with the road
  53. 53. Ward CentersDesign/Completion: 2007/ongoingLocation: Honolulu, Hawaii, USAClient: General Growth PropertiesSize: 1,200,000 square feet/111,524 squaremeters
  54. 54. Legend HeightsDesign/Completion: current projectLocation: Gurgaon, IndiaClient: Innovative InfraDevelopers Pvt. Ltd.Size: 2.47 acres/1 hectare
  55. 55. Atlantic StationDesign/Completion: 2001/2005Location: Atlanta, Georgia, USAClient: Jacoby Development Inc.; AIGGlobal Real Estate Investment Corp.Size: 1,308,000 square feet/121,517 squaremeters of retail & entertainment; 6,000,000square feet/557,418 square meters of high-rise office; 138 acres/15.4 hectares totalarea; 5,000 residential units, a 600-roomhotel and a 350-room hotelThe former home of the Atlanta Steel Hoop traveled roadways in Atlanta. Constructed The design materials and architecturalCompany, this “brownfield” site demanded around a large central park and fountain, this concept are emblematic of the overall efforta design that would capitalize upon its mixed-use plan calls for buildings of 3 to 7 to recreate an industrial steel town. From thepast rather than be characterized by public stories with ground floor retail and a mix of cast iron Atlantic Station-inscribed manholeperception of it as a former industrial zone. office and residential above. Freestanding covers, to the brick and mortar elements ofThe Atlantic Station plan creates a space restaurants dot the perimeter of the park, the buildings, to the period paint-on-brickthat will be re-energized, infused with a and tree-lined, brick walkways are featured signage and graphics - every effort wasdepth of historical character and identity to prominently throughout. Atlantic Station made to ensure that the site’s industrialcomplement the modern conveniences and includes over 8,000 spaces of underground past plays a defining role in establishing its“lived in,” small-town atmosphere. parking; valet service and a number of “stair identity as a vibrant Atlanta destination. elements” – access points reminiscent of anEncompassing 9 city blocks, this town center In 2005, the 171 17th Street building was urban subway – facilitate access to and fromdesign is located near the merge of I-75 and awarded certification, making it one of the the parking structure.I-85, one of the most prominent and heavily first buildings in the Southeast built to LEED specifications.
  56. 56. A project that promises to bring a new levelRiver District of mixed-use dynamism to the hot new South Tulsa area, River District combines more thanDesign/Completion: 2007/2008-2010Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA 330 acres of small-town urban excitement andClient: River District Development Group, lifestyle energy into a uniquely compellingLLC destination along the Arkansas River. AlreadySize: 330 acres/133 hectares a regional entertainment hub that includes a new aquarium and casino, the up-and-coming neighborhood of South Tulsa features the kind of promising residential demographics and community potential that will make River District a runaway success. Overall, River District includes over 1 million square feet of retail, restaurant and entertainment space, including an upscale cinema; more than 500 residential units; approximately 1 million square feet of both office-above-retail and signature office space; and both boutique and conference hotel options. One of the project’s most distinctive features is the site itself. The first major project to address the river and make it a prominent part of the development, River District features the kind of outstanding visibility and distinction that comes from over a mile of riverside frontage to both the Arkansas River and the Creek Turnpike. Along with its premier riverside location, River District’s lush gardens and landscaping elements, custom-designed fountains and water features, and abundant outdoor dining options combine to give that project an energized outdoor presence that is unlike anything in the region. Within the project itself, three unique components, each with its own distinctive personality, frame and define the space. Centered around a curvilinear plaza with a distinctive water element and framed by terraced hotels, the energized Entertainment District serves as a virtual stage for interactive sports, games and performances. The Town Square District is the project’s community hub, a civic and commercial space where residents and guests will live, work and play. The Fashion District occupies the West End of River District, where it unites the energy and flair of a contemporary marketplace with fine and casual dining options.
  57. 57. The Village at Pearl HillDesign/Completion: 2010/ongoingLocation: Shandong, Qingdao, ChinaClient: Shandong XiaozhushanDevelopment Ltd.Site area: 640.9 acres/259.3 hectaresGross Building Area (GBA): 18,109,607square feet/1,683,049 square metersGross Leasable Area (GLA): 796,240square feet/74,000 square meters
  58. 58. The master plan for Dreamland calls for residents and a resort destination for citizens The abundant water features throughoutDreamland the creation of a comprehensive community of Cairo and the region. Dreamland serve as a welcome contrast to integrating a range of residential, business, the region’s arid desert climate. The planDesign/Completion: 2004/under construction The equestrian resort features a polo clubLocation: Cairo, Egypt recreational, and entertainment uses. The uses natural topography to capitalize on and field, dressage arena, steeplechaseClient: The Bahgat Group 850-hectare (2,100-acre) site includes a the proximity of one of the most stunningSize: 2,100 acres/850 hectares course, and stables for up to 200 horses. The retail and entertainment center, high- and features in the world’s built landscape: the Health Resort integrates 1,500 residential medium-density residences at a variety Pyramids of Giza, eight kilometers to the units with a spa, hospital, high-tech office of price ranges, office space, a high-tech east. Enhanced views of this man-made park, and a nine-hole golf course. The richly research park, golf, fitness and health wonder are available throughout the project; landscaped golf resort provides apartment resorts and an equestrian arts center. Less the community’s central organizing axis was and villa residents with easy access to a than an hour’s drive from downtown Cairo, positioned specifically to create pyramid championship golf course and a commercial Dreamland integrates these various uses vistas for those in Dreamland’s residential center, and also includes a golf hotel and into the surrounding landscape to create an and commercial areas. convention and conference facilities. organized community for more than 100,000 D E V E L O P M E N T D E S I G N G R O U P I N C O R P O R A T E D
  59. 59. Dreamland Equestrian ResortDesign/Completion: 1998/ongoingLocation: Cairo, EgyptClient: The Bahgat GroupSize: 124 acres/50 hectaresState-of-the-art equine facilities are the focusof this 124-acre (50-hectare) resort areaoutside Cairo. Up to 120 horses can be caredfor in resort stables and paddocks. A poloclub & field, steeplechase & exercise track,covered dressage arena, riding school andextensive trails allow for intensive training andcompetition. A 200-key cottage hotel providesfor event attendees and guests, while 2,900residential units offer owners options such asapartments, townhouses, lakeside villas, andsingle-family estates with barns.