Interactive Power Point Project


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Interactive Power Point Project

  1. 1. By Adam Sherman Exit
  2. 2. Circuits Creating a Series Circuit Creating a Parallel Circuit  Step 1  Step 1  Step 2  Step 2  Adding another bulb  Step 3 Definitions Diagrams Descriptive Video References Authors Slide Exit
  3. 3. Creating a Series Circuit  Step 1  For this circuit you will need two wires, one battery, and one light bulb.  Take a battery and connect one wire to the positive end and then connect a separate wire to the negative end. Exit
  4. 4. Creating a Series Circuit  Step 2  Connect one of the wire ends to the bottom of the light bulb and then connect the other loose wire to a metal part on the bulb.  If done correctly the bulb should light when both ends of the wires are connected to the bulb and the battery. Exit
  5. 5. Adding another Bulb to the Series Circuit.  To add another bulb onto the series circuit take one of wires that is connected to the existing bulb and connect it to another bulb.  Then take another wire and connect it to the two bulbs.  If done correctly, the bulbs will not shine as bright as when there was only one bulb on the series and if you remove one of the bulbs, both of them stop being lit. Exit
  6. 6. Creating a Parallel  Step 1  For this circuit you will need one battery, two bulbs, and four wires.  Start by taking the battery and connect two of the wires to the positive and the negative end of the battery. Exit
  7. 7. Creating a Parallel Circuit  Step 2  Then take the two bulbs and connect them together using the other two wires.  You can do this by connecting one side of the bulb to the other bulb with a wire and then with the other wire connect the other side of the bulb to the other bulb. Exit
  8. 8. Creating a Parallel Circuit  Step 3  Then Take the two wires that are connected to the battery and connect them to two sides of one of the bulbs.  If this is done correctly when you disconnect one of the bulbs, the bulb that is still connect should remain lit. Exit
  9. 9. Definitions  Circuit- The complete path of an electric current, including the generating apparatus, intervening resistors, or capacitors.  Series Circuit- A circuit that has its parts connected serially.  Parallel Circuit- A closed electrical circuit in which the current is divided into two or more paths and then returns via a common path to complete the circuit. Exit
  10. 10. Diagrams Series Circuit with 2 Bulbs Parallel Circuit Exit
  11. 11. Descriptive Video  If you still need more help understanding Series and Parallel Circuits view this video by clicking on the logo below Exit
  12. 12. Author’s Slide  My name is Adam Sherman and I am a student at Grand Valley State University. I am going to school to become a Special Education Teacher and I believe that a hands on approach is the best way to teach a student. I think that by getting hands on with the students the teacher is better able to relate to their students and therefore teach them better. E-mail me Exit
  13. 13. References  feature=related   ages/sci_dia_53.gif  ages/sci_dia_55.gif  Exit