Open Innovation 2.0 - Charlie sheridan & vinny cahill plenary 4 final

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  • TOP KEY MESSAGES Intelligence everywhereSmart processingPartnering to solve big problemsTop WordsIntelligent (technology)Smart (technology)PartneringThis is HOW we solve big problemsMention that Intel is active in all 5 stages. ILE covers all 5 (or partly) in collaboration with WW labs definitely all 5 are covered.Use this as a framework to unite and relate example projects(will improve icons)
  • Collaboration objectives for Sustainable Connected Cities – DublinPartners (Triple Helix Innovation Intel (Industry) Dublin City Council (Government) Trinity College Dublin (Academia)To set Dublin apart and propel it on its path to become a truly sustainable cityCo-Develop and test citizen centric services and solutions that improve resource efficiencies, service and quality of life Develop design patterns which can be exported and replicated to cities throughout the worldCitizen enabled sensor networks - Citizens providing data to city management dashboards and systems to improve their life within a city. A social led, mass collaboration, technology enabled street level view of events and experiences.Cities informing its Citizens –Running late for a bus? CityWatch notifies you to change your walking route to intercept an alternative service to get you home. Heading out on your morning run? CityWatch notifies you of a build-up of traffic pollution on your normal route due to a localised incident – alternative clean air route suggested. Gamification & incentivisation – The more citizens inform the more they gain – better city life and credits for transport, events, museums etc…CityWatch is a research project under this collaboration which brings in the end-user/citizen delivering Quadruple Helix Innovation.Using mobile and fixed city sensing networks, data analytics and services to reduce stress associated with everyday activities and to improve quality of life in urban areasA participatory sensing application in the hands of the urban user (citizen as a sensor)Aim is to drive autonomic response in urban environments through the intelligent capture, management & analysis of high volumes of diverse real time sensor dataAbility to integrate with city open data sources( transport, environmental)Personalised citizen experience within urban environment (context aware data feeds and notifications to smart device)Creation of novel citizen centric services via data fusion
  • We are changing Intel once again. We are transforming ourselves so we can have an even more profound impact on the world, and to lead where computing is going. This is the next step in our journey to go beyond being a company that makes the world’s best chips, to one that also delivers wonderful experiences for people. We are now becoming a computing solutions company. We will tightly integrate hardware, software and services into compelling experiences in pursuit of our vision: this decade we will create and extend computing technology to connect and enrich the lives of every person on earth.We will build these experiences by innovating around three pillars of computing: energy efficient performance, security, and connectivity.


  • 1. Open Innovation forSustainable Connected CitiesCharlie SheridanCo Director, Energy Sustainability LabIntel Labs Europe,Intel CorpProf. Vinny Cahill,Dean/Vice President for ResearchTrinity College Dublin
  • 2. Research StrategyTrinity College Dublin recognises that selectingproven research strengths in core priority areas onwhich to build will achieve the goal of deliveringresearch of consequence and recognition as a worldreference point in such areas over time
  • 3. ResearchThemes
  • 4. The urban population is expected to increase from 3.6billion people in 2011 to 6.3 billion in 2050.500 Cities with populations of +1 million will bejoined by 200 more in 20 YearsLeakage rates of 50% are not uncommon in urban waterdistribution systemsCities consume two thirds of the World’s energy andcontribute to 70% of its greenhouse gas emissionsOn average, larger Cities produce more wealth andinnovation per capita than smaller ones.
  • 5. FutureCitiesThe Trinity Centre for Smart and Sustainable Cities
  • 6. Quadruple Helix InnovationGovernment, Academia, Industry and Citizens collaborating together to drivestructural changes far beyond the scope of any one organization could achieve on it’sownGovernment/PublicAcademicIndustryCitizen
  • 7. FutureCities - Research• Smart infrastructure: management of urban-scale criticalinfrastructure• Smart transportation: improving the reliability and safety ofroad transportation• Smart urban-scale sensing: middleware and communicationsarchitectures to allow data from both public and user-contributedsensors to be exploited by cities• Smart services: middleware for adaptable software services
  • 8. Quadruple Helix in Action:Sustainable Connected CitiesDublin – CityWatchCitizen-Enabled SensorNetworksCities Informing Its CitizensGamification and Incentivization
  • 9. Intels VisionThis decade we will create and extend computing technologyto connect and enrich the lives of every person on earth
  • 10. A world of Big Sensed DataSmartmetersTrafficcamerasInductivesensorsMeteorologicalsensorsPortablemedicalimagingdevicesMedical sensorson ambulancesGPSPollution sensorsIndustrial AutomationsensorsSensors onSmartphoneSmart GridsensorsSmart Buildingsensors
  • 11. INTEL CONFIDENTIALConnected City InfrastructuresEnabling Connected CommunitiesHarnessing the Invisible CitySustaining Sustainable PracticesHealth &WellbeingTransport &LogisticsEnergySystemsPollution &Heat IslandWater &WasteBuiltEnvironmentCitizens &CommunitySustainable City ExperiencesCity As a Platform
  • 12. SOLUTION DOMAINSTESTBEDS – Dublin , London, Portland, Austin Texas……..Utility, Industry & CitizenService ModelsData Mgmt. & AnalyticsM2M & DistributedUbiquitous CommunicationsProgramming InterfacesSoC & Hardware PlatformAmbient SensorsAMBIENT INTELLIGENCE PLATFORMAIP - Unlocking the value of data
  • 13. Inform/instruct CitizenVia Smartphone(context aware notification)Update City SignageDeploy MaintenancePersonnel1. City SensingWater level meter will trigger the alert2. Ambient Intelligent PlatformDatacapture, aggregation, management, fuzionand analytics.3. Aggregate ScreenFuzion of city event data4. CityManagementMitigation planrecommended tocity manager5. ReactionIllustrate how city management’sdecision, informed by AIP +CityWatch, results in positive reactions tomitigate effects of flooding6. FeedbackThe user‘s proactivityis acknowledged andrewarded toencourage motivationand strengthen linkbetween citymanagement andcitizenCitizen’s PhotosWeather DataFlow Meter
  • 14. EnerNet Demand Response exemplar• ~€200B investment in Electricityand Gas Infrastructure in Europeby 2020• Ireland as a natural test bed forDR– Highest wind penetration on anysynchronous system in the world– Cross jurisdictional access to grid– Strong ICT Competence on theisland– Collaboration between Publicand Private, political support
  • 15. enLive change your impact not your behaviourenLiveenLiveenLiveenLive
  • 16. Quadruple Helix InnovationGovernment, Academia, Industry and Citizens collaborating together to drivestructural changes far beyond the scope of any one organization could achieve on it’sownGovernment/PublicAcademicIndustryCitizen