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  • 2. Open Innovation 2.0 Martin Curley Vice President, Director, Intel Labs Europe Intel Corp. 2
  • 3. Does Innovation matter?
  • 4. Innovation Matters 75% of US GDP growth came from Technological Innovation since 1945  US Department of Commerce
  • 5. The unit is changing!
  • 6. The unit of competition is changing! Company ---------- Ecosystem
  • 7. ••• 7 Innovation moving out of the Lab/ University Centralized inward looking innovation Closed Innovation Ecosystem centric, cross- organizational innovation Innovation Networks/ Ecosystems Externally focused, collaborative innovation Open Innovation
  • 8. … it is about the ecosystem in Europe we collaborate with over 400 external partners ....vibrant innovation ecosystem Copyright Intel © 2013 Alignment, Amplification, Acceleration ,
  • 9. INTEL CONFIDENTIAL Five Digital Disrupters New Business + Usage Models …by 2015 >1 Zetabyte Internet Traffic3 >15 Bn Connected Devices2 >1 Bn More Netizen’s1 Tectonic Shifts Energy Transport Retail Healthcare Smart Cities Finance Big Data Cloud Client Continuum Cyber- Physical Systems/IOT Security
  • 10. INTEL CONFIDENTIAL The urban population is expected to increase from 3.6 Billion people in 2011 to 7 Billion in 2050. $41 Trillion needed for Infrastructure expenditure worldwide in the next 20 years Cities consume two thirds of the World’s energy Smart City expenditure $3.3TN 2020-2025 $400Bn in 2020 Why Cities? Top 600 cities create > 50% of Global GDP, $30 Trillion (Frost & Sullivan)
  • 11. 12 2B Devices 2006 15B Devices 2015 1IDC*, Intel, United Nations 2IDC Digital Universe Study, December 2012 3McKinsey Global Institute* The Next Wave 50B Devices 20201 DATA GROWING AT 10X DATA GROWTH BY 2016 – 90% UNSTRUCTURED2 CONNECTED DEVICES GROWING AT 300%3 The Internet of Things *Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others.
  • 12. Introducing Open Innovation 2.0
  • 13. Key Characteristics – Open Innovation 2.0
  • 14. Intel Labs Europe Advance Intel by bringing the benefits of the ongoing digital revolution to European economy & society by: Advancing breakthrough research Forming close partnerships with the European technology community
  • 15. Quadruple Helix Innovation Government, Academia, Industry and Citizens collaborating together to drive structural changes far beyond the scope of any one organization could achieve on it’s own Government/Public Academic Industry Citizen
  • 16. Sustainable Connected Cities Dublin
  • 17. The Rise of the User • Observation and Surveying • Prototype Development • Testing (Usability, Feasibility, Market Testing • Piloting • Interactive User Feed-back • Incremental User Innovation Ideas • User Idea Generation • User Community innovation • Services by Definition “Co-creation” Consumers Industry R&D Led User/User Community Led User as “Research-Object” User as Innovator Contributors Innovators Source: IPTS; Jean Claude Burgelman, 2007
  • 18. OI2 Dublin: User Involvement
  • 19. Hi Lo VolumeofInnovationEfforts Last10years Core process Process Enabling process Business model Finance Networking Product performance Offering Product system Service Channel Delivery Brand Customer experience Source: Doblin Analysis Innovation Efforts Innovation Value
  • 20. Dublin as a Living Lab! 23
  • 21. Environmental Sensing 24
  • 22. Open Innovation 2.0 in action - Collaboration with San Jose; Opportunities with Guadalajara ? 25
  • 23. Innovation: Ideas aren’t enough! Innovation = Ideas X Execution X Adoption Strategic Innovation = Vision (Ideas x Execution x Adoption) Strategic Innovation is innovation in the context of a vision!
  • 24. ..but it takes courage too.
  • 25. Opportunities multiply as they are seized! Dream, Dare, Do!
  • 26. New Ideas • I can’t understand why people are scared of new ideas, I’m scared of the old ones – John Cage 29