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Dermot Clohessy IDA


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  • Ireland has signed 70 Double Taxation Agreements versus approx. 52 (Mexico). The organization's goals include free trade and economic integration among the member states, as well as a visa-free travel area, a common stock exchange, and common diplomatic representation. Costa Rica soon to become a memberExports of €34bn from EU to Mexico and imports of €23bn. Trade surplus in EU’s favour of €11bn.
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    • 1. Dermot Clohessy Estimados invitados de México Bienvenidos a Irlanda
    • 2. Open, Export-oriented Economies  Double Taxation Treaties • Ireland- Mexico: 1998 - Zero Withholding Tax on Dividends paid from Subsidiary in Ireland to Mexican parent  Free Trade proponents • EU-Mexico Free Trade Agreement: 2000 - EU is Mexico's 2nd biggest export market & - 3rd largest source of imports • NAFTA Agreement:1994 • Pacific Alliance:2012
    • 3. 1,158 166,184 €121 €2.8 billion €1.3 billion Corporation Tax Expenditure on R&D €20.8 billion Spend in the economy – of which: €8bn €2.4bn €10.4bn Payroll Irish materials Irish services FDI Impact on the Irish Economy
    • 4. 4 IDA Ireland’s – Global Office Network  To attract foreign direct investment into Ireland  Work with existing client companies to identify additional opportunities for Ireland  Create sustainable employment in Ireland & other economic benefits  Provide a range of financial & other practical supports to multinational companies
    • 5. Information Communication Technology Life Sciences Engineering, Industrial & Clean Tech Industries Digital Content Consumer & Business Services International Financial Services IDA Ireland’s Current Business Focus  High Value Manufacturing  Global Business Services  Research, Development & Innovation 5 Activity Focus Sector Focus
    • 6. Who is Investing In Ireland? 6
    • 7. Components of Ireland’s Value Proposition 7
    • 8. Hardware Cloud Software Client ServerMainframe Services PC Web 2.0 International Technology and Operations Location 40+ Years Track Record – Continuous Evolution 8
    • 9. Components of Ireland’s Value Proposition 9
    • 10. Components of Ireland’s Value Proposition 10
    • 11. Components of Ireland’s Value Proposition 11 Sector Specific: Technology Sector Availability of Property Solutions Telecomms Connectivity Research Centres Vibrant Domestic IT Sector Full Value Chain of Activities Cluster Impact Speed to Market
    • 12. Main Data Centre Operators in Ireland
    • 13. Hosting for the EMEA Market from Ireland
    • 14. Cloud & Data Analytics Cluster
    • 15. International Security Cluster – Employs 6,000+ people – World’s Leading International Security Technology Companies – Developing/Supporting Security Technology from Ireland – 40+ Indigenous Irish Security Technology Companies add to the Security Cluster in Ireland – Supported by security research capability in Irish Universities
    • 16. IT Manufacturing Cluster
    • 17. Scale Your Fast Growth Business in Europe From Ireland
    • 18. Ireland’s Incentive Package Cash Grants Employment Capital Training 12.5% Corporate Tax 25% R&D Tax Credit Client Development Programme IDA Relationship & Network Special Assignment Relief Programme (SARP) Ireland’s Incentive Package
    • 19. Muchas Gracias