Digital Dublin Forum Nov 2012 - P Finnegan Presentation


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Digital Dublin Forum Nov 2012 - P Finnegan Presentation to the Digital Dublin Leadership Forum kick off event at the Mansion House 26 November 2012

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Digital Dublin Forum Nov 2012 - P Finnegan Presentation

  1. 1. DiGiTAL DUBLiN FORUM – realising our Digital Future Objective : Establish a Digital Dublin Leadership Forum and develop a Digital Masterplan for the development of Digital Dublin.Digital Dublin- The Challenge: Naoise Ó Muirí Lord MayorThe Agenda of Change – how the Digital Hub and other initiativescan shape Digital Dublin: John Tierney City ManagerWhat People Think – Launch of Your Dublin Your Voice Results :Walter FoleyRoad Map towards a Digital Masterplan – Peter Finnegan
  2. 2. DiGiTAL DUBLiN FORUM – realising our Digital Future
  4. 4. DiGiTAL DUBLiN FORUM – realising our Digital Future Wide Streets Commissioners 1758 – 1851 Innovative and Forward thinking We now, again, need to be similarly focused
  5. 5. DiGiTAL DUBLiN FORUM – realising our Digital Future It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change
  6. 6. DiGiTAL DUBLiN FORUM – realising our Digital FutureLots Happening in Dublin ----- But how connected is it andhow engaged with wider developments The Digital Agenda – Need for unified common core/action plan
  7. 7. DiGiTAL DUBLiN FORUM – realising our Digital Future
  8. 8. DiGiTAL DUBLiN FORUM – realising our Digital Future Local Authority A Digital City eco system InternetDigital cities are Collaborative Urbanismemerging throughout the world, such Broadbandas New York, Manchester, Singapore Citizenand Barcelona.Research indicates that key behaviours Academiafor advancing digital cities areas follows Business Economy Sensors•Leaders who inspire the pursuits of Ease of movementeconomic, social, and environmentalsustainability Social Media•Governments, industry, cities, and Fibrecitizens who collaborate to pool Societal Needsthinking and resources•Cities that leverage proven ideas andsolutions to build more city for less Life quality Access to services Infrastructure 3G / 4G•Cities that consciously nurture a Access tovibrant digital society to strengthen Informationsocial capital and engender digital ubiquitous Publicinclusion WiFi
  9. 9. DiGiTAL DUBLiN FORUM – realising our Digital Future Roadmap to Dublin as digitally mature city Delivering Digital Providing Digital Digital Service Developing the Optimising Digital Value to the Access Capability Digital Market Value to Society Environment5 Demand managed Optimised Trusted single to optimise the Citizen led High speed Personalised Digital market driving use of sustainable innovation secure anywhere integrated Services & networks for all service offerings economic resources while driving societal Market growth meeting end user shifts needs4 Integrated PC Penetration, Service level Common Services & Digital broadband and aware standards and Real-time resource markets enabling Services & digital literacy for infrastructure arbitration trading innovation all and services process adopted Markets3 Defined Security, privacy, Structured Services and content, financial Digital Digital literacy > Resource supply innovation in infrastructure and supply chain Services & 70% established standards from anywhere services & Markets markets defined2 Sporadic Sporadic Unmanaged Varying levels of Digital Independent services and resource demand Pockets of access and Services & service strategies independent driving carbon innovation literacy Markets markets rich supply1 Initial / Ad- hoc Digital Ad-hoc Services & Markets
  10. 10. DiGiTAL DUBLiN FORUM – realising our Digital Future Masterplan Identify Identify Obstacles, Gaps Engage Engage International best and Citizens By practise Opportunities Digital And Challenges Stakeholders Digital Take action to Recognise what is And Champions prove what can be happening Map InternationalD Day Dublin done what exists partners Leadership Digital Forum
  11. 11. DiGiTAL DUBLiN FORUM – realising our Digital FutureDigital Consultation:::: Mapping of what is happening & possible Rationale? Approach? International Examples  Benefits? .. Competitive advantage ? Efficiency? Connected thinking and connected action- Proposed Scope: Suggested areas of focus and action Digital Society and community Digital Economy What moves citizens to engage Digital Inclusion Digital Education 1 • Purpose Digital Governance Digital Participation • Access & Cost Digital Innovation and Research 2 Digital Space and public and private realm Digital infrastructure 3 • Skills Digital Global connection and promotion
  12. 12. DiGiTAL DUBLiN FORUM – realising our Digital Future • Digital Team established : Digital Dublin Action Plan to lead on development ofOct Digital City City Protocol Society CONSULTATION & ACTIONS2012 Expansion of Dublinked (Big Data) • Launch event: Mansion House : Horizon 2020 Establishment of Digital Dublin LeadershipNov Forum Digital Challenges Digital Assembly2012 Mission Sustainable Growth 8th World Forum of Cities against poverty Wi-Fi Rollout • WiFi official launch Mobile World CapitalJan • Digital in Business initiative2013 • Coder Dojo events • Digital Consultation Close Digital Champions eventFeb • Pop up “Tent to digital” Mansion House – promote wi-fi, live codojo, digital space in Digital Maturity2013 playground…ideas on what can be done with wi-fi Digital Masterplan launch
  13. 13. Harness Technology Science and Research to reduce cause and impact of povertyA BRAND EVENT Opportunity to show that Show the world that Ireland Dublin cares and its Has a vision that goes companies, people and beyond profit and sees technology can help create value in people, in a more balanced world and innovation and in solving develop new market Urban challenges opportunities while saving and improving lives
  14. 14. DiGiTAL DUBLiN FORUM – realising our Digital FutureDigital Dublin Leadership Forum1) Ad hoc, flexible and self selecting Forum of leaders, opinion formers2) Guide and push for the Masterplan development and consequent actions3) Bring actions to the Table to enhance Digital Dublin at home and abroad4) Commit to deliverables5) Lobby for action on Public and EU fronts.6) Foster Creative and Digital actions7) Co-Map, co-own and co-brand Digital Dublin or D Dublin.  Meet 4 times a year  Interact online  Lead on initiatives  Promote Dublin abroad.  Lord Mayor to chair
  15. 15. “When I was 5 years old my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life. When Iwent to school they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down “happy”. They told me I didn’t understand the assignment, and I told them they didn’t understand life.”
  16. 16. DiGiTAL DUBLiN FORUM – realising our Digital FutureThe Digital Challenges _____any TakersDigital Champions for Dublin -----any IdeasDigital Leadership ---- how best can we make it happenDigital Mapping of what is happening----any takers ?Who can help with the Digital Masterplan development ?Infrastructure --- what should be the priorities.Radical ideas ..disruptive actions what should they be ?
  17. 17. DiGiTAL DUBLiN FORUM – realising our Digital Future