Workforce Solutions for Aerospace and Defense Companies


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DCR Fast Track for Aerospace & Defense
DCR’s ‘Fast Track’ solutions oversee agency contractors, independent contractors, alumni and other niche resource pools. With more than fifteen years of experience in solving problems for aerospace clients and defense agencies, we know how to build workforce management programs that can get you up and running in under a month, putting you on the fast track to accountability, transparency and efficiency in government contracting.

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Workforce Solutions for Aerospace and Defense Companies

  1. 1. DCR Fast TrackFor Aerospace and Defense Companies
  2. 2. Fast Track For Aerospace and Defense Companies The aerospace industry and defense community are driven by innovation, and ultimately your workforce is the engine of innovation for your organization. When needed, temporary workers can be a great source of ‘short term’ specialty skills or ‘on demand’ project resources. DCR Workforce provides the guidance, hands on assistance and innovative supply chain technology you need to engage temporary workers with confidence. DCR Fast Track for Aerospace & Defense DCR’s ‘Fast Track’ solutions oversee agency contractors, independent contractors, alumni and other niche resource pools. With more than fifteen years of experience in solving problems for aerospace clients and defense agencies, we know how to build workforce management programs that can get you up and running in under a month, putting you on the fast track to accountability, transparency and efficiency in government contracting. We are currently managing twenty programs in your industry. Together, our program teams represent more than 200 years of combined industry experience! Taking the Work Out of Workflow DCR’s Fast Track solution will reduce the effort and complexity associated with the public policy issues, statutes and regulations, funding structures and multiplicity of stakeholders you face every day. Our innovative Smart Track system is pre-configured to reflect the typical business practices of aerospace/defense companies. At the beginning of every program, we offer forty hours of system configuration and implementation assistance. Because there are no lengthy and expensive “custom coding projects” needed to fit Smart Track to your business needs, program implementation will concentrate on streamlining your process and helping you manage change. Then, by simply selecting options, we can establish and quickly modify business rules, work flows, hierarchies, and role-based access and approval rights to match your business preferences. Specific Program Elements Resource • Track the percentage of assignment completed and percentage of budget spent. Forecasting • Set budgets using market-based rate intelligence for each worker type and location. Portal • Compare the use of agency workers, 1099s, direct employees or SOW consultants for any assignment. • Forecasting modules include a fatigue calculation, allowing you to determine an optimal resource utilization plan. • DCRconnect provides the ability to network and learn from the best in other companies and industries. 2.
  3. 3. Fast Track For Aerospace and Defense Companies • A DCR Program Team will assume responsibility for all workforce administration, from requisition to off-boarding. Workforce • Job order routing is configured to ensure the right approvals.Administration • Each candidate is compared and scored against specified requirements. • A rules-based system ensures adherence to SCA, PCA, and other mandated rates, maximum hours, and benefits. • Independent Contractor (1099) Compliance validates classification against IRS and State standards. • Worker selection criteria can give priority to veterans, minorities, hub zone candidates and other special groups. Alumni • Self-service interface for former employees, retirees, interns, and former contract workers manages availability for future openings within your operation.Management • We provide seamless conversion from employee to ex-employee to contract worker. • You pro-actively receive resumes of eligible alumni whenever a new requisition is issued. • A comprehensive rule-based engine determines the rehire eligibility of alumnus. • Tracking of tenure and tenure gap is based upon your organization’s rules. Fatigue • Calculation of potential risks at the individual and program level is based on worker usage. Prevention • Fatigue thresholds are defined by job title or location. • User-defined business rules indicate the actions to be taken when a worker approaches the threshold. • Triggers and alerts warn supervisors when workers approach the fatigue threshold. • Reporting and auditing capabilities ensure compliance with your company’s fatigue prevention program. Security • Complete end-to-end security clearance tracking process for suppliers and indirect workers. Clearance • Access to requirements needing clearance dependent on supplier’s clearance level. • The appropriate type of clearance is automatically initiated, based on the job description. • Alerts and reminders are issued for periodic reinvestigations, updated VALs and DD-254 expiration dates. • Security violations are tracked and incident reports are maintained for audit purposes. • DCR will assume all contractual relations with your suppliers, ensuring appropriate contract types and inclusion of flow-down terms and SLAs. • PMO module profiles potential suppliers, including who recommended them, prior to inclusion in the program. • All needed financial, insurance, legal, security clearance and competency credentials are verified and tracked. Supplier • DCR’s vendor-neutral approach to opportunities, reverse auction process and rules-based requisition distribution system eliminates sole-source bids andManagement non-competitive prices. • Detailed audits of all supplier actions are captured and provided. • You can apply performance based rewards and penalties. • As a woman-owned, minority-owned company, we have the knowledge and experience you need to build a diverse workforce. Diversity • We track Tier1 and Tier 2 diversity spend.Management • We will add diversity suppliers to assist in meting your diversity goals.and Tracking • Our mentor protégée program ensures the success of veteran, minority and woman-owned businesses. • Reports on spend levels and diversity goal-tracking based on program’s goals. Reporting • User-specific dashboards with drill-down analysis present information at all levels, from individual to organization.and Decision • 90+ standard reports and an easy-to-use report generator tool. Support • Candidate flagging ensures elimination of “do not rehire” candidates. • Financial dashboards and reports indicate when you are eligible for tenure-based discounts, statutory limit discounts or volume discounts. 3.
  4. 4. Fast Track For Aerospace and Defense Companies Program • Program Office Worker • Resource Forecasting Supplier • Credentials Verification Management • Sourcing Option Models Management • Requisition Management Management • Contract Administration • Coaching & Assistance • Candidate Assessment • Competitive Bid Process • Time & Attendance • Worker On-boarding/ • Diversity Program Management Off-boarding • Market-based Pricing • Program Quality Review • Secured Personnel Management • Performance Management • Cost Reporting • Alumni Management • Training & Coaching • Operational Performance Reporting • Fatigue Management • Compliance Reporting • Regulatory Compliance Management DCR’s Fast Track Value Proposition In Good CompanyClient Situation:One of the world’s largest aerospace firms found that their use of temporary workers wasexpanding in response to growing sales and a shortage of in-house skilled workers. Howcould this decentralized organization guarantee that they were paying competitive rates,quickly filling critical positions, and complying with all government regulations? Theyturned to DCR Workforce. Serving the aerospace and defense communities for more than fifteen years Challenges: • Site-specific processes and business rules Currently managing twenty aerospace/ • Different methods of rate management defense programs • Potential business unit resistance to participation in a centralized program • Security clearances and government contract compliance Combined industry experience of DCR Solution: program team exceeds 200 years • Single POC for the overall program • DCR Communication Champions ensure buy-in from all stakeholders Industry-specific workforce supply • Smart Track VMS manages the entire ‘Requisition to Pay’ cycle chain software platform • Extensive analytics and reporting • Company-wide processes and audits Woman-owned, minority-owned • GSA Contract and programs to manage security clearances privately held company Results: • Hard cost savings exceed 7% per year • Measurable process cost savings >9% per year 4.
  5. 5. Fast Track For Aerospace and Defense CompaniesAbout USDCR Workforce is, quite simply, dedicated to helping you maximize thecontribution of your extended workforce. For DCR, achieving highlyefficient workforce procurement and management transactions isjust the starting point. We also provide the knowledge and technologyrequired to analyze, understand and act on all aspects of yourcontingent talent management program.We serve global F1000 and mid-tier clientele. Representative clientsinclude Lockheed Martin, Program Controls, Savi Technologies, MeadsInternational, and Raytheon Javelin Joint Venture. Our proprietary cloudcomputing platform (Smart Track) assists in providing customizableVMS and MSP solutions to manage, procure and analyze your talentwith complete transparency, real-time control, high performance anddecision-enabling business intelligence.7815 NW Beacon Square Blvd. #224Boca Raton, FL 33487Phone: 561 998 3737 +1-888-DCR-4VMSwww.dcrworkforce.comBlog: http://blog.dcrworkforce.comLearn more about us on Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter© 2012 DCR Workforce, Inc. All Rights Reserved. DCR Workforce and Smart Track are Registered Trademarks. FTA — 101912 5.