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2014 CandE Slides DCHRA

2014 CandE Slides DCHRA



Defining the Candidate Experience: From Myth to Mastery and Why it Matters ...

Defining the Candidate Experience: From Myth to Mastery and Why it Matters
Presented by Gerry Chrispin, Founder -The TalentBoard

What would it mean if candidates and employers were “equals” when it comes to sharing information about themselves during the business process we call recruiting? Would it change how you present yourself as a desirable company to work for? Would you be compelled to tell the truth about the pay, the challenges, the previous incumbent…and more..before a prospect even considered applying? Would it make a difference in the quality of candidates that applied? This session will answer these questions and more as we explore how candidates are treated and what it means to the firms that do it well.

For the last three years, a non-profit, TalentBoard, has conducted a six month campaign each year with dozens of volunteers to get companies to describe how they treat candidates and the candidates of these companies to describe how they were treated. The results are changing the way we think about recruiting. In 2013 more than 35,000 candidates of 90 companies detailed their experiences by completing a 40 minute survey beginning from when they began researching the firm they eventually applied to until, if they were hired, they were onboarded. (Since only 15% of the candidates were hired, we know even more about the attitudes, opinions and actions they took before, during and after their application.)

Come learn about US best practices and how this evidence-based movement is spreading to the UK, Australia, New Zealand and beyond.



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    2014 CandE Slides DCHRA 2014 CandE Slides DCHRA Presentation Transcript

    • Candidate Experience TalentBoard 2013 Copyright © Gerry Crispin, sphr
    • Source: CareerXroads Candidate Experience monograph, March, 2011
    • A.) Anyone who can possibly do the job. B.) Anyone who expresses interest in a specific opportunity. What makes a person a C.)Candidate? Anyone qualified, and considered. D.) The ‘Finalists’ we interview.
    • Why do we even care? How did I learn about you?, What prompted me to Apply?, How was I prepped at each stage? How were expectations set at each stage? How were the results of each stage communicated? Was I able to compete fairly? Did you ask my opinion? Did you listen? Candidate Experience Re-apply; Refer; Buy; Convert; Influence Retain; Perform 4
    • by the Numbers 2013 May 46,000 Candidates completed surveys! July 138 92 64 CandEs.org Oct The TalentBoard 2013 Copyright © 5
    • Employers - 50% Large i.e. Fortune 500 - 25% Technology; 20% Retail; 10% Financial - 96% US; 4% Canadian - 20% Hire < 100; 10% Hire > 10,000 - 31% < 10 Recruiters; 13% > 200 Recruiters - 85 Prospects applied for each position TalentBoard 2013 Copyright © 6
    • Candidates - 80% Were Not Hired. - 10,000+ had a bad experience. - 20,000+ had a good experience. - Gender was equally divided - Hourly-36.8%; Entry-14.7%; Exp-30.2%; Supv/Mgr-13.9%; Exec-2.0% - Millennial, 28.0%; Gen X, 39.0% Boomer, 28.0% 7
    • + Candidate Experience 2/12/2014 TalentBoard 2013 Copyright © 8
    • Under Armour Interview Prep Genentech Intel 2-Way Interaction Transparency Feedback Intuit Lockheed Martin pipeline TalentBoard 2013 Copyright © Training Adidas Enterprise Contacts
    • Candidate: (gender, age, job applied, how far they got, initial connection, attitude, behavior, etc.) Selected/Not Selected/Withdrew - 2/12/2014 Researching Appying Interviewing Not Selected Onboarding TalentBoard 2013 Copyright © 10
    • AFFINITY: 60% of candidates believe they have a „relationship‟ BEFORE Applying COMMUNICATION: the more aligned to candidates‟ preferences the more +: CareerSite, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter. Job Boards not in danger of dying. Mobile essential. Attracting RESEARCH: 40% of Candidates needed to research 1-2 hours before applying. 17% more than 5. 2/12/2014 CONTENT: 80% of Candidates are aware of and find Job Descriptions useful But candidates #1 Q is still avoided. TalentBoard 2013 Copyright © 11
    • Fewer than ½ of the candidates knew the firm they applied to had an Employee Referral Program 8 3 ERP candidates/opening TalentBoard 2013 Copyright ©
    • POSITIVE EXPERIENCE: 97% were satisfied (31% extremely satisfied) they fully presented their SKE TIME: 1/3 needed 16-30 minutes 1/3 needed 31-60 minutes NEGATIVE EXPERIENCE: 35% were dis-satisfied (9% extremely dissatisfied) that they were able to fully present their SKE 2/12/2014 TalentBoard 2013 Copyright © 13
    • POSITIVE EXPERIENCE: 97% were satisfied (46% extremely satisfied) they fully presented their SKE 60% had 1 or 2 interviews 2/3 were phone interviewed 5% video interviews 2/12/2014 NEGATIVE EXPERIENCE: 54% were dis-satisfied (26% extremely dissatisfied) that they were able to fully present their SKE TalentBoard 2013 Copyright © 14
    • ONLY 6% failed to get some response 55% Anonymous email 25% Recruiter email 10% Were called 2/12/2014 TalentBoard 2013 Copyright © 15
    • “How Likely are you to APPLY AGAIN?” 62.0% 5.7% “Extremely Likely” “Extremely Likely” “Definitely Not” “Definitely Not” 0.6% 24.7% TalentBoard 2013 Copyright ©
    • “How Likely are you to change your status as a CUSTOMER?” 38.8% customer “I…will increase my purchasing power.” 30.8% “I…will take my Purchasing power somewhere else.” 17 TalentBoard 2013 Copyright ©
    • “How Likely are you to REFER someone in the future?” I would actively encourage others to apply I would actively discourage others from applying TalentBoard 2013 Copyright © 61.5% encourage 5.8% I would actively apply others to 0.5% discourage 27.0% I would actively applying others from
    • 82.3% 65.4% “How Likely are you to SHARE with your Inner Circle?” 19 TalentBoard 2013 Copyright ©
    • 50.4% 32.0% “How Likely are you to SHARE your experience publicly?” 20 TalentBoard 2013 Copyright ©
    • #1 – Build a Business Case. #2 – Ask EVERY Candidate if they are satisfied they’ve shared fully their skills, knowledge and experience. #3 – Seek Feedback. Especially if you aren’t going to give it. #4 – Set Expectations. Publish them on the career site #5 – Walk in their shoes.
    • http://www.theCandEs.org http://bit.ly/2013CandE_Report @GerryCrispin /in/GerryCrispin Good Hunting! 22