Presentation at International Housewares Association March 3, 2013


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This was presented at the International Home + Housewares Show on March 3, 2013, at the Innovation Theater in the Lakeside Center. The talk titled "Social Technologies and Digital Marketing" give insight into the many social technologies that a company may use as part of the their marketing plan. Companies must be prepared to embrace these social technologies to insure they are using Social Media to their best advantage. Each company needs to properly plan so that their organizational voice can be heard consostently across all of a companies Internet properties.

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  • Yaffa:

    We will be back at next year's IHA with another presentation. Thank you for your comments. Is there anything that you would like to hear about next year at IHA? We would love to include what you feel will be relevant and help you in your business.

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  • .I'm so impressed. I listened to many web marketing webinars...your presentation at IHA is so timely and superior to most of them...

    yaffa Licari pres. YAFFA.COM
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Presentation at International Housewares Association March 3, 2013

  1. 1. Jim Zimring David C AaronsonDigital Technologiesand Digital Marketing 1
  2. 2. Organisation vs. Chaos Employees use Social Tech withoutrules or guidelines Little creative use of the full breadthof tools Use of Social tech not tied toorganisational strategy Leaders who do not understand, use,or leverage social tech
  3. 3. Blueprint For Social Proficiency • Develop Social Tech Goals • Form a Social Tech Team • Implement an Internal Governance Policy • Integrating Social Tech and Web Properties • Building Rivers of Information • Integrating with the Sales Process • Online Reputation Management • Crowdsourcing Strategies • Measurements and ROI • Choosing Your Social Tools • The Pilot Project Process • Security and Regulations
  4. 4. Recognise Management IssuesTechnology is brought Social tools are usedIn from the outside by for both personal individuals and professional reasons People have access A mistake in on mobile devices so judgement can be you cannot stop usage devastatingly public
  5. 5. Creating Fertile Ground Involve People EarlyNurture a Culture that Accepts Rapid Change
  6. 6. “The only things that happen naturally in anorganization are friction, confusion andmalperformance. Everything else is theresult of leadership.” Peter Drucker The 12-Step Process
  7. 7. Social Technology Manager
  8. 8. Building a Social Media Net
  9. 9. Building a Social Media Net Videos DocumentsPresentations Pictures
  10. 10. Organizational VoiceEarned Social Connection vs.Interruption Marketing
  11. 11. Organizational Voice - The Process
  12. 12. Organizational Voice - The Process Tone of Voice• Professional • Engaging• Hip • Insightful/Wise• Humorous • Progressive• Sophisticated • Creative• Neighborly • Authoritative• Adventurous • Enthusiastic• Blue Collar • Humble• White collar • Resolute• Optimistic • Sarcastic• Serious • Uber-cool
  13. 13. Organizational Voice Phases
  14. 14. Organizational Voice PhasesEvery organization will go through thefollowing steps - faster is better!!
  15. 15. Organizational Voice Phases Phase 1 - Building social channels Phase 2 - Connecting to constituentsPhase 3 - Searching to provide valuePhase 4 - Learning to exert influence
  16. 16. Implementing Rivers of Information
  17. 17. Rivers of Information - The Process
  18. 18. Rivers of Information - The Process
  19. 19. Rivers of Information - The Process Create a list of what Choose Constan you tly need all the swap to tools out new learn you sources will to integra improve teIdentif Search y forpeople informat to share ioncontent streams with Choose the Build an devices archive you want system for Integrat to storing e info consume digestin from g time into your day
  20. 20. Rivers of Information - The Process Info River Tools• Dashboards • Alerts• • Google alerts• • Yahoo alerts• •• Production centre • (custom) • Content Discovery• Aggregators •• Google Reader •• •• •• Flipboard
  21. 21. Rebuild Your Sales Model
  22. 22. Rebuild Your Sales Model Past Consumer Products Complicated Products/ServicesAdvertising and Sales Person Branding as Hunter
  23. 23. Rebuild Your Sales Model Current
  24. 24. Rebuild Your Sales Model CurrentSocially SociallyDirected Facilitated Buying Selling B2C B2B
  25. 25. Socially Directed Buying
  26. 26. Socially Directed Buying
  27. 27. Socially Directed BuyingWhat is Your ZMOT
  28. 28. Customer Intelligence
  29. 29. Socially Facilitated Selling
  30. 30. Socially Facilitated Selling• Begin doing forensics on sales to discern social role• Create air cover - ORM, Org Voice, Social Media• Improve customer intelligence (social CRM)• Develop new methods for social prospecting• Train salespeople - Rivers, pORM, social networking• Develop new accountability measures and reviews• Build competitor and market alert system• Develop customer communities and mobile apps• Apply gamification dynamics to sales system• Develop new performance analytics
  31. 31. Socially Facilitated SellingDefinition - Using a collection of social tools to create an environment that helps the sales force close more sales
  32. 32. Blueprint of a New Sales Model CRM SocialIntegration Salesforce Analytics Tools Strategy Training$ Socially Facilitated Selling $ + $ CRM Based Selling -2000’s $ + $ Solution Oriented Selling - 90’s $ + $ Relationship Selling - Pre 80’s $ Implementing
  33. 33. Blueprint of a New Sales Model DepartmentalOrganisational Social Facilitated Selling™ Individual Implementing
  34. 34. Blueprint of a New Sales Model New Measurements Website conversion rate Social connections Social conversion rates Social relevancy Industry IQ Level of influence Implementing
  35. 35. Online Reputation Management 7
  36. 36. ORM - Listening
  37. 37. ORM - Engaging How to Leverage
  38. 38. ORM - Measuring
  39. 39. Institutionalise Crowdsourcing
  40. 40. Crowdsourcing Instructions1. Choose the best site (specialty, workers,cost)• Pick the right bounty (slightly above market)• Provide clear and complete instructions• Feedback to workers is critical• Rate work as it is presented• Choose best quality work (winner)
  41. 41. Crowdsourcing Strategies
  42. 42. Social Tech Analytics
  43. 43. Calculating Social Tech ROIWe can only improve that which we measure, Or, what gets measured gets done... Increased in customer satisfaction Increased sales and revenue Increased profitability Increased employee satisfaction
  44. 44. Developing Pilot Projects
  45. 45. Choosing the Tools
  46. 46. Project based Collaboration
  47. 47. Security Issues
  48. 48. Blueprint For Social Proficiency Develop a written strategy statement Publish analytics and results widely Add social tech skills to employee reviews Document and train on social tools Assign social tool R&D responsibilities
  49. 49. Formula for Success EST 12-Step ProcessAnalytics and Measurements Ongoing Training Management Support Willingness to Experiment Champions
  50. 50. Jim David C 888.711.8040