D bw p - country profiles - denmark
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D bw p - country profiles - denmark



D bw p - country profiles - denmark

D bw p - country profiles - denmark



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  • The dimension Uncertainty Avoidance has to do with the way that a society deals with the fact that the future can never be known: should we try to control the future or just let it happen? This ambiguity brings with it anxiety and different cultures have learnt to deal with this anxiety in different ways.  The extent to which the members of a culture feel threatened by ambiguous or unknown situations and have created beliefs and institutions that try to avoid these is reflected in the UAI score.

D bw p - country profiles - denmark D bw p - country profiles - denmark Presentation Transcript

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  • Demark (…) corresponds to the faculty of determining the validity of evidence. The Danes are, indeed, noted for their good sense, sound judgment, and clear, vigorous thought; and they show remarkable similarity to the English in their character, spirit, and ways of thinking and acting. Psychology of the Nations A.L.Kip http://doingbusinesswithpeople.weebly.com/
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  • DENMARK UK NETHERLANDS 18 Denmark scores very low in Power Distance • Very egalitarian mindset PDI • The Danes believe in 74 IDV • independency, • equal rights, • accessible superiors • employee autonomy 16 • management that facilitates and empowers MAS 23 UAI • Workplaces have a very informal atmosphere • Direct and involving communication and on a first name basis Data: geert-hofstede.com View slide
  • DENMARK UK NETHERLANDS 18 PDI 74 Denmark is an individualistic society • High preference for a loosely-knit social framework in which individuals are expected to take care their immediate families only • Danes. Small talk is kept at a minimum and you do not need to create relationships first. IDV 16 • Danes are also known for using a very direct form of communication. MAS 23 UAI . Data: geert-hofstede.com
  • DENMARK UK NETHERLANDS • It is important to keep the life/work balance and you make sure that all are included 18 PDI 74 IDV • An effective manager is supportive to his/her people, and decision making is achieved through involvement • Managers strive for consensus and people value equality, solidarity and quality in their working lives 16 MAS 23 UAI Denmark is a feminine society • Conflicts are resolved by compromise and negotiation and Danes are known for their long discussions until consensus has been reached . Data: geert-hofstede.com
  • DENMARK UK NETHERLANDS With a score of 23 Denmark scores low on this dimension 18 PDI • Danes do not need a lot of structure and predictability in their work life. 74 IDV • Plans can change overnight, new things pop up and the Danes are fine with it. • Curiosity is natural and is encouraged from a very young age. 16 MAS • What is different is attractive! 23 UAI . Data: geert-hofstede.com
  • • Appointments are necessary. • Send an agenda before the meeting and work from it without deviation. • You should arrive at meetings on time. The Danes you are meeting will be punctual. • Shake hands with everyone upon arriving and leaving. Handshakes should be very firm and rather short. Maintain eye contact while being introduced. Always shake hands with women first. • Decisions are made after consulting with everyone involved. • Presentations should be well-organized and factual: use facts, figures and charts to back up statements and conclusions. • Danes prefer to get down to business quickly: communication is direct. Text: Kwintessential Photo: www.decoist.com
  • • The Danes like to treat all people with equal respect and deference. • Denmark is a controlled-time culture, and adherence to schedules is important and expected • The role of the leader is to harness the talent of the group assembled, and develop any resulting synergies. • The leader will be deferred to as the final authority in any decisions that are made, but they do not dominate the discussion or generation of ideas. • Cross cultural management needs to understand the Danes fundamental belief in an egalitarian society. Text: Kwintessential Photo:http://minifigures.lego.com
  • • Humor is an important factor - mild cynicism is acceptable. • They are very interested in profit but often pretend it is only secondary. • They insist on tolerance of views and flexibility. • Stick to facts and analyse them intelligently. • Make all proposals seem reasonable. • Avoid • Being overly serious; Danes think Swedes are so. • Showing you think you are cleverer than they are. • Laughing at them or at things Danish. • Patronizing them in any way. • Showing too much interest in materialism or bottom-line focus. • Infringing on anybody 's rights. When Cultures Collide: Leading Across Cultures, by Richard D. Lewis Photo: www.comparestoreprices.co.uk
  • Photo: 3.bp.blogspot.com http://doingbusinesswithpeople.weebly.com/