Linkedin Workshop for Business To Business Networking
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Linkedin Workshop for Business To Business Networking



Linkedin for Business to Business Prospecting, Warm Referrals for Business Banking, How to Use LinkedIn for Business Development, DB Wienke, Social Media Strategy, 2013 Online Executive Workshop

Linkedin for Business to Business Prospecting, Warm Referrals for Business Banking, How to Use LinkedIn for Business Development, DB Wienke, Social Media Strategy, 2013 Online Executive Workshop



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  • Promise to show you  How to earn connectionsBuild your reputation Provide best practices to save you timeAttract “warm” business leads through referral networking AND Have an enjoyable hour with me as we explore the Influence from LinkedIn 
  • LinkedIn – 225 Million as of March 2013  Smaller community Purely professionalBusiness to BusinessHighly engagedOwnership / Founder accessMore CEOsMore CFOsUltimately: More Key Decision makers Fun Factoids How many years in business for LinkedIn? Turned “10” in May, launched in 2003 Originally skewed for Job Seekers Viewed as a trustworthy source
  • Social media is an aggregator term for all the internet – based sitesGoogle yourself and control your reputation for your profession
  • LinkedIN branding statement: Relationships matter World-class professionals build networks to help them navigate the business world.  No matter how brilliant your mind or strategy, if you’re playing a solo game, you’ll always lose out. ---Reid Hoffman, incubator & inventor of LinkedIn.  American Banker profiled MSSB results, using keywords and group discussions  $70 Million investible assets$40 Billion Rollover funds Systematically Grow Your NetworkMeet at a chamber or face-to-face sessionInvite to connect next morning, using email address on biz card Virtual world & trusted platform to gather influenceGet to know your prospect BEFORE callingSee who might be able to introduce you BEFORE calling
  • Your equity is “in your relationships” that reside with youTake control of your network connections and build a Career – Worthy List that stays with youFor many reasons, you will want to use your personal email address to access your accountShows a very clear path of connections (Michelle T. example) How “tightly” connected or notHow to approach a prospect as “warm”How to get introducedStrategic Connections - Individuals You’ll want to consider your top 20 clients, what makes them so important:Specific geographyIndustry sectorScope of business Multiple accountsRevenuesShared value systemExampleAnthony Bajak – for physician with “open” networkStacy Stevens -- recruiter with a “closed” networkStrategic connections – GroupBegin a conversation & reference a recent discussionEngage their interest on what matters to themInvite them to connectTakes time but gain direct access to a decision maker with minimal $$ investmentExample: South Florida CPAs
  • LION -- LinkedIn Open NetworkerGigantic network as superconnectorMore people will want to connect with youGreat for people in sales to access a deeper list of 1st degree, 2nd degree and 3rd degree LAMB – Linked/ Look at My BudsClosed networks for strategic reasonsLawyers tend to exist within this sphere Small network may be beneficialPersonally knownLong-standing relationshipBetter introduction for you
  • Who remembers when President Obama held this Town Hall meeting? 2011Tell Why you’re on Linked In (Thom Conroy) show your passion!Get a good photo that’s likeable (professional photos look stiff)Keywords incorporated to be “findable” as opposed to “searchable”Add all positions and saturate with all keywordsInclude “Point of Pain” or provide a Call To Action (what’s in it for me?)Add hyperlinks to organizations, white papers, brochures, video3,000 invites to send120 characters in your headline1,000 in your description2,000 in your summary2,000 in contact me
  • Webcrawlers, spiders, robotic searches = all accomplish the task of profiling binary information of “1” and “0”Your name is Karen Wells? 376 found on LinkedIn, 120,000 returned on the internet.Wordle is a online infographic, helps to visually plot the keyword usedFun way to see at a glance how your profile is “seen” by the binary code used to describe your contentThis profile offers keywords that may appear in 1,000s of profiles. Heavy with titles, company names.Might work for a resume, but we want a deeper dive into your background.Make yours unique.Use words that will help you be “found”
  • Here is a LinkedIn profile which accentuates being “found”Where this executive works - FloridaWhat this executive doesWhat type of expertise
  • Banking is a conservative industryDefine your reputation by being an authority in a positive wayHow often to post?DailyMore activity increases your visibility to your networkMake a time commitment – 30 minutesVisit your groups, make a commentAuthenticate yourselfShow your expertiseGive to receive
  • This is an example of what NOT to do. Turn off your activity broadcasts which is sent to your entire network, before changing your profile.Remember --- to post “news” not noiseGreat value for your network (Place a poll regarding commercial lease vs. own -- add qualifiers to be believable and avoid selling)Relevant industry news (Bank of America’s class action suit, Overdraft Settlement with $90 million unclaimed)Favorite publication or source --- HBR, Fortune, Associated Press, cartoon Example:DB’s Network with GatorsTim Tebow – Jets USA TodayUse shortener bit.lyCreate poll
  • How to ShareBrian Bandell is the finance reporter at the Miami Herald. His entry speaks to unfavorable loan ratios but also capitalization for the bank. Add your comments to update your entire community, be a thought leader.Ronald Larkin, CPA posted an update about home sale slides. You might comment about your geography’s recent statistics, or add Metro Study’s link with your comments.
  • How to “clone” your network and expand into 2nd and 3rd degree connections Groups are an excellent showcase for your knowledge and expertiseMost groups are “open” to membership which means your activity is public from the very beginning of your postingGain access to “closed groups” because you’re known as an InfluencerGroup is managed by its creator who will approve or denyBiggest Groups to Grow QuicklyJobsAthletic Interests50 groups maxLeave groupReplace non-productiveJoin groups to connect with identified prospectsReally “datamine” the connections for your own equityDownload a pdf of their profile Get into the conversationExample : TopLinked.Com Top SupportersLocal Groups Example South Florida GatorsExample NAIOP South Florida
  • “medical professional” OR doctor OR “medical practice” OR physician AND “Florida”(CPA and Accountant) NOT “bookkeeper”Create a strategic list of connections Real Estate Attorney Key Note speaker Industry leader Motivational speaker like Bob BurgRead profile first, then craft your message – look at Group membershipsExample:Carlos Berrocal“Lawyer” or “Attorney” in his contactsPeople search:“Lawyer” or “Attorney” AND “CPA”“Lawyer” or “Attorney” AND “CPA” AND “West Palm Beach, FL”
  • Advanced search using Boolean termsAndOrNot95 attorneys or lawyers in Naples
  • Review your goals LION or LAMB Industry sectorsWho has viewed your profile Thank them at 1st level (Golden Rule) Please let me know if I may help in anyway At 10 views / each weekProve your authenticity with examples, story tellingShow your passionsAsk for RecommendationsExample – DBW who viewed my profileSouth Florida Biz Journal
  • It’s your personal equity measured by social mediaBankers forge long-lasting relationships built upon trustDevelop trust online (and offline)
  • Promise to show you  How to earn connectionsBuild your reputation Provide best practices to save you timeAttract “warm” business leads through referral networking AND Have an enjoyable hour with me as we explore the Influence from LinkedIn Virtual world of 7 billion internet users may search on any topic LinkedIn profiles are highly ranked within return from query  Example: Key word string search for Geary Kinnett

Linkedin Workshop for Business To Business Networking Linkedin Workshop for Business To Business Networking Presentation Transcript

  • Wineman, Wienke & Associates D.B. Wienke, Managing Partner
  • Monumental Waste of Time… or Not? 0 200 400 600 800 1000 1200 Active Monthly Users 2013 225 M Face Book Twitter LinkedIn Yelp FourSquare 2013, Craig Smith at Digital Marketing Ramblings
  • Social Media helps how?  Control your personal content  Build your online profile and reputation  Interact with customers and potential customers  Networking increases your reach  Directly through your connections  Indirectly through your 2nd and 3rd level connections  Achieve business development faster and better
  • What’s in it for me? $70 M • Investible assets earned by Morgan Stanley • Using LinkedIn for Small Business Owners $40 B • Potential “roll over” funds found by MSSB • Using LinkedIn - switching employers Leads • Become a Subject Matter Expert • LinkedInfluencer for “warm” leads
  • Top Ten Reasons for LinkedIn 1. Build your industry network—online and in person. 2. Remind potential customers of your expertise as a thought leader with your posts. 3. Offer to write recommendations for COI partners. 4. Network with peers in your industry for repeat business referrals. 5. Keep in touch with people who care most about your business.
  • Top Ten Reasons for LinkedIn 6. Find the right vendors (commercial insurance) for referral services. 7. Get answers to tough business questions with a little help from your real friends. 8. Win new business by answering group questions in your area of expertise. 9. Polish your personal brand. 10. Identify and follow mentors within your industry segment.
  • LinkedIn is NOT a rolodex
  • Why LinkedIn works People who like you…like people similar to you 2nd and 3rd level connections increase your reach by millions
  • 1st and 2nd and 3rd levels =
  • Your Strategy for Connecting  Identify keywords and phrases to saturate within your profile in order to be “found”.  Your profile is not a resume which is specifically written for job app.  When prospecting, “clone” your best client’s attributes.  Super connecting
  • How Do I: Optimize My Profile?
  • Keyword Search Strings
  • Keyword Search Strings
  • Use LinkedIn Applications  Turn your profile into your professional social media hub  Connect your content to LinkedIn  Promote your content to LinkedIn connections
  • News vs. Noise
  • How Do I: Post updates?
  • How Do I: Choose a Group?
  • Make Groups work for you  Join groups and participate  Find prospects – engage them  Raise your profile – be an opinion leader  Search for groups that interest you  Higher Education  Linked CEO  Include your non-professional interests  Reply early and keep adding to the conversation  Monitor conversation where appropriate  Set up your own group: Become a thought leader, steer the conversation and orchestrate the members
  • How Do I: Prospect?
  • LinkedIn Recommendations = Trust  Build trust through recommendations by others  Validate your performance  When reciprocate, places you on their profile page
  • How Do I: Capture Business Leads?
  • Network = $ocial net worth
  • Raise your profile  Update your status often  Amending your profile notifies all your contacts  Be influential in a group  Start your own group  Start discussions  Participate in other discussions  Add value to key influencers  Create links to your profile  (CRM tool, free)
  • Tips for successful LinkedIn discussions  Start conversations in your communities  Good for research pre-meeting  Invite people to the conversation  Generate conversation around your content  Do not sell  Keep conversation on LinkedIn  Offer links to relevant content  Be honest and genuine  Give back to the community – share findings with respondents
  • (772) 370 – 2889 or Thank You!