Finals of Quiz of the Month April 2011 by Omkar Kamalapur and Annesha Sil


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Finals of Quiz of the Month April 2011 by DBQC members Omkar Kamalapur and Annesha Sil.

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Finals of Quiz of the Month April 2011 by Omkar Kamalapur and Annesha Sil

  1. 1. Clockwise Finals
  2. 2. 1) This house in Eldon, Iowa has become something of a tourist attraction with manytourists queuing up have their pictures taken in front of it. Why?
  3. 3. Grant Wood’s—American Gothic
  4. 4. 2) A better known by the title B, is a 1970 softcore film, which has the distinction of being C’s first film and also his first starring role, for which he worked two days and was paid $200. _C has said in interviews that he did the film out of desperation after being bounced out of his apartment and finding himself homeless for several days, sleeping in a bus station. In his own words : "It was either do that movie or rob someone because I was at the end - at the very end - of my rope. Instead of doing something desperate, I worked two days for $200 and got myself out of the bus station". The actor also called the film "horrendous" and commented "By todays standards, the movie would almost qualify for a PG rating. The phrase "B" went on to be used as a nickname for one of the most famous screen characters "D" portrayed by "C" and is now always associated with "D" or "C". Give me B, C and D.
  5. 5. • B Italian Stallion• C Rocky Balboa• D Sylvester Stallone
  6. 6. 3) In the 1970s the company ran an advertising campaign where the following mathematical formula was displayed on a piece of paper. The result was that they received several inquiries from the scientific community for the meaning of theformula, as they could not figure it out. Who was behind it and what was the funda behind the equation?
  7. 7. Parker Pen ad for the perfect Martini.• The formula was actually a humorous representation for the recipe of a Martini: 3.5 shots of gin(G) and half a shot of vermouth(V) over 4 parts H2O3 (water cubed = ice), finished off with three stirs (the 3×360°)!!!
  8. 8. 4) Put Funda/Connect
  9. 9. Google April Fool Day Jokes.• Pigeonrank, GoogleGulp, GmailMotion..
  10. 10. 5) In 1993, The Major League Baseball decided to realign its leagues into 3 major divisions (from 4) and give the team with the next best record a Wild Card Entry into the playoffs. At the meeting that took place to decide upon the rule, all but one of the team owners voted to accept the change. The one owner who did not said,” I made my arguments and went down in flames but history will prove me right” Now, over 15 years later, the concept is now universally accepted as being great for the sport having produced 4 wild card teams that have gone on to win the World Series.
  11. 11. George W Bush
  12. 12. 6) X-ian engineering is the process of breaking down complex products into its fundamental components and then building the product again in the cheapest way available. This ensures simpler and easier ways to handle processes and products. Indians and South Asians are known for this method. The company Y intended to convey deep frugality and a willingness to challenge conventional wisdom applied to engineering, technological innovation, and new product development. The name originated from India, and was named following the Z, Ys most pathbreaking product in its field. It is associated with the sentence "Getting more [services] from less [resources] for more [people]". Gimme X, Y and Z
  13. 13. • X: Gandhi• Y: Tata• Z:Nano
  14. 14. 7) Parody of a famous painting. Which one?
  15. 15. Birth Of Venus by Boticelli
  16. 16. 8)Connect
  17. 17. These five won Best Director Oscar when Martin Scorcese was nominated and lost.• Finally he won the Oscar with Departed
  18. 18. 9) Dr T. Pandey in her thesis The cultural subjugation of Bharat by India, talks of X who she says – “is obviously someone who has made the transition from Bharat to India, and is secure and confident of her new status. An example of this is her control over Manoj, which is symbolic of Indias command over the multitudes of ‘Bharat’. At the end of every episode, X holds out the promise of another unequal encounter…” Who is X?
  19. 19. Savita Bhabhi :D
  20. 20. 10)Niue is an island country in the Pacific Ocean, and is associated with both the United Kingdom and New Zealand for various political and diplomatic functions. In honour of the upcoming royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, the country has issued a set of commemorative stamps. Each set consists of a pair, one stamp featuring the Prince, the other featuring Middleton.There was something unusual about the way the stamps have been designed, which caused a minor controversy because some people interpreted the design as
  21. 21. Theres a perforation that separates the two stamps.
  22. 22. 11)These four companies combined together to form what famous company now?
  23. 23. Audi
  24. 24. 12)Shanti Bhushan was recently appointed co- chairman of the Lok Pal drafting committee as a result of the Anna Hazare-led agitation. Bhushan is a former Law Minister (during the Morarji Desai government in the late 70s) and has been associated with many significant cases in Indian legal history. In one such case, he represented a politician called Raj Narain in a case in the Allahabad High Court, in which seven charges were made against another politician. Five of the seven charges were rejected, but the prosecuted party was found
  25. 25. Indira GandhiThis led to her disqualification as an MP (the case was about electoral malpractice), and was the immediate cause for her declaration of the Emergency in 1975.
  26. 26. 13)Connect
  27. 27. Various Chandramukhi’s in the Devdas movies • Vyajanthimala – Devdas [1955] • Indrani Haldar – Debdas [2002] • Madhuri Dixit – Devdas [2002] • Kalki – Dev D [2009] • Chitrangada Singh – Aur Devdas [2009]
  28. 28. 14)The Oxford English Dictionary recently announced the latest revisions to the dictionary. Causing predictable outrage in particular was the inclusion of such initialisms as OMG, LOL, and even WAG. Perhaps the most interesting addition was another internet favourite. This is a sense (i.e. another form) added to a verb (whose use as a verb has always been irritating to some). The OED says this "may be the first English usage
  29. 29. <3 Symbol
  30. 30. 15) The typeface used in the X wordmark is Rotis Semi-sans. The right-pointing carat character over the t is intended to indicate the companys orientation to the future. The character is similar to an accent mark in music. It was previously incorporated in Bermuda but since 1 September 2009 has been incorporated in Ireland. William D. Green is presently Chairman and CEO of this.
  31. 31. 16) The Dignity Revolution is a series of street demonstrations which started in December in the country X. The protests were sparked by the self immolation of Mohammed Bouazizi and led to the ousting of the President of X. It has created a domino effect in the Arab block, affecting Algeria, Morocco, Syria, Jordan, Yemen, Lebanon and the most recent Egypt. The protests and resultant political crisis have generally been dubbed the Y Revolution by foreign media in keeping with the naming of colour revolutions (related movements that develop in a society).
  32. 32. • X-Tunisia• Y-Jasmine Revolution
  33. 33. 17) Just like many fans of Sherlock Holmes visit 221B Baker Street, why have crowds of people started gathering at Fiskargartan 9, on the Island of Sodermalm?
  34. 34. Part of the Millennium Tour• This is where the fictional character of Lisbeth Salander lives. The Millenium Series is a three book series.
  35. 35. 18) X was, according to the New Testament, one of the twelve original apostles of Jesus. Of the twelve, he alone is reported to have kept a "money bag" ( but he is best known for his role in betraying Jesus into the hands of Jewish religious authorities. Y is a character in the Arthurian legend, known as a notorious traitor who fought King Arthur at the Battle of Camlann, where he was killed and Arthur fatally wounded. Tradition varies on his relationship to Arthur, but he is best known today as Arthurs illegitimate son
  36. 36. Albus Dumbledore, Severus Snape
  37. 37. 19) A popular beverage gets its name from a Greek Athlete in classical times who was reputed to have phenomenal strength. He was said to have supported the roof of a collapsing building in which the mathematician, Pythagoras, was teaching, thus saving his life. The beverage advertises itself as must- have energy drink. Name the Beverage.
  38. 38. Milo from Milo of Croton
  39. 39. 20)Hurley, I; Hershlag, N; Woodward, J (October 1998). "A Simple Method to Demonstrate the Enzymatic Production of Hydrogen from Sugar". Journal of Chemical Education 75 (10): 1270.• Baird, AA; Kagan, J; Gaudette, T; Walz, KA; Hershlag, N; Boas, DA (August 2002). "Frontal lobe activation during object permanence: data from near-infrared spectroscopy". NeuroImage 16 (4): 1120–6. doi:10.1006/nimg.2002.1170. PMID 12202098.• Put Funda.
  40. 40. • N Hershlag refers to Natalie Portman. These are scientific papers that she has co-authored. Incidentally she is probably the only Oscar Winner with an Erdos number.
  41. 41. Absolut Ad Round
  42. 42. Answers
  43. 43. Clockwise Anti-Finals
  44. 44. 21)According to the author, Dennis Lehane this novel is a tribute to “Gothic settings, B movies, and pulp.” He described the novel as a hybrid of the works of the Bronte sisters and Invasion of the Body Snatchers.Which book?Images of the Book on the Next Slide
  45. 45. Shutter Island
  46. 46. 22) Connect.
  47. 47. • All operations by the Indian Armed Forces.• Virat, Woodrose, Polo, Cactus, Bluestar, Vijay, Meghdoot, Black Tornado
  48. 48. 23)These are two poems which wereconstructed by using quotes made by X. Gimme X"Challenge to a Cynic" "On Good and Evil" It is obvious to me You are a cynic. Who the good guys are in this Because show me where one I have ever said And who the bad guys are. That theres absolute proof The bad guys are the ones Who say Israel is a stinking That nothing that man corpse, Has ever conducted And should be wiped off Or engaged in, The face of the earth. Has had any effect, Thats not a good guy. Or no effect, On climate change.
  49. 49. Sarah Palin
  50. 50. 24) “’In Canada, I used to deejay, and they used to have daytime dances in the early nineties, because ______ parents were really strict, and wouldn’t allow their kids to go out at night, so they had daytime dances, and I would deejay them. So there were always fights at these dances. It was like…these ______ fights, you know, it was like AAAAGH (* with a weird arm movement similar to someone attacking*) and I used to watch. Anyway this fight broke out at one of the dances, and in Canada there are a lot of new _______ and young , but these were like real village kids, and now they had come to the big city…and this fight breaks out and this other kid runs up to the fight, where I was standing to watch, and he says, “ Hey, nobody fight today, okay, or ‘Y’ ”.”’ The above was an excerpt from one episode of the "India Questions" series of NDTV in which X, was invited for the talk.
  51. 51. Clue-if required
  52. 52. • X-Russell Peters• Y-Somebody gonna get hurt real bad
  53. 53. 25) The (queen victoria), on reading __X___ by ____Y_____, was so impressed that she asked for an advance copy of the authors new book. Much to her dismay, instead of a literary wonder, she received a mathematical monster called "An Elementary Treatise on Determinants, With Their Application to Simultaneous Linear Equations and Algebraic Equations". Identify X and Y
  54. 54. 26)• TTT is made from a secret formulation that dates back to the times of the Chinese emperors. The Aw brothers, Aw Boon Haw and Aw Boon Par inherited the formulation from their father who left China. They call it TTT, after Boon Haw,a gentleman who was instrumental in devising the remarkable selling strategies that made TTT a household name. What?
  55. 55. Tiger Balm
  56. 56. 27)In 1955 members of both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha made an unusual demand to increase their salary by Re. 1. Why ??
  57. 57. • Their Salary was Rs 420/- and since the number has a largely negative connotation they wanted their salaries to be increased by one rupee.
  58. 58. 28)X is a shield volcano, similar in morphology to the large volcanoes making up the Hawaiian Islands. The edifice is about 600 km (373 miles) wide and stands nearly 22 km (14 mi) above the surrounding plains(a little over twice the height of Mauna Kea as measured from its base on the ocean floor). The summit of the mountain has six nested calderas (collapse craters) forming an irregular depression 60 × 80 km (37 × 50 mi) across and up to 3.2 km (2 mi) deep. The volcanos outer edge consists of an escarpment, or cliff, up to 8 km (5 miles) tall. X
  59. 59. Olympus Mons( Latin for MountOlympus) on Mars, highest mountain in the solar system.
  60. 60. 29) Put Funda
  61. 61. Clue: if required
  62. 62. Death Certificate of Subash Chandra Bose The alleged death of Subhas Chandra Bose, the supreme commander of Azad Hind Fauz and Free India Legion in a plane crash in Taiwan on August 18, 1945, has long been the subject of dispute. The third Indian commission that was appointed for enquiring into this confirmed in its report tabled in parliament in May 2006, that Boses death was staged to facilitate an escape to the USSR. The copy of the death certificate in the
  63. 63. 30)A teacher at The Episcopal Academy in Merion, Pennsylvania, X attended that school from 1950- 1964. He received his bachelors degree in English from Dickinson College, graduating in 1968. A self-taught artist and graphic designer, X has free-lanced as a lettering artist and logo design specialist since 1976. Known for his unique calligraphic art, which he began developing in the late 1960s and early 70s, X featured those and his essays in the book Wordplay, published in 1992.X lends his name to a famous literary character Y.
  64. 64. X : John Langdon, Robert Langdon is named after him. He also helped design the ambigrams.
  65. 65. 31)X?• X is a combination of African and Brazilian martial arts. Some proponents believe that it was first created and developed by slaves brought to Brazil from Africa who used it as a way to practice their martial arts moves while making it appear to be a game or dance. Since the slave-masters forbade any kind of martial art, it was cloaked in the guise of an innocent-looking recreational dance.
  66. 66. Capoiera
  67. 67. 32)When asked why he gave the Na’vi’s in ‘Avataar’ blue skin, James Cameron, gave two reasons. One was trivial (“I just like the color blue”) and the other more serious. What is the serious reason?
  68. 68. The Navi are blue to create a conceptual parallel with traditional Hindu depictions of God (e.g., in theforms of Vishnu, Shiva, Rama, Krishna, etc.)
  69. 69. 33) MazeWar was a game developed in the early 1970’s as a School Work/Study Program by Steve Colley, Howard Palmer and Greg Thompson. To keep it simple, they used an array of 16X16 bits to define the maze. They added a perspective view, and it worked quite fast enabling a player to quickly move in the maze. The objective of the game was to simply explore the maze and "solve" it. They soon got bored of this, and decided to add a certain feature to it, thus making MazeWar the first of its kind.
  70. 70. First ever First-Person-Shooter game.• They networked across computers, made it possible for multiple people to play, and then allowed people to kill each other.
  71. 71. 34) She attended Rice University and NYU in the 1970s and became known as a socialite in New Yorks party circles. At the age of 19, she sold a story to Simon and Schuster which was never published. Working as a freelance journalist, she struggled to make ends meet for many years. In 1994, she became the writer of a humorous column in the New York Observer which was titled X. This column was published in an anthology also titled X. Due to the popularity of this column a TV Series also was made titled X. Who is she and gimme X
  72. 72. Candace Bushnell and Sex and the City
  73. 73. 35) The first one in this series of three led to the creation of which game?
  74. 74. Chess Boxing
  75. 75. Chess Boxing
  76. 76. 36)Pie chart depicting what?
  77. 77. Percentage of different kinds of tweets.
  78. 78. 37) The Laureus World Sports Awards are awarded annually to sportspeople who have been outstanding during the previous year. The Laureus World Sports Awards were established in 1999 by Founding Patrons Daimler and Richemont and is supported by its Global Partners Mercedes-Benz, IWC Schaffhausen and Vodafone. The first gala was held on May 25, 2000 in Monte Carlo. They have various categories such as Laureus World Sportsman of the Year Laureus World Sportswoman of the Year Etc. Question contd on next slide
  79. 79.  Under what category do these sports people come under? 2011: Valentino Rossi - MotoGP 2010: Kim Clijsters - Tennis 2009: Vitali Klitschko - Boxing 2008: Paula Radcliffe - Running 2007: Serena Williams - Tennis 2006: Martina Hingis - Tennis 2005: Alessandro Zanardi - Motor Racing 2004: Hermann Maier - Alpine Skiing 2003: Ronaldo - Football 2002: Goran Ivaniševid - Tennis
  80. 80. Laureus World Sports Award for Comeback of the Year
  81. 81. 38) Andersens folk tales, told of the. Ole Lukøje, one of Hans Christian different dreams X gave to a young boy in a week. X would sprinkle dust in the eyes of the children. He said: “There is nobody in the world who knows so many stories as Ole- Luk-Oie ( X ), or who can relate them so nicely. In the evening, while the children are seated at the table or in their little chairs, he comes up the stairs very softly, for he walks in his socks, then he opens the doors without the slightest noise, and throws a small quantity of very fine dust in their eyes, just enough to prevent them from keeping them open, and so they do not see him. Then he creeps behind them, and blows softly upon their necks, till their heads begin to droop. But Ole-Luk-Oie does not wish to hurt them, for he is very fond of children, and only wants them to be quiet that he may relate to them pretty stories, and they never are quiet until they are in bed and asleep. As soon as they are asleep, Ole-Luk-Oie seats himself upon the bed. He is nicely dressed; his coat is made of silken stuff; it is impossible to say of what color, for it changes from green to red, and from red to blue as he turns from side to side. Under each arm he carries an
  82. 82. X-SandmanMetallica’s song Enter Sandman is inspired by this fairytale.
  83. 83. 39. What is this?
  84. 84. British Raj Coat of Arms for pre- independent India.
  85. 85. 40• This album was on the Billboard 200 for a staggering 741 straight weeks, the longest run for any album ever.• It was a concept album, where all the songs in the album were unified by a theme that explored the complexities of human consciousness.• The albums themes include conflict, greed, aging, death and mental illness, and made some of the most advanced studio techniques
  86. 86. Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon