School Magazine Evaluation


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School Magazine Evaluation

  2. 2. HOW DOES YOU SCHOOL MAGAZINE REPRESENT PARTICULAR SOCIAL GROUPS? <ul><li>The social group the magazine was aimed at was the pupils this was shown through the articles an example of this is on the contents page the link to a pupils problems page giving a participation between the audience and the magazine, this is also shown through competitions that are in the magazine. Most young people like to interact and get involved with things so with this they can. The pupils would fit in to E on the social demographic scale because they do not earn a wage. For the teachers I had a teachers corner which has all the information on which teachers house is doing the best with attendance, some of the articles also are aimed at the teachers like the new school building plans and partially the head teachers interview, but that article also serves to the parents who want to know what the head teacher has to say. On the second page the events part is so the parents can know what is happening and so that the pupils can find out to. </li></ul>The audience participation Articles for teachers and parents. This allows the teachers or even the pupils and parents to see the attendance of the school. This part allows parents to see what the head teacher thinks or if there is any important notices. This is wear parents and pupils can learn what is happening over the next term.
  3. 3. WHO WOULD YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE BE AND WHY? <ul><li>The target audience for my magazine was the pupils, parents and parts of it for the teachers. The pupils as I have said are E on the social demographic scale, the parents could be anything from C1 – A which is the same type of professions that teachers come within to the corporate boss’s and politicians as for teachers they come in to C1 along with doctors and social workers and people in the public sector as I mentioned before. As you can see I had a wide range of social groups for the magazine. I chose this target audience because within the school environment they are all crucial parts of the community, the design of the magazine is very formal I did this deliberately to try and get the same feel King Edwards grammar schools magazine, the posh private school. At private schools the pupils tend to have a more adult view which comes from there parents teaching so they would be more likely to read formal magazines. </li></ul>As you can see I used a similar structure to the page as on King Edwards an a similar font to try and create the same effect of a posh school.
  4. 4. WHAT KIND OF MEDIA INSTITUTION MIGHT DISTRIBUTE YOUR SCHOOL MAGAZINE? <ul><li>Because it is a school magazine the kind of institution that would produce it would be the school itself so it would be used as a way of getting publicity for the school and keeping governors and parents well informed of what is happening. </li></ul>
  5. 5. <ul><li>The main image I used on the front cover was lit very brightly and gives the glossy effect of pictures in youth magazines which attracts the pupils, most of the images have pupils in them making them think that the magazine is mainly aimed at them but in fact the way I laid out the magazine it is evenly divided among the target audiences. The overall magazine looks formal in the type of font used this is because the magazine is meant to be one for a grammar school, so the pupils would have a more adult view of life so the type of font used shows this, the style also is there for the parents and teachers who read it. The way I addressed the audience is that of what you would expect to see in news papers like the Independent which comes in to the publications private and grammar school parents tend to read and their views are then passed on to there children at the schools. Another way I attracted the target audience is having the magazine cheap because in our age people do not want to spend much money and are all ways looking for the cheapest price, for pupils the don’t earn money, there only income is pocket money so the magazine has to be cheap for them to buy. The logo links to the codes and conventions it is a pug which are located in the top left corner which can also contain the price, readers eyes tend to go to that corner so the logo instantly tells the audience what the magazine is. The house style I used is shades of green which is the color of the schools house style giving a consistency between them and the effect of saying the magazine contains the same values of the school this attracts the audience because of there pre-conceptions of the schoo. </li></ul>HOW DID YOU ATTRACT AND ADRESS YOUR AUDIENCE? The formal address to the reader is shown best trough the head teachers letter the way it is written- it looks like it could have been written by any one there's nothing personal and the contents, by talking about statistics of were the school is in league and exam tables and awards nothing about school issues or pupils.
  6. 6. WHAT HAVE YOU LEARNED ABOUT TECHNOLOGIES FROM THE PROCESS OF CONSTRUCTING THIS SCHOOL MAGAZINE? [ LIGHTING, PHOTOGRAPHY OR PHOTOSHOP ] <ul><li>From constructing the school magazine on Photoshop I learned that although the program is the best for manipulating and editing images it is limited for creating publications such as magazines giving a very basic look but for the school magazine it was not noticeable because school magazines do not stick to the codes and conventions of magazines, the simple effect also made it look more formal which helped it to look like a grammar school magazine an example is king Edwards magazine which I based my magazine on. With the school magazine I also had my first experience with the professional lighting it tock a few shots to get the right amount of detail and light within the shot, unfortunately the end shot still seamed to bright s to keep to the schedule I had to change the lighting of the image on the computer I placed the picture on top of the back ground which I made darker to give the effect of the pupils standing of the cover, the rest of the images went well though. </li></ul>You can see what I meant with the simplicity of the magazine by looking at the front cover and the contents, but also the formal aspect that I was talking about.
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